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  1. Nice, you gonna scratch up one of those?
  2. 10-4on that I run alot of 2 lane and they will stack up where you gotta pass 3 at a time sucks
  3. As all the folks above had said REPORT IT if there was any kind of registration paper report to the kennel club,this is exactly what they are against, humane society the vet everybody to try and shut him down(without getting in trouble). I would also have your friend get the puppy thoroughly checked by a vet, some of the things mentioned can be caused by inbreeding. I hope all the best and hope you guys can shut this puppy mill down!
  4. 10-4 on that! Had a boss one time that liked to give people a second chance, this kid we had shows up 1/2 hour late with a laundry basket of excuses, I looked at the boss said I dont need him this bad so he tells the kid go home try it again tomorrow and oh by the way my car didn't start today I took a cab and I was time! Kid was never late again
  5. We can and will, so everybody gets paid, it's more I had other things to do that had to be postponed because they couldn't make a phone call. That and I was brought up if you're not 15 minutes early....you're late.
  6. Well my irked for the day I had a service call at a target store to shut down some refrigeration equipment so another contractor could do their work then I start it back up, appointment time 1300 I'm on site do what I can, due to the check in system I'm locked to this thing until it's done, other contractors arrival time 1645....the irke is because they didn't bother to call when the men doing the work knew they would be late by at least 3 hours well before the appointment and told their boss to hold us off awhile and I had other stuff to do than sit around.
  7. Well here is pretty much no progress
  8. I've been around a lot of flat beds and I've not seen anything bigger than 7, certainly not anything as big as 10.75
  9. I'm still trying to figure out how the car got thirsty?
  10. Huh wish I could say the same 30* snowing, no hike and certainly not spring here.
  11. 35 right now and thankfully not snowing, we got another 6" Tuesday so I'm good with no more at home. Mountains are getting loaded with it so that's a good thing. We also dont normally have this kind of weather now, I'm so done with winter.
  12. Forgot to mention Jim ever heard the song "Give me 40 acres" that's what that truck will take!
  13. Mostly looks, but like Jim said they ride better. Gotta keep in mind if there is one pothole you cant dodge you're going thru it 5 times, spreading things out makes it smoother.
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