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  1. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  2. I found out on these that if you cut the trans tunnel off the frame (the raised area) that the tire/wheel to fender clearance looks a lot better. Make sure the engine site in the frame correctly by putting the body on then glueing in the engine. Also it helps if you put the exhaust system on first before putting the engine in.
  3. Wow thanks. I've often wondered if anyone besides me visits my website, it's great to know at least one other person does 🙂
  4. I started a lot of these back in 2015, this one hit the bench February 22 of that year. Got the engine done, frame modified, then put it in the box. Today I gave it a couple coats of Tamiya TS-54 Light metallic blue and shot the interior with Testors Nassau blue. I'm hoping I'll get this one done in a few days, thank you for looking, all comments welcomed.
  5. RDean58

    '65 Grand Prix

    Really good for a problem child! Great color and it turned out really well.
  6. Originally molded in yellow, I undercoated it with silver then shot Tamiya TS-50 Mica blue over it. It turned out really well. This does not have a clear coat. Started back in September 2015, just got it done today. Non stock tires and wheels, I believe these are some from Pegasus. I'll need to stick a license plate on this soon. The Corvette "Fleet" so far. The red one is actually a promo 1979 since I could not find a 1/25 scale kit of one. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed
  7. Thank you for the complements! Yes, the original kit comes with the metal springs. NOT the new release kit with the same box cover. Here is the original kit. I was able to get a few of these original MPC kits from ebay for reasonable prices a few years ago. Don't know about now but I scored these which I need to build as well. 1977 1980 1981 1982
  8. Painted the Testor's Plum Crazy enamel. This was started around 2000. Completed June, 26, 2020 Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  9. Started July 24, 2015 and finished yesterday, July 19th. Color is (I think) Tamiya TS-50 blue. Silver interior and a luggage rack from an AMT 70 Corvette. AMT RWL tires with the kit supplied factory rally wheels. Air cleaner is the custom unit from the Revell 64 Impala. This was a fun little kit to put together. A mystery big block, as 1975 Corvettes came from the factory with 350 small blocks! Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  10. After five years, this one is finally off the bench and on the shelf. Painted with Tamiya TS-64 dark mica blue with testors Nassau blue interior. AMT RWL tires from somewhere. I really need to learn how to use those Molotov pens! I know tri-power big blocks were not available in 1975. But, this one had a crate motor 502 installed sometime in it's life :-) Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  11. Started in December of 2015, I finished it up today. Glad this one is done! I don't remember what color it is painted, I think it was a testors auto lacquer teal but am not sure. Box stock with modifications to the frame to get the suspension sitting a bit lower, it's now almost stock height :-) Simple all black interior, hence the lack of interior shots. Below is a group shot of the ones I've gotten done this month, all except for the 2012 silver kit, that one was done a few years ago. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  12. Interior seats, side panels, and dash painted. El Camino Chevelle Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  13. Black trim done. The silver paint is just an undercoat.
  14. Well, after 19 months, I'm finally back to these! First lets take a look at the firewalls. AMT on the top, Revell on the bottom. Need I say more. Next, the radiator and support. AMT is above. The top part of the radiator support is molded to the body on the El Camino. The lower part and radiator are all one piece that glues in from the bottom. The end result looks pretty accurate. Revell radiator support is four pieces consisting of the support, radiator, fan shroud, and hood latch area. I will need to see this in the body but I think both Revell and AMT did good on this. "Front" of the radiator support. Revell on top while AMT is on bottom. Obviously Revell has the better detail here, although I am not sure how much will be visible on the model after it gets put together. The seats, Revell seats are flanking the AMT El Camino seats and as you can see, the Chevelle seats are a lot bigger than the Elkys. The Dashes, Revell on top, AMT on bottom. Revell blew it on the dash. The knobs are wrong and the radio/HVAC controls are at an angle. Also the glove box door button is not correct. The AMT dash on the bottom got the knobs right, the glove box lock right, and the HVAC/radio area looks a lot better. Score a point for AMT here. That's all I have right now, I have shot the black part on the bodies and will be removing the tape soon. Since I have two of the Revell 69 Chevelles coming my way I better get these done soonest! Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
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