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  1. RDean58 added a post in a topic Another Monogram 1957 Ford Del Rio Wagon   

    Thank you all for the nice complements on my Del Rio!!!  A couple more photos.

  2. RDean58 added a post in a topic Another Monogram 1957 Ford Del Rio Wagon   

    Hey, that looks killer!  Yeah, I knew the duel air cleaners were not stock & the chromed 56 unit wasn't accurate. Since I did not want to build one I just went with what came in the Tudor kit.  Love your engine and exhaust manifolds, they look real.
  3. RDean58 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Another Monogram 1957 Ford Del Rio Wagon
    Started in September 10, 2015.  Completed April 2, 2016.
    Painted Tamiya Light gun metal. Intake system from Revell 57 Ford Tudor, wheels from AMT 36 Ford, tires are from an AMT parts pack tire package. Interior is Tamiya German gray, Medium gray, and sky gray. Steering wheel is from AMT 57 Ford Fairlane 500 kit. License plate decals are from Revell 57 Ford Tudor kit. This color is suppose to replicate the special paint that was available from Ford in mid 57 on the Thunderbirds.

    Thanks for looking. 
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  4. RDean58 added a post in a topic Good Smile Racing SLS GT3   

    Very neat!  Love these Itasha cars!  I've two built and have a few more in the stash.  None of the Good Smile racing ones though, all of mine are the street car versions.  Those decals are awesome!  Great Job!
  5. RDean58 added a post in a topic Why do so few post pictures? Is it the hoops one must jump through to post ?   

    A very easy way to put the URL (link to an image) in is to click on the "Source" button to the left.  After you click source, type in <img src=" then put the URL in then finish with ">.   Your finished line will look something like this <img src="http://photobucket/apicture.jpg">
    This is the actual HTML code to put a link to a picture in.  You can put in multiple pictures just by hitting the enter key after each picture entry.  Once you have your picture(s) in, just click on "source" again and your pictures will appear.
  6. RDean58 added a post in a topic Fujimi 99 Mazda RX-7   

    The decals came in the kit. Here is a picture of the kit box.

  7. RDean58 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Fujimi 99 Mazda RX-7
    Finished this one up last Saturday just in time for the MAMA meeting! Painted Testors "Da Ja" blue with wet look clear. This is my second "Itasha" model I've built. It was really fun to do and I did not have very many problems getting it together.

    Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed :-)
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  8. RDean58 added a post in a topic Something Different, Itasha Toyota Chaser JZX100   

    Oh, BTW, the anime series is pretty cool as well (and I'm 59 years old!)  It is called "The Devil is a part-timer."  You can get more info on it from Wikipedia if interested.
    (So yes, I've built the car and bought the DVD!)
  9. RDean58 added a post in a topic Something Different, Itasha Toyota Chaser JZX100   

    Funny,  that is exactly how I felt when I first saw them. But the more I looked at them the more I wanted to try and build one.  It took me a couple of years to get one but after I got started on it, it turned out to be quite fun :-)  I do tend to stretch my modeling window so to speak, I've built 18 wheelers, customs, low riders, and even a "Donk" 94 Impala!

    Thank you very much for the complement!
  10. RDean58 added a post in a topic Something Different, Itasha Toyota Chaser JZX100   

    Yes this is an Aoshima kit with the decals.  It may not be currently available right now but here is the box

    Thank you for the great complements everyone!  I feel humbled.
  11. RDean58 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Something Different, Itasha Toyota Chaser JZX100
    "Itasha" means Pain car in Japanese.  This could refer to the pain you feel when looking at it or the cost to your wallet after building it :-)  Basically an Itasha car is one that is covered in pictures of Anime, Manga, and Pop star decals.  Some look really cool.  I think the one I built does.

    Thanks for looking!
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  12. RDean58 added a post in a topic My Del Rio   

    Great looking kit, but you are not quite done with the BMF. Along the top of the fins at the rear where the color separation is are some chrome trim.  They can be seen in the picture below.

    The kit actually does have some very slight indications of this chrome molding on the rear.
  13. RDean58 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Monogram 57 Ford Del Rio - My Take
    With the vast majority of these kits being done in green or blue, I wanted a different color for mine. So I picked Tamiya Gunmetal. From what I understand it was a factory summer color for Ford back in 1957 so that worked out well since I was debating on whether to build it stock or not.
    The final build will be something like a "day one" or "week one" car.

    Chrome reverse wheels are from the AMT 36 Ford kit while the tires are from the AMT parts pack, L60s on the rear while the F60s are on the front.

    Intake is from the Revell 57 Tudor kit.

    Interior is a mix of Tamiya greys, German grey on the door and seat panels, medium sea grey carpet, and light aircraft grey inserts on the door panels. The top of the door panels, rear floor, and wheel wells are painted body color, along with the dash.

    I still need to paint the white part of the seats the light aircraft grey.
    I might put some blue dots and some pin stripping on the tail gate, not sure yet.
    Thanks for looking :-)
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  14. RDean58 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Revell 57 Ford Tudor Started December 2012
    This one was started from the original kit when Revell first released it.

    I originally built the stock 4 bbl engine for it and was really impressed with how the engine looked when built.

    But then I went to paint it, and the original body reacted badly to the paint. After trying numerous things to get the body cleaned up I stuck it in a box until I could get a replacement body.
    A replacement body came a few months later in the form of the Fireball Roberts race car.

    I was interested in the body & supercharged engine and the race car was cheaper than the stock Tudor kit anyway :-) BTW, the original engine from the Revell kit fits really well inside the engine compartment of the AMT 57 Fairlane 500 kit. All that needs to be done is a little trimming on the transmission mount to get it to fit.
    I removed the chrome plating from the supercharger and painted it Tamiya bright aluminum. I really like the look of this engine.

    I painted the model Tamiya TS-15 blue and then detailed the interior for a stock look. I did deviate a bit from stock by painting the steering column & wheel Tamiya Light gunmetal instead of black.

    I discovered the Revell "Ford" hubcap decals will fit great on the AMT full wheel covers that I'm using on this build.

    I still need to paint the white lines on these hubcaps, like I did on my AMT build (still in progress BTW).

    Of course I picked this one up a month or so ago and started it as well. For the wagon I'm saving the supercharger setup and instead using the 2-4bbl intake from the original Tudor kit. I have an AMT Fairlane 500 steering wheel for it and I am debating between chrome reverse wheels or full wheel covers.

    Well, that's it for now, look for some updates later when I get some BMF on these bodies and some pictures taken of the Del Rio.
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  15. RDean58 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Revell 2014 Snap-tite Corvette C7
    Since the snap-tite kit was delayed by about 2 months, I decided not to wait for the "in theory" Sept release of the full(er) detailed kit.  I started to paint it yellow but had some problems so I sanded it down and prepped it with Tamiya Silver leaf.  Then I shot Tamiya Mica Silver as a base coat for the Tamiya TS-50 blue final color.  Model has a few coats of Tamiya TS-13 clear over it.

    I got some chipping around the headlight area when I put the covers on, I am hoping I can touch this up with some Tamiya clear blue brush paint.

    I am going to use the chrome wheels from the Revell 2006 ZO6 kit along with it's stock brakes since the 2014 kit basically has washers for the brake system.

    Tail lights have been detail painted and installed
    All and all not a bad little kit for a snap together, but watch out for those headlight covers!
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