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  1. To really break peoples budget, kit up a 65 Monaco Then use the underpinnings to do a 65 Plymouth Fury III. Nobody will have any money except you!
  2. This fills a hole in the model world as I'm sure this will be much more detailed than the snapper 65 originally by polar lights.
  3. I can look in my crystal ball and see a stock 327 powered 1965 Nova SS coming along. After of course they sell me the 65 Nova 100 gasser 🙂
  4. Wait a second, how about some flames! Flames are from the latest release of the Amt 55 sedan kit.
  5. Small update - I have the tires and wheels glued onto the brake drums now. I usually paint the spokes on the American S200 wheels' aluminum, but I also know they were available polished, so I elected to keep them that way on this build. The reason why I had to change out the hood scoop, close but I got the clearance I need since the hood sits level. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  6. I can't seem to leave well enough alone, here is the final paint job on the Impala SS. Today I shot multiple coats of Tamiya TS-45 pearl white over the Testors' White lighting then re-cleared it with wet look clear. This is more of the shade of white I was looking for. The other color looked too much like silver to me. Finishing touches on this may be a slight polish. I changed the hood scoop to one from the AMT 58 Impala kit as I also changed the air cleaner to a set of velocity stacks from the AMT 62 Bel Air kit. Interior will be flat white seats and door panels while I am still undecided as to what the carpet and dash will be. I know it will not be red or blue. Maybe a green? I'm also undecided on whether or not to put the stock shifter and console in it. I might go with a T handle shifter with a square mounting plate on the floor. Something like what you would see in a street machine instead of the stock set up. Thanks for looking all comments welcomed.
  7. When working with the Tamiya Pearl white and Testors' white lightening colors I find they tend to be a bit opaque, meaning the color under the paint will show through without a lot of coats. I've also found out that a coat of clear under the pearl paint will give it more of a shine. Now this could just be me and my eyes. I will say the TS-45 Pearl White really needs to be shot over white plastic or a white undercoat for it to work. Afterwards some coats of Tamiya's pearl clear will help it to look much better.
  8. White lighting is a Testors' one coat lacquer paint that looks like the Tamiya pearl white.
  9. Yes indeed, I got me one of them I built a while ago.
  10. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but I'm staying with it. Undercoated with Tamiya bright aluminum then shot with about three coats of Tamiya ATS-45 pearl white. I finished the job by shooting six or seven coats of Testors white lightening then wet look clear. What do you all think, does it work? Thanks for looking all comments welcomed.
  11. I started this one way back in 2015. I really did not know what I wanted to do with it except I knew I wanted to use the custom valve covers, air cleaner, and exhaust manifolds on it, but I was not happy with the big tire/wheel combo it came with. I shot the frame, semi built the engine, then back in the box it went until today. While separating parts for the other 62 Impala/Bel Air kits I have going I decided to play around with this. I found out I lost or misplaced the oil pan, so I decided to use one from the AMT 64 Impala. I elected for the finned chrome plated one. After putting it on I found out the hood interfered with the air cleaner. So, I had a choice, either cut down the chrome pan to get hood clearance or cut out the hood. I elected to cut the hood. The hood scoop is sourced from one of my many AMT 63 Impala kits and looks pretty good on it. I decided to use the American Racing S200 wheels from the AMT Impala kit as well. Of course, you need some wide tires on the back of a street machine, so I found a set of the NASCAR tires for the back. Once I glue the wheels to the backing, they will fit pretty good. Not sure about exhaust pipe clearance but a good set of side pipes might just fix that. By all indications this will be built in the 70's style. Don't know what color it will be I'll let you all know when I shoot it 🙂 I have an AMT 62 Impala convertible I'll be painting yellow, and I have a resin 62 Biscayne coming from MCW to round out my 62 big chevies. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  12. I try to do the stock wheels and hubcaps to represent the real ones, I think it makes the model look more realistic.
  13. The custom pieces on the 63 Galaxie came in the kit. Well I should say the inbuilt Galaxie convey kit I picked up. The custom was a rebuild I got from eBay that did not have the cool glass top.
  14. These next two were completed during the 24-hr. build. Thanks for looking; all comments welcomed.
  15. I recently acquired one of these for a really good price. After having a lot of the re-issues (prestige kit, the green kit one, and the latest) I was not sure what I would find. I have to tell you that the original issue of this kit blew me away on accuracy of body, engine detail, and chrome tree execution. Okay, the exhaust manifolds look more like small block ones than 409 exhausts but, it was a nicely designed kit with (except for the hideous {my opinion} custom treatment) was well executed. It's too bad Round two could not bring back all the original pieces for this kit. Thanks for looking, enjoy! More box pics and contents here!
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