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  1. Yes the 68 frame was totally junk. Along with the engine.
  2. A while back someone took my web site name, so I had to change it to something else. Unfortunately, everything that I posted from the old address is now gone. So instead of doing them all individually I will just put the address of my kit review page here for your enjoyment. In Progress - Fords, Lincolns, Mercurys And here are some pics of the 68 Ford. As I got it from eBay I am using a 1969 frame and engine under it. Thanks for looking, check out the link above for way too many models not completed 🙂
  3. A while back someone took my web site name, so I had to change it to something else. Unfortunately, everything that I posted from the old address is now gone. So instead of doing them all individually I will just put the address of my kit review page here for your enjoyment. Car Modeling by Rob, Kit Reviews Thanks
  4. I have wrote off my order to him. I know I’m never going to get my 70 ford galaxie. I hope he had fun with my money. It’s been going on three years now. His Facebook account has not had any action for over a year. Give it up motor city resin is gone and if you send them money you will not get what you want.
  5. I got mine from Spotlight hobbies and I did not have too bad of warpage. A little on one side but glue and holding the part to the bottom of the ramp fixed it pretty well. Don't get too excited by the "extra parts" in the kit. There is one 4x4 front axle, 1/2 of the transfer case, an automatic (useful), a set of 5 lug wheels, and a set of 150 control arms. Not really much that can be used in other builds unless you are missing some pieces from another Moebius kit. One of my tire wheel bars was warped but I managed to get it glued into the tire rack. It looks like maybe someone tossed a tire up there and hit the bar instead of getting in between them, scale damage 🙂 I also got the release of the 76 Caprice for the trailer, that trailer is very warped and looks almost like a banana!
  6. When I was a kid, I probably had about 20 of these tri-fives from Revell. I kept trying to get them better 🙂 The only thing I don't like about this kit is the way the front bumper looks like it's drooping and the headlights. I used the custom headlights from an AMT kit along with the custom nose on only of my builds of this kit and it turned out good. I've not tried the new Revell headlight and grille/bumper on one of these old bodies, but they would probably work as well as the AMT stuff. I may have to get one of these and try my hand again at building one. although I may wait until they release the 57 Nomad kit, the only 1/25 scale 57 Nomad that has the correct rear bumper in it. n
  7. Just thinking here, the RETAIL price may not come down, but what about MANUFACTURING costs?
  8. I did find some 1/25 2016 Corvettes. A could and convertible. I ordered one of the verts.
  9. 2014, 2015, 2016 Revell gave us a snap together 2014 kit, then followed up with a Foose 2015. Finally, a full detail 2016. 2017, 2018, 2019 I could not find any kits or promos for these years, but if you can find one of the Revell 2014 or 2016 kits you could probably recreate these years. 2020 (Eighth Generation) Only one available is a 1/24 diecast.
  10. 2005, 2006 I could not find any AMT kits for these years, but that's okay, Revell did some excellent kits for these two years. One even has the stuff to build a ZO6. I could not find any visible difference in this generation of Corvette so you could use the Revell 2005 kit to fill in the gaps of missing and/or promo only years. 2007 I found a promo of this year. 2008, 2009 AMT came out with a series of unassembled promo versions of these years. Two were Indy 500 pace car kits. I don't have the 08 or 09 pace cars but here are pics of the boxes. 2010, 2011 In 2010 Revell updated their kit to do the ZR-1. AMT put out the unassembled promo convertible. For 2011, I could only find a promo by Revell I think. 2012 Unassembled promos from AMT filled the gap this year. The last year of this generation was represented by some AMT promo kits of the 60th Anniversary edition. We are getting to the end now, next up, the last two generations of Corvettes.
  11. AMT did Corvettes for two years, both coupe and convertible in 1997 & 1998. I don't have any of those kits, but I do have the really great Revell Corvettes. On the real Corvettes I could not find any visible difference between the years of these cars so in theory you can build any of these years from any of the kits available. For the 1999 year Revell concentrated on building the ZO6 coupe and that was pretty much what the made for the next few years. 97, 98, 99 2000 For this year I only found a snap tight convertible. I don't have it but here is a pic. 2001 Revell updated the ZO6 coupe 2002, 2003 I could only find promo versions of these. Again one can use any of the kits available to make their own on these years since there was no visible difference between the years. 2004 The last kit I found for this generation was another ZO6. Next up, Corvettes from 2005 to 2013
  12. For this generation of Corvettes, the manufacturer was MPC until AMT bought them out, then this gen of Vettes was packaged with AM branding. These are all the same basic kit with updates on the body and wheels when needed. Monogram started making this generation Corvette in 1985 and I believe did kits for 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, and 92. Monogram also did a 1985 in 1/16th scale. Included in the Monogram series was a Callaway roadster. Revell also did this Gen of Corvettes, not sure if they were just rebadged Monogram kits or new ones. All(?) of these are 1/24. 84 The new generation Corvette jumped a year since it was not ready for prime time, so there are no 1983 Corvettes around. Instead, the new generation came out in 1984. MPC did the honors with a couple of 84 versions, one in black while the other was in gold. 85, 86 Basically, the same as the 84 just repackaged as 85 or 86 Corvettes. 87, 88 Retread of the original with updated wheels. MPC did both convertibles and coupes. I think the 1987 Corvette convertible has the same box top as the 86, or it could just be the same kit marketed as an 86, either way it works as there was very little difference between the two years physically wise. 1987 1988 89 Figuring out the years for the next few versions of AMT Corvette kits is confusing. I may have some of them wrong, feel free to correct me. With the 1989 versions, AMT took over the badging. Pretty much same kit except AMT put in different tires. All the MPC kits had small BF Goodrich tires in them, AMT did new tires that more closely matched what was on the real car. In 1989 the ZR-1 Corvette appeared, so AMT concentrated on doing the ZR-1 instead of the standard coupe until 1996. Monogram did a high performance version of the ZR-1 in 1/24 90 AMT did a Guldstrand Grand Sport kit too in 1990. I don't have one but here is this box art for it. 91 I could only find a promo version. 92 93 Besides AMT, Monogram did 1/24 Corvettes in 93, including the 40th anniversary edition. 94, 95 AMT put the years on the boxes for these years, so it is easy to tell what year they are supposed to be. 96 This was the last year for this generation of Corvette. AMT did the coupe GS while Monogram did the convertible GS. We come to the end of this generation of Corvettes. They started out as unloved machines but ended up being pretty good. The next generation was much better received. Next will be the listing of Generation Five Corvettes.
  13. Yes, they did. I have the AMT 74 roadster kit and it is not as good as the MPC version. The front and rear panels didn't fit very well on the body, and I had to do a lot of sanding and filling to get an acceptable fit. MPC 74 AMT 74 MPC 1974
  14. Aha! My first quote from the internet was wrong as it only listed 350s. You are exactly right, a 454 was available in 74. Thanks for the correction.
  15. 75 MPC to the rescue again. Still using the wrong engine but still having the spring-loaded turn able wheels. Also still has the non-plated open rally wheels, ORIGINAL issue only though. This was the last year for this generation to also have a convertible. 76, 77 For the 1976 model year, MPC redid the front suspension, removing the springs. It still had the incorrect big block engine though. The 77 was a recycle of the 76 with an updated rear license plate that said 1977 instead of 1976, yeah! 78 MPC updated the frame and engine this year and put the correct small block engine in it. They also updated the exhaust to incorporate the Catalytic converters. MPC wanted to get their money's worth from the updates so put out two kits. One an anniversary special while the other was the Indy Pace car kit. 79 There was no 1/25 scale Corvette kit made for the 79-model year. Fortunately, MPC did make a promo version. 80, 81, 82 MPC kitted three kits to cover these years while Revell/Monogram did a 1982 special anniversary kit which I don't have. These three kits can be had for cheap money. The chrome is pretty bad in the examples I've gotten (two of the Voodoo and Spoiler, one of the Dragon). The custom wheels are not plated and the 82 kit, even though it says "cross-fire Injection" on the fender, does not have that system in the kit. I used one from the Revell 82 Camaro on my build of the 82. So, the C3 Corvette saga ends. I'll do the C4 tomorrow. Thanks for looking comments, corrections and additions are welcomed.
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