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  1. Painted (I think) Testors Italian Red with ultra gloss clear, interior is Tamiya medium grey. This one is the original issue. Built box stock except for swapping out the 3 barrel for triple duces. Started in 2012 and just finished today. I had to super glue the top of the firewall to the body and then the front subframe to the body to get it all together. Frustrating kit for final fitting but looks good when done. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  2. Thanks to a suggestion from this board that I build a Corvair in hugger orange, I thought instead I should get this one done first. Started back in 2008. Painted Honduras Maroon with clear coat, I have the engine done and the interior painted with Tamiya TS-69 linoleum brown. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  3. When Revell first released this kit comments were that the engine looked more like a crate motor LT-1 than the stock 350 that came in the 69 Novas. Ah well. I looked up paint codes available for 69 Novas and I did see hugger orange listed, now whether or not it was an authentic GM sponsors paint chip list for 69 Nova I don't know.
  4. That is very cool! You matched the engine color perfectly as well. Every one you finish just gets better and better, you go girl!
  5. Interior is done, just your basic semi gloss black for seats, door panels and dash and flat black for the carpet area.
  6. After five years, it is done! I started this one back on January 15, 2015 and just now got it done August 7th of this year. Painted Testors White Lightening with wet look clear, interior is Tamiya TS-69 linoleum brown, straight out of the box. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  7. Wheels are from an AMT 69 Chevelle kit while the tires are a set of AMT RWL F-60 Goodyears. I felt they looked better than the ones that come in the kit. How about some group shots eh? Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed, and have a safe Labor day weekend!
  8. Engine and frame completed. I took some mock up pictures of it sitting on wheels. Tires are AMT Firestone from the new 70 Chevelle release while the backs are the tried and true L60x15 AMT Goodyears. Wheels are MPC open wheel rally from the various Corvette kits. With some time and a Dremel I was able to open up the grille. Thanks for looking, all comments welcome, and have a safe and fun labor day weekend!
  9. Engine done n Chevelle A group photo. Revell does make some really nice looking engines. Thanks, all comments welcome.
  10. Engine is done except for the decal on the air cleaner and some black wash on the air intakes. I like my engines to have aluminum heads and intakes :-) So consider this Nova a "week 2" car. "Obviously, the owner tossed the hubcaps and trim rings!" I already have one of these Novas with the Rally wheels, I felt I did not need another. Open wheels are from the MPC Corvette kits. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  11. Sorry, the only 69 Corvair kit I have is painted Honduras maroon.
  12. I think it is a recent buy, it has the black label on the can.
  13. The color on the Chevelle was called Monaco red! Still the same color and hugger orange is what it is mostly known as.
  14. Actually.... If you look in completed builds you will find my Revell 69 427 Corvette 🙂
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