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  1. RDean58 added a post in a topic AMT '57 Ford Hardtop News   

    Okay, my bad.  I am not as familiar with the earlier issues of this kit.
  2. RDean58 added a post in a topic AMT '57 Ford Hardtop News   

    The "original" rims are a set of baby moons that go on the open rims that are included in the kits. I think the one below had this tree not chromed, so the baby moons, exhaust pipes, custom steering wheel, and fuel injection tubes were white plastic.

  3. RDean58 added a post in a topic AMT '57 Ford Hardtop News   

    I just happen to have an original AMT 57 Ford kit.  Here is what was included in it.  From what I understand, the box art of the one shown on Round2s website was the LAST version to have all the custom parts in it.  We shall see if Round2 was able to restore it all.

  4. RDean58 added a post in a topic 3 model sets   

    Of the ones I have had (trucks, street rods, muscle cars), the kits included were the actual kits with all the trimmings.
  5. RDean58 added a post in a topic MPC's '75 Vette on the road again!   

    The "AMT" 75 Corvette is the very same kit as the MPC "75 Corvette Convertible" kit with the yellow car on the box cover. The "new" Retro MPC 75 Corvette kit is an updated version of both of these kits although from the pictures I have seen, the "working front suspension" cannot be used because this kit is missing the correct type of spindles. What is included in the kit are the spindles and front lower control arms of the 78 and later kits. So while the springs and chromed lower control arms are good if you need them for a 75 or earlier kit, they can't be used in the current kit the way it comes from the factory.
    There is on of these AMT 75 50th anniversary kits on ebay right now with a picture of the contents and they look exactly the same as the older MPC 75 Corvette.
  6. RDean58 added a post in a topic AMT (Round2) 1961 Chevrolet Impala   

    It's not just the shallow interior that stops me from building this kit. It is the "squashed" look of the engine, and the shorter height of the body as well.  Lindberg compromised the whole kit by making it's height shorter than other kits. You can really tell the difference when you compare the Lindberg 409 to either a Revell or AMT 409. I have three of these (2 hardtops and a convertible) in various stages of assembly and just can't bring myself to complete them.

    Revell 1965 396, Revell 1966 396, Revell 1960 409, Lindberg 1961 409
  7. RDean58 added a post in a topic 1965 Grand Prix ...   

    And now a link to the GP
    MT Test of the 1965 Grand Prix
  8. RDean58 added a post in a topic 1965 Grand Prix ...   

    I think the reason why AMT originally included the road test equipment in the kit was because the complete Pontiac lineup of 1965 was voted Motor Trend's car of the year.
    Here is a link to the MT Road test of a 65 Bonneville
    Pontiac Bonneville Road Test
  9. RDean58 added a post in a topic MPC 1975 Corvette Kit   

    A slight problem with the new "MPC" Corvette Roadster issue. I inspected some photos of the box contents and it the spindles are missing the "hooks" at the end of the mounting pins. The original spindles had mounting pins that were longer and had a hook at the end to fit into the grooved notches on the upper and lower A-arms. While the kit has the separate chromed lower A-arms, springs, and center frame locking part, the spindles are those from the later issued kits that did not have the operating suspension.
    Luckily Round2 included the combined lower A-arm and spring assembly on one of the trees. It is on the tree with the catalytic converters. In the picture below you can see the hooks that I am referring too.

    The next picture shows the none working suspension front suspension.

    I also see the frame mounting tabs for the tow bar, but not the A frame for it. The rally gauge cluster that mounts on the dash is there and also the racing helmet, plus a four point roll bar.
    Also included at no extra expense is the funky small block style fuel injection system on the chrome tree along with the single 4bbl & tri-power intake plus the "good" bag of snakes side pipes. There are two sets of "rotors" included, one on the chrome tree (like the original early MPC Corvette kits) and 1 set on the white plastic tree that has the catalytic converters.
    I like the expanded decal sheet but would have liked to of had some gauge decals on it.
    So, kind of kudos to Round2 for this kit with the metal springs and metal injector stacks (there is also a set of plastic ones on the chrome tree).
    The original hooked spindle molds were probably modified a long time ago to remove the hooks and convert it to just a pose-able front end that (I think started with the 1976 version) but it's sad that Round2 is advertising a working front suspension when OOB it is not possible without modifying the spindles. A task that any reasonably talented modeler can accomplish if they wanted.
  10. RDean58 added a post in a topic Another Monogram 1957 Ford Del Rio Wagon   

    Thank you all for the nice complements on my Del Rio!!!  A couple more photos.

  11. RDean58 added a post in a topic Another Monogram 1957 Ford Del Rio Wagon   

    Hey, that looks killer!  Yeah, I knew the duel air cleaners were not stock & the chromed 56 unit wasn't accurate. Since I did not want to build one I just went with what came in the Tudor kit.  Love your engine and exhaust manifolds, they look real.
  12. RDean58 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Another Monogram 1957 Ford Del Rio Wagon
    Started in September 10, 2015.  Completed April 2, 2016.
    Painted Tamiya Light gun metal. Intake system from Revell 57 Ford Tudor, wheels from AMT 36 Ford, tires are from an AMT parts pack tire package. Interior is Tamiya German gray, Medium gray, and sky gray. Steering wheel is from AMT 57 Ford Fairlane 500 kit. License plate decals are from Revell 57 Ford Tudor kit. This color is suppose to replicate the special paint that was available from Ford in mid 57 on the Thunderbirds.

    Thanks for looking. 
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  13. RDean58 added a post in a topic Good Smile Racing SLS GT3   

    Very neat!  Love these Itasha cars!  I've two built and have a few more in the stash.  None of the Good Smile racing ones though, all of mine are the street car versions.  Those decals are awesome!  Great Job!
  14. RDean58 added a post in a topic Why do so few post pictures? Is it the hoops one must jump through to post ?   

    A very easy way to put the URL (link to an image) in is to click on the "Source" button to the left.  After you click source, type in <img src=" then put the URL in then finish with ">.   Your finished line will look something like this <img src="http://photobucket/apicture.jpg">
    This is the actual HTML code to put a link to a picture in.  You can put in multiple pictures just by hitting the enter key after each picture entry.  Once you have your picture(s) in, just click on "source" again and your pictures will appear.
  15. RDean58 added a post in a topic Fujimi 99 Mazda RX-7   

    The decals came in the kit. Here is a picture of the kit box.