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    the Plymouth is the AMT 41 Plymouth

    The gray Mustang is Maisto diecast from HL. The doors open. I cut the hole in the hood and took the shaker from Revell 69 Mustang kit. It was a gift to my Dad. A copy of his 1:1.

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    I can't get pics to upload from phone so I did it from computor.

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    There's a lot of nice cats there. My father,grandfather and myself worked on the prototype show cars. There are cars in there that we all had a part in. Never been in the building but that is where all of GMs prototypes end up.
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    I'm not new to model building but I took a long brake from it. I've built models as a kid and up till I was18. I started back at it when I was in my mid 30's with ho trains. That lasted untill I was relocated with my job. Three years ago (mid 40's) I got back into cars. Now I'm trying new things to improve my skills. Here are some things I've built. I'll post them when I figure out how to post pics.
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