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  1. They came in the 65 Oldsmobile kit.
  2. Hey - They body is pretty accurate and it builds up pretty good. While the interior could be more accurate for a quick weekend build I think it works pretty good. Someone could start with a 66 Rivera cash and modify it to fit the WC. While I agree that AMT really dropped the ball back in 1965/1966 by not updating the interior, I don't agree that it is just a lump of plastic.
  3. Not gonna get it finished this year, but should be the first out of the gate next year! You all have a safe and Happy New Years! Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed!
  4. I am working on some aluminum sheeting to clean up the nose section of this, once I get done the screw mountings won't be seen.
  5. I got this many years ago from ebay, it was in a partial built stage with horrible paint. I cleaned it up, shot it with some paint, then decided the body needed more work. Into a box it went. That was in 2008. A few days ago I decided to drag it out and see what I could do with it. Since all the body markings were really faint and I had secured another 65 Oldsmobile unbuilt, I decided to do this one with the custom touches. Here it is so far. What it looked like in 2008 After a bit of work with sand paper and fitting the custom nose and tail on it, here it is now. Painted with Testors Mystical Maroon. with wet look clear. I'm using the engine that came with the kit. It had been assembled and painted some type of beige color(?) I removed the water pump and intake manifold and substituted the super charger intake instead. More later.
  6. Thank you all for t he great comments. I really appreciate them.
  7. I'm looking at this with visions of aluminum panels in the engine compartment, and I am wondering if I really want to put a hood on it. Picture the body in purple.
  8. Well thank you guys for looking. I knew it was a long shot to begin with. I will keep checking on eBay for them.
  9. Picked this one up a few days ago from evil bay. This is how it looked when I got it. I've since gave it an alcohol bath and figured out some tires and wheels for it. This is going to be a blown street machine since I don't have a hood. Engine is from an AMT 69 Rivera kit. Rear tires are American Satco Mickey Thompsons, fronts are some AMT Goodyear GTs from something, while the Crager mags are from an AMT 65 Pontiac GP kit. Some cutting needed to be made to the frame for everything to fit. More later, thanks for looking and all comments are welcomed.
  10. Actually the model has the chrome lip as part of the grille so I can use the 66 hood.
  11. Yes. The 65 has a chrome lip that has buick on it. The 66 does not.
  12. The 65 hood would be cool as well. I got the 65 Wildcat from eBay a few weeks ago as a custom but would like to return it to stock if I can. Thanks in advance.
  13. I doubt I'll get anything else done this year, so here is my builds for 2019
  14. Started in 2008, finally got it on the shelf. Painted Testors' Root Beer.
  15. This one has been declared finished and is listed in the Under Glass section if anyone is interested :-)
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