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  1. RDean58 added a post in a topic Moebius 1961 Pontiac news   

    WOW! So cool! This could be your first "Parts Pack!." Put a set of 5 in a box and sell them separately, you could probably sell about a million of them!
  2. RDean58 added a post in a topic New Revell 1/25 2013 Camaro ZL-1 (pre-painted)   

    Great comments Tim! I agree completely. When we all first started building these things I very much doubt we started out removing mold lines, putting on a perfect paint job, etc.. If I remember correctly, I built a lot of them right out of the box in plain white plastic, mold lines and all! For new kids stating out, getting one already painted in a cool color and that is easy to put together is a great way to introduce new "members" into the modeling community!

    Heck, I'm getting one myself as it fills a blank spot in my collection of new Camaros, (I have the Rev 2010 & Round2 2011 convertible). I'll build it with the pre-painted body but will detail paint the engine compartment, I can live with mold lines as long as they are not too bad and I think the case here is that they are not.

    I'm getting the 2014 Corvette as well and will build it OOB as well. I kind of like pre-paints because they are easy to assemble and I don't have to allocate time to paint the body (married guy here, with lots of honey-dos :-))
  3. RDean58 added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT/MPC '69 Hurst Olds   

    The New Round2 66 Mustang kit comes with 2 F60-15 tires, and they are pad printed. So all ya need to do is to get 2 of the 66 Mustang kits for a set of F60-15 tires. I am using the firestone tires from the AMT 66 Oldsmobile Hardtop kit for my build of the 442.
  4. RDean58 added a post in a topic 70 Buick GSX   

    Pretty clean looking build
  5. RDean58 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    More Ferraris! Older starts I want to get back to

    Started March of 2007, I stopped working on this because I could not figure out how to mask off the door panels for the red paint that needs to be done on it. But I have some silly putty now and I hear that works great so I'm hoping to get back to this one. It is painted with Paintscratch.com 1995 Rosso corso touchup paint. It still needs a clear coat.

    This one has also been painted with the touch up Rosso Corso, but needs another coat plus clear. The pic here was taken before the first coats of paint were applied.

    This one is actually quite farther along than what the picture above suggests, I am hoping to get this one finally finished in 2012, it was started in March of 2007!
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  6. RDean58 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    I've been working on a set of Revell of Germany/Revell Ferraris for awhile. Here is the lineup.

    I'm liking this in white plastic, I was going to paint it red but I might have to shoot it Testors White Lightening instead.

    This one is destined to be painted black.

    A pic of the engine, I used BMF on the details then, painted over it, then wiped it off. Turned out not too bad.

    California Up Top. Not sure what color for this one yet.

    This one will be painted a brigh red, perhaps Tamiya Mica Red or the new Bright Ferrari Red from Tamiya, I think it is TS-85 or something like that.

    I'm working on this one that I started back in 09, trying to get it done.

    Another one started in 2009, if what you can call what I have got done stated, this one will be black.

    No pictures of these, but I also have a Revell of Germany Superamerica and Fujimi Superamerica started and a Fujimi 348 TS and F355 Barlinatta going as well.
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  7. RDean58 added a post in a topic Buying kits from Japan   

    I ordered my kits from Hobby Search Japan. Excellent service and they have (had) a bonus where you could earn "points" to reduce the price of other models. I went to their website and used my CC, the bank took care of the currency exchange.

    A few years ago, (before the banking mess, home mortgage mess, stock market crash, etc..) I found that I could buy kits from Japan and get them shipped to me cheaper than what I could order them for from places like Dragon USA or Tower hobbies. Now, with the dollar value in the sink and the yen at a very high price, that is not the case. You can end up spending a lot more for kits directly from Japan.

    On the other hand, you can get kits from Japan that are never sold in the states, so if you want them then Japan is the only place to get them from. Other online model shops in UK and Australia for example will be more expensive that stuff from Japan.

    I would usually receive my shipments within 10 days after ordering. One time I even got them within 3 days!

    As far as payment, use a credit card or debit card. No checks, check at the site for PayPal, but I never used it. I always just used the website to order from, never called them. Although I did GET a call from Japan once, from an online hobby shop associated with Asoshima (since closed). The lady had a problem with my card and called me up to get it straightened out. I thought that was excellent customer service and ordered all my kits from them until they closed up shop.

    I have used Hobby Link Japan but they do seem to be a bit slower on shipping. The last time I ordered from Japan was late 2010.
  8. RDean58 added a post in a topic '71 Hemi Cuda   

    Excellent looking Cuda! BTW, that problem you had with the scoop not fitting on the engine was 'engineered at the factory!" None of them fit correctly without thinning down the baseplate.
  9. RDean58 added a post in a topic MAN Trucks in the USA?   

    It was badged as a MAN. At first I couldn't believe it so I had to look at the badging again to make sure.
  10. RDean58 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    MAN Trucks in the USA?
    I was driving home last week on the Washington D.C.beltway when I saw this on the other side heading south!

    I was quite shocked to see it to be honest, as I know these trucks are European. The truck & trailer were grey and the trailer had a swoopy looking car outline on the back. I didn't see any lettering so I can't tell you what it was carrying.

    I did just learn that Volkswagen has bought up 30% of MAN trucks, so maybe there is some type of promotion going on where they would want to use one of their new MAN trucks in the states. Anyone care to guess?
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  11. RDean58 added a post in a topic Fujimi Ferrari 512 TR - Built in 2010   

    No, not metalflacke, solid color.
  12. RDean58 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Fujimi Ferrari 512 TR - Built in 2010
    Painted Tamiya Italian Red, Crazy Modeler Ferrari Badges, Mr. Modeler SF Decals

    While this kit is a curbside, it has a complete engine in it, strange.

    Thanks for looking.
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  13. RDean58 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell Ferrari California Open Top finished in 2010
    Thought I'd share some pics of my California, color is Testors Mystic Emerald, Interior, Tamiya Brown Linoleum/Painters Touch Satin Ivory. Aftermarket shields & scripts

    I'll have to build the California with the up top next. I had a bit of problems getting the frame sitting inside the body correctly on this one, so lessons learned for the up top version.

    Thanks for looking.
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  14. RDean58 added a post in a topic Car hauler question .   

    Actually I have 3 69 Camaros & a 69 Corvette, or a string of early Mustangs I could use. there are also the Monogram classic car series I have but those are 1/24 scale.
  15. RDean58 added a post in a topic Car hauler question .   

    I have this car trailer as well. My plan is to use it along with the Ford 600 (900?) to haul collector cars, as such, the Ford will use all the chrome with a bright paint job, custom interior (carpeting, high back buckets, etc.) while the trailer will be painted to match the cab. Another on my "to do" list.