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  1. Nice job, always one of my favorite Impalas!
  2. yep! First one was a little rushed but it was a curbside jeep build so it worked out perfect. The one I almost done is the 90 lx drag car. Front suspension is giving me a he'll of a time! Pics to come soon!
  3. Well I got back into models after my kid days. I take my time now and try to build models how they should be done. Been doing a lot of reading and looking up tips n tricks to build them right instead of just glueing stuff together. I've only finised 1.5 'so I'll be posting finished ones soon. Thanks for letting all the help so far guys!
  4. That paintwork is beautiful my man!
  5. Flesher

    59 Impala

    Nice job, those look like Ferrari wheels? F50?
  6. Slick paint job! Looks similar to a zr1
  7. I dig it, something you don't see very often. Two thumbs up bud!
  8. That thing is sexy! I have one of these in the closet but after just getting back into models I think I'll wait a bit for this one, seems a little challenging.
  9. Excellent job on a snap kit. Besides the super shiny interior the wheels look a little out of scale(too big) but it could just be me.
  10. Nice! I have a pro street Chevelle and a can of lime green, at least I know what it would look like. Let's see some engine shots!
  11. Awesome! I hope mine that's on the bench right now turns out half as nice!
  12. Man, this thing is nice! I've had a few mustangs/Cobras in real life and Id love a notch that looks like this. Some 03-04 Cobra or Saleen wheels would look even better!
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