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  1. Appreciate it! It was a great kit.
  2. Thank you! A great kit indeed.
  3. Hi All, Here is my finished T Bucket from Monogram! I had a blast building this one. So with this build I tried something different from my other builds and used craft acrylics paint all around. My goal is convert all my future builds to craft acrylics. I like the idea of the water based paints and the virtually odorless smell it leaves behind after painting even with a paint booth. I’m sure my respiratory system thanks me as well! Anyways, thanks for looking and Happy New Year!
  4. Happy New Year all! It has been a while since I have been on here but it is great to be back! I plan to do much more modeling in 2021. I started off with a purchase of the Paasche Millennium Series dual action air brush. I have a Paasche Model H and love it but wanted to also have a dual action available. Has anyone used or currently use this air brush? Thanks in advanced!
  5. I have used the Tamiya stand for a couple years now and do not regret purchasing it one bit.
  6. Thank you very much everyone!
  7. This is the way it sat out of the box.
  8. Hi there - they were great for the most part... some were tough due to the areas they are required... I just tried not to make them too soft.
  9. Hey Guys - just finished this one up a couple weeks ago. Fun kit to build and my first true racecar build.
  10. Ahhhh! Not all hero’s wear capes... thank you very much!
  11. Hey Guys! I Just got this kit and will be making it as a gift for someone. I was wondering if anyone has built it before and if so, if your rear bumper just did not fit at all?! The instructions are clearly not of any help. Any tricks on how to get this to fit? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  12. They’re different to build that’s for sure!
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