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  1. Sorry, Not in my book

    Personally I don't like the car, not only is it not my style but even if it was, if I am building something or paying to have it done I want it done right and to look right, not done right now.
  2. Sorry, Not in my book

    Pretty prime example there Bill, that first one reminds me I think the chickens are out.
  3. Don't chuck V8's out just yet....

  4. Greetings from Mn

    Welcome on board Bill, if you have any questions this is the place to ask.
  5. Truck-A-Thon 2018

    Have a pic of the 352 pacemaker in the other thread
  6. Truck-A-Thon 2018 *Official Entry List*

    Well it attached so to admit some more obvious it's the 352 pacemaker.
  7. Truck-A-Thon 2018 *Official Entry List*

    OK here it is, hope the picture uploads OK, been giving me problems since the last update.
  8. Paranormal Activity On My FB Page

    I also believe this, I'm not big in the whole aftermath thing but my cousin saw my grandpa about 3 weeks after he passed. Then my nephew thinking we would all think he was nuts(his words) told me last Saturday that he had a conversation with my dad, he passed 9/9/17, and his brother backs the conversation happening. But he didn't see dad. The SUPERNATURAL is something i try not to mess with, no telling but definitely odd.
  9. Truck-A-Thon 2018 *Official Entry List*

    I'm in I gotta figure out the build however, I'll let you know next couple days.
  10. Movin' On TV series -- the pilot "In Tandem" episode ??

    I struck out with Hulu but I've seen the episode recently, I'll look some more.(danger of binge watching) lol. This a thought for tat?
  11. Truck-A-Thon 2018

    I'm thinking what to try this time.....hope I don't hurt myself! I should be able to make a prize donation when it warms up and work gets more steady. Probably do a 359 that' been looking at me WAY TOO LONG.😃
  12. Movin' On TV series -- the pilot "In Tandem" episode ??

    Ok, didn't know that, when the wife finishes her show I'll check and see if maybe I can record some and post it? They do offer a month free also...binge watched lotsa stuff but we also wanted the service, it' pretty good.
  13. Movin' On TV series -- the pilot "In Tandem" episode ??

    Isn't it part of the series on hulu?
  14. What Pleased You Today!

    Over 50 degrees today, and sold a semi trailer yesterday..good weekend
  15. What Irked You Today?

    I've noticed the same thing, don't know why.