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  1. Grandpa again

    CONGRATULATIONS!! But you know pictures or it didn't happen, lol😀
  2. I had not heard about that, explains a few things for me too.
  3. The future of offroading?

    I hope it's not the future, but probably is. That thing wouldn't make it 100' where I wheel.
  4. Weird cars Post em here.

    Ha Haha I have to agree.
  5. Paint stripper

    I've not tried super clean yet as I've always got the, I believe unmentioned, simple green handy and it works good for me....am I missing out?
  6. NYPD Tragedy

    Had a friend that has now passed, due to non seat belt causes, back in 1986 he rolled a fully loaded cabover Peterbilt 4 times and crushed the cab all the way down on to the dog house, since he was NOT wearing a belt he was able to get under the steering wheel and walked away wearing one it would have crushed him.
  7. Help! I need a car shipped!

    Well broker doesn't necessarily equal scam artist. A lot of the freight on the highway every day went through a broker. If its something you're not willing to trust some of the companies listed above to touch rent a u-hual and trailer it's only 1000 miles and you know how it's been handled every step of the journey.
  8. Dateline Phoenix

    I saw the humor in it
  9. Help! I need a car shipped!

    Some others. Reliable as mentioned Horseless carriage Allied van lines United van lines None of them are going to be anywhere near cheap but all of them do move cars fully enclosed trailers they move everything from high end sports cars to even factory prototypes
  10. Help! I need a car shipped!

    May have seen them already but a company called Bennett transport may work they move mostly travel trailers, boats etc. but they move cars to fill their trucks. They run 49 states and I believe all of Canada.
  11. What Pleased You Today!

    Headed to my moms this evening and the wife says she needs to stop at wal-fart, on black Friday! I didn't go in just watched the bucket loads of stupid in the parking lot
  12. Stanfding or setting?

    I'm part of the standing group, I also move around a lot with airbrush or rattle can.
  13. Anyone have an English Bull Terrier?

    She's cute!!
  14. What Pleased You Today!

    Not today but course of a few months, an old friend had gotten in touch with me through Facebook (that I rarely look at) and we met up yesterday figured out we hadn't seen each other for 28 years. Picked up like we had seen each other just last week. Great day
  15. Truck accident last night in Arizona

    Glad your friend is ok. That look like it could have been quite a ride, with Mark's 1/2way up the trailer, tractor destroyed even busted a wheel on the tandems! Glad it was not worse!