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  1. I finished up the interior today and got half of the side chrome done. Dash, center console arm rest, and custom steering wheel painted Testors' Revving Red. Rear seat backs highlighted with Testors' 1204 red. Flooring done with Kens fuzzy fur maroon flocking. The chrome was done with a molotow chrome pen. Dash buttons gloss white and gauge faces done with semi-gloss black. The custom roof panels and rear glass came from another 63 Galaxie convertible I have. Body is also painted Testors' Revving Red with wet look clear. I'll be using the flip upside glass on this. The custom rear treatment comes from about three different custom treatments that came in the kit. Kit supplied big bullet tail lights are glued to smaller round filler lights that have been BMF'd. It's came a long way from when I first got it eh? Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  2. I have one in progress with the same color combo, I hope mine turns out half as good as yours. Great build.
  3. This is a really well execute custom. The tail light, grille, dash, and wheels all work in harmony to the the wagon roof together. You have made the ultimate shooting brake!
  4. Being lazy and wanting it done. While Ford did have blue caps back then, this is not the color. It was a darker blue.
  5. I actually don't remember. I might have.
  6. Number Five for this year, Started back in August 2019 and painted Testors' Star Spangled blue with wet look clear. Built pretty much out of the box except the rear exhaust tips and muffler, those I took from the Revell 77 Firebird. I still need to put the decal on the badge and paint the front lights white. I glued the T-tops in. I could use a license plate decal on here as well. In real life, the blue plastic does not show through the semi gloss black paint, it just does it in photos. Not too much done with the interior since it is so basic, just semi gloss black and flat black for carpet. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  7. Started in 2008 and just finished in January 2021. Painted Testors Honduras Maroon. This was my 2nd complete for this year. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  8. Oh, this was my 3rd completion for the year.
  9. Finished up January 9th, this one is painted Tamiya TS-23 Light blue with testors Nassau blue interior. Built box stock. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  10. Painted with some auto touch up grey, interior is done with Humbrol reds. I lost interest in this when the decals disintegrated on me. Today I decided I either needed to finish it or toss it, so here it is finished! Box stock except for tires and wheels. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed. This is my 4th for the year!
  11. I need some help, can anyone post pics of the open road camper instructions? I lost mine and can piece most of where everything goes but I'm a little confused about some of it. Thanks in Advance.
  12. Started this one on the 2nd of January and got it together today the 3rd. Painted Tamiya TS-42 light gun metal, it went together really easy. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
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