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  1. Revell 69 Charger Daytona

    The Daytona is coming along fine, I might even have it done before long! I have the body and frame mated to each other now. Just some decals, distributor, and radiator hose for the engine compartment. Engine is from a Revell 67 Dodge kit. Grille drying, I actually have this already installed on the body now. Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.
  2. Update on 71 Chargers

    I got my Fireball Model works six pack intakes in the other day. Unfortunately they are just a little big to fit on the AMT & Revell 1/25 440 engines. That's okay though because I have a couple of Monogram 1/24 scale MOPARS that those intakes will fit. I went through some boxes and found some six pack intakes that would fit the engines though, so all is still good. Here is the one for the AMT 71 Charger, I forget where I got this intake from, but it is molded in yellow. The tires/wheels for this build I also picked up another 71 Charger, this one is the street machine version with the Hemi. Here is the set of tires/wheels I finally decided for this one. The wheels are some MPC units from something while the tires are those Goodyear Raised White Letter 15s.
  3. Revell 70 Dodge Charger in Panther Pink

    The Panther Pink is sitting on it's wheels, I'm just waiting for the auto trans I ordered from B-N-L resins and the six pack setup I ordered from Fireball Model works. How about a rainbow shot? Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.
  4. Revell 70 Charger F&F in Go Mango

    My plan to use the 68 door panels did not work, seems that they were too long and would not let the firewall sit properly. No problem, I put in the 69 door panels along with the 68 seats and it all fits. Frame is almost complete, just need to put shocks and the frame braces in. I also want to find some traction bars for it too.
  5. Revell 70 Charger F&F in Go Mango

    Now it is actually painted! Testors Go Mango with Tamiya TS-65 Pearl clear.
  6. Revell 70 Dodge Charger in Panther Pink

    How about a group beauty shot?
  7. Revell 70 Dodge Charger in Panther Pink

    Thanks! I mean, there are some little does in it and if you look really close in real life (they don't show up in pictures) it's not perfect. I was painting it in a dusty environment and had some trouble with floating particles in the air. I have had really good results using the Testors' paints so the problems I've had with these (all my chargers) I think is caused by my painting area. However, since I live in South Dakota and there is snow all around me right now, this is the only place I can paint so will have to live with it until summer, if that ever comes :-)
  8. Revell 70 Dodge Charger in Panther Pink

    This is Testors' auto lacquer two part panther pink with Testors' ultra gloss clear. They are rattle cans.
  9. Front and rear bumpers and bucket seat/console set from Harts resin, a set of AMT redline tires, and some rims from an AMT 69 GTX/Road Runner kit. Color will be Testors' Plum Crazy with a white interior. This one is also going to have a 440 six pack in it. Just how I would have loved to have bought one in 71 if I could have! I'm waiting on more plum crazy to shoot the body. Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.
  10. My latest addition to my Charger stable is this Fast & Furious version. I found a set of really wide treaded tires that would fit the kit wheels. I only had to use some #14 spacers from an MRC tire pack between the rear axle and brake plates to get them to fit without rubbing the springs. I'm actually going to have some fun with this one, as I have a 68 tail light panel and interior to put in it. So it will be a 68 Charger with a 70 nose. I will paint this one Go Mango with a black interior, like the 74 Road Runner I just rebuilt. It will have full exhaust so it will be a street car instead of a drag car. Below is just a mock up of how it's going to sit.
  11. I finally got a finish on this body that I can live with! Interior is almost done as well. This will have a 440 six pack with the carb setup from Fireball Model works. Thanks for looking! Comments welcomed.
  12. Revell 69 Charger R/T in Sublime

    Interior is almost done, I have to redo one of the door panels cause the chrome pen ran on it.
  13. Revell 68 Dodge Charger R/T in Flame Red

    Rear panel is done except for a decal. I had to cut the pins off the tail light lenses to get them to fit flush In the housings., Interior coming along, I need to paint the dash now. Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.
  14. Revell 69 Charger Daytona

    Interior done! Some white paint for dials, chrome pen for spokes on wheel, and brown paint for the wood look. Charcoal flocking for the carpet. Now it's on to the body! Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.
  15. 1974 MPC Road Runner Completed

    This one had a single exhaust pipe and cats running out the back for an exhaust. It is this kit.