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  1. Sold to the middle east...I guess that and the fact some spent that kinda money on a toy means they have money to feed it.! 12 million could definitely be better spent. The hp someone mentioned I think it is 2 8V92's which are 2 stroke...so would that make a difference?
  2. Its stupid ugly and I'm sure it even hook up to my 5th wheel, which makes it an ugly CAR. And probably wont pull what my 7.3 will
  3. Sorry to hear of your wife passing, that would be hard for me.
  4. I'd have to agree with probably not enough market, I do like the blue though.
  5. . I think all of us have made mistakes on eBay brother.... Roger that!! if anybody needs a 1/4 acre in Deming New Mexico let me know! Really please.
  6. I like it, love the look of used lumber.
  7. As has been said ride and look are 2 big ones but you also have the steel haulers that use the space to overhang the load and here in eastern Washington there are some that stretch them out and put a drom bed up there to carry more. There is a company in California that runs real long freightliner CO's with I think 60' trailers and have the trailer kingpin set way back so the extra length is over the frame.
  8. Good point, I've got 3 nephews that know about this, but they know the way I know about ww1 ww2,and all the rest. So far 9/11 is the biggest.
  9. I didn't either, I dont see chicken legs!! So that screws me up.😁
  10. I wont forget, in fact I can tell you where I was standing on the job that day.
  11. Nice, you gonna scratch up one of those?
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