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  1. cruzer added a post in a topic Good morning from The Sunshine State of Florida   

    Thanks to all of you for welcoming me to the forum. I have a question that I'm not sure if it goes here or not. What does the MCM Whatever mean???? It has me as a Looker. Believe me, if you saw me, you'd realize I am not a looker. Beer Belly and all......
  2. cruzer added a post in a topic Paint Strippers - What to Use?   

    Ok, now that you people have convinced this old goat that a couple of my models can be redone, can you PLEASE, tell me if the break fluid or any of the other items mentioned here will remove the acrylic paints? This is what I mainly use for airbrushing. It's a lot easier for cleanup and there is not an odor that displeases my wife. One of them I want to really make into a custom job. An help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. cruzer added a post in a topic Good morning from The Sunshine State of Florida   

    Hey there, Al;
    I live in Crescent City. I've been here for a little over 14 years now. To make a short story long, I had a website dedicated to a plane crew from my ship, the USS Hornet CVS-12 in Vietnam. I created the site several years ago while I was in Minnesota. I had been divorced twice and have 3 children. This one time someone tried to sign the guestbook on the website, but it didn't work. There was a place to email me and she did, informing me of the book not working. I repaired it and advised her of this. She signed it and emailed me telling me she did. From there, it was more emailing, chatrooms, phone conversations, then she came to Minneapolis to visit a friend of hers. I lived 200 miles north of there and drove down to meet her at the airport. We were together for a week, then I came down here for 2 weeks. At that time we were got engaged and I went back up north, rented a 6 X 12 foot trailer with a lot of my "worldly" goods including a motorcycle, told my sons to move into my home which was all paid for then, headed back down here. My new brother-in-law and his wife gave us a 2 week all expenses paid honeymoon to England.

    Now, as Paul Harvey would say, "that's the Rest of the Story.
  4. cruzer added a post in a topic Putty suggestions.   

    Can the putty's you mentioned here be used for forming such as for "frenched" headlights or are they just for fillers? I'm in need of something I can mold such as some of the older kits used to come with fins for the rear fenders.
  5. cruzer added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Good morning from The Sunshine State of Florida
    Good morning. Just a little about me, I'm an old goat of 72 that wanted to get back into a hobby I had as a young squirt. I spent 4 years in the Navy and have done just about everything from Millwright to operating 240 ton dump trucks and 28 yard bucket loaders on the Iron Range in Minnesota to computer repair, building and teaching in Florida. Now, I'm retired (retarded?) old man and wanted to get back into modeling. It's teaching me to have patience and for me, it's a very relaxing hobby. So far, I've built a 57 Nomad, 49 custom Mercury, 62 Chevy convertible and a Chevy pickup with plow. Now I want to get into the real custom builds. Just hoping this forum helps me do that. Thank you for accepting me as a member.

    Bob "Polak" Cruze
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