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  1. Got it painted yesterday, Testors Revving Red with wet look clear.
  2. I changed up the tire/wheel combo for something from Revell, they fit the wheel wells better :-) Basic frame done more later....
  3. The engine is more complete now. The intake fit so loosely that I created some "gaskets" out of flat stock and painted them flat blue. The stance I'm going for.
  4. My latest project, a Revell '64 Impala SS done as a street machine. I am taking the engine and tires/wheels from the AMT 68 El Camino Street Machine kit and transporting them onto the Revell Chevy. I am going to use the lowered suspension for this build. The tires are big and littles so I will have a rake once it's done. Color I think will be Mythical Maroon. 396 Big block with street blower from El Camino kit. I'm still in the process of building the engine. Tires, wheels, from El Camino kit with headers from AMT 70 Impala kit. I had to move the transmission crossmember back for proper alignment of the engine.
  5. The next one was supposed to be the new (a few years ago at least) Super Shaker 64. But I had trouble with the paint so I found this old body as a stand in. Painted with Testors' Classic White. You are seeing the tire/wheel combo I'm using for it. I took the 327 from the 65 Chevelle wagon kit and turned it into a 283 (by swapping out the valve covers for ones that say 'Chevrolet"). More later....
  6. This one used to be a rose, I decided I did not like it so I shot it with Hugger orange. Some slots from the parts box, wide good year tires from someplace, and firestone fronts. The backing plates were done by using two sets of front chromed backing plates from the AMT 63 Impala kit and painting them with Tamiya clear red. Kit supplied engine with intake from AMT 62 Bel Air kit. Interior is Tamiya tan.
  7. I got this because I liked the roses along the side. It sat for years until I decided to give it a coat of clear. I put some Pegasus gold low rider wheels on it. Parts box air cleaner I painted the carpet area and put in the custom wheel from the Super Shaker version of this kit. I'm going to use the custom nose and rear on this one. More later....
  8. I added a bit of interest in the trunk. Some craft paper, a little bit of gray paint, and a jack from some AMT kit. Some groups shots while I'm at it.
  9. I have a 327 powered black Impala on the bench, and I have a still in the box Revell 62 SS, so I thought I would build this one as a lower line 409 powered Impala. Paint is Testors pure gold with ultra clear clearcoat. I'm using the intake and carb from the AMT 58 Impala kit for this one. Interior will be red. More later...
  10. While digging through my 62 parts boxes looking for something, I discovered that I had enough parts to build another 62 Bel Air. The first one I built was way back in 2011. I thought about it for while and decided I wanted to build a small block car, namely a 283. Something that the vast majority probably bought new in 62. I sourced some white wall tires from the last release of the AMT 53 Studebaker and found a set of steel rims from the AMT 59 El Camino kit that fit the tires better than the steelies that came in the 62 Bel Air kit. I'll use the poverty caps from one of my Revell 62 kits on this. I just happened to have a 283 engine/trans from the AMT new tool 57 sitting on my bench, I sourced a 2bbl intake from an AMT 55 Cameo pickup kit, valve covers, water pump/timing chain cover, exhaust manifolds, and the starter from Revell old tool 57 Bel Air kit. I'm using the air cleaner from a Revell 65 pickup kit. Then, what to paint it? I wanted something to go along with my current 62 to 64 Impala builds, so nothing to crazy. I settled on Tamiya Mica Silver, not quite the silver that Chevys came in in 1962 but close enough for me for this build. Besides, I would have to order some silver leaf and I feared I'd lose momentum if I stopped to order paint. For my Revell 62 Builds I had bought some Model Car Garage phot-etch because the Impala SS kit did not have any SS badges for it while the PE set did. The PE set also includes bel air scripts, and the 283 fender badging. So I removed the crossed flags and "409" from the front fenders prior to painting. So, how's it going? Check out the Pics to see :-) Other 62s on my bench, Silver Bel Air, white walls, poverty caps, 2 BBL 283; Gold Impala black walls, poverty caps and base (single 4 BBL) 409; Black Impala White walls, full wheel covers, 327 4 BBL Thanks for looking and more later on...
  11. The interior is painted with Testors pearl blue metallic (enamel) paint that I've had for years. It matches well with the Testors auto lacquer 64 Chevy Silver blue metallic paint. I think this color is no longer available since I only had a partial can and wanted to get another one but could not find it at two online sources. The body paint was cleared with Testors untra clear.
  12. I started this one about 8 years ago. I decided to take the 409 from Revell's 62 Impala kit and transplant it into the 64. Simple right? Both cars have basically the same frame in real life so it should not have been a big deal to put the engine in it. This is how much of the 64 frame I had to grind away to get the engine to fit. But, I got the engine to fit! Shot the Testors 64 Chevy Silver blue paint on it today. The interior will either be a metallic blue or white and black, not sure right now.
  13. I found my can of Testors metallic turquoise enamel paint so I decided to shoot the 63 Impala interior with that. Except for the fact that it is enamel, it does not look too bad and matches well with the Artesian Turquoise. Some simple detail painting of the stock AMT 63 frame. Thanks for looking and more later!
  14. Got the body painted just a little while ago.
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