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  1. An insane build of an insane model! Excellent in every way. Thank you for sharing it!
  2. Very clean and great looking. I have one of these in Yellow and the convertible still in the box that I'll build someday.
  3. Great build on an old favorite. Love the small block upgrade you did. Good detailing you did on the shocks and great color coordination on the frame. I like it alot.
  4. Thank you all for the great comments! I am humbled.
  5. Looks good in that yellow. Nice build.
  6. Started in October, 20, 2019. Completed March 29, 2021. Painted Testor's Auto Lacquer Artesian Turquoise with Testor's Auto Lacquer Ultra Gloss Clear Coat. Engine block from AMT 64 Impala kit while the intake, valve covers, exhaust manifold, air cleaner and carbs are from AMT 62 Bel Air kit. Engine decals came in new version of AMT 63 Impala. Firewall is from AMT 64 Impala while radiator support and shroud is from AMT 1962 Bel Air kit. The 409 and SS are decals that came with the kit. I should have done the badges with a chrome pen before applying the decals. Lesson learned if I do another one. I painted the panel chrome, then BMFed around the outside, then painted the Tail lights with clear red paint, flat white paint, then outlined with a Molotow 1mm chrome pen. I should have put BMF on the badge before the decal. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  7. Having a new Bonnie kit is nice, but I would really love for Round2 to find the Bonneville convertible promo body and put that in the kit instead of the hardtop!
  8. very cool and innovative!
  9. Started in September 2008 and finally finished up February 2021. AMT 65 Bonneville in Evening orchid. I have some body warp but it is done! Basic black interior, BMF for the trim, Molotow pen for lettering.
  10. That is an original AMT convertible Buick. I have an up top for it as well. Thanks for the comment!
  11. I have a four C4s done. Here is a 1989 Painted Tamiya TS-54 light metallic blue. In my stash I have all the C4s from 1984 to 1996, I just need to build them all! A 1990 custom, built as a curbside as this kit did not have an engine for it. Aoshima wheels and tires, Testors Hot pink. 1994 Painted testors Teal. 1988, built straight from the box. All the others I've shown I lowered the rear suspension some.
  12. It was a great experience. Can't hardly wait until next year.
  13. I started both of these at 11am Central time and got the 62 done at 1:30am, the 63 I got done at 10:00am on January 31. It is possible to build a couple of models in 24 hours and it is a lot of fun! Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
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