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  1. Stretched Big Rig question

    Forgot to mention Jim ever heard the song "Give me 40 acres" that's what that truck will take!
  2. Stretched Big Rig question

    Mostly looks, but like Jim said they ride better. Gotta keep in mind if there is one pothole you cant dodge you're going thru it 5 times, spreading things out makes it smoother.
  3. Dust!

    They make filters for this that not only a tighter knit but also have a wax on them.
  4. I would definitely go with one that has a tank, I remember reading good things about the CAT one. Have you checked the buying my first airbrush topic? May have some ideas for you in that one.
  5. BRBO 2019 KW K 100

    I hope I can get started in the morning, been away from home. I like the look of COE but I never could get used to driving one. I grew up in a cab over international which was the second truck I'd driven at the time just never got used to them.
  6. Hey administrators! Can we get a new topic!

    I agree, maybe it would settle down some other sections as well.
  7. Glad you got you and your son out of a bad situation, and you you got to bring your pet!! Double win!😀
  8. Reveal your user name origin

    For me name is Rich and some people have said I talk like a combination of John Wayne and Sam Elliott, so they gave me the nickname. First time I heard I was I a supply house in Sacramento Ca and it's just stuck....to the point that I was in a small supply house in Colorado and when I was there they referred to me as cowboy Rich. Love the new avatar Bill.
  9. Airbrush compressor

    Personally I agree with Snake I like to have a tank, when I looked up my local store they had a 3 gallon compressor for about 8.00 less, if you're going to go with something from harbor freight I would do the warranty as mentioned. (Not knocking them but I've had things from there last anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 years in fact I have a couple things I've had closer to 15 years)
  10. Hey administrators! Can we get a new topic!

    I wouldn't mind seeing any of these suggestions put to work as it does seem to be the never ending question.
  11. Ace-Garageguy, so long

    Well I for one will miss him being here, I know some people had issues with him but I did not, then again I tend to like blunt truthfulness from people who can back it up with proven facts. Hate to see him go.
  12. BRBO 2019 KW K 100

    So here's my entry sorry the pictures are fuzzy, had to use something I'm not used to in order to post.
  13. Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?

    X2 on both Alfas, and I'm not a car guy.
  14. Thoughts on having a "For Sale" section ...

    Nope, I've had good luck with the trade section and has been mentioned I've paid some cash a couple times, all through P.M. no site involvement and only with people I "know" or ones on the the traders list.
  15. Everyone Bring In Their Brass Monkeys???

    Haha I feel for you folks back there in that stuff but you could be REALLY nice and keep it.