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  1. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Nice find Bill, I gotta get back to my trains as well.
  2. Crazy Weekend...

    Sorry to hear you had such a wild weekend, but glad you were able get her help. Hope she has a fast and full recovery.
  3. PLEEEEEEEZ! Just go back to Flyoverlandia!

    Would drive me nuts also, hope they don't show up in eastern Washington state.
  4. What did you see on the road today?

    I think it's cool...in a ridiculous kind of way! Looks like the builder did pretty decent work.
  5. Site Update Complete

    I like the way it's working with mobile really well thanks for the update, only thing I wish was still there was someones post count without going to their profile. But no real big deal. Thanks
  6. Well, the good news is I am getting a hobby room.

    Didn't get no hobby room still the couch only plus was he was set to leave la grand or. For Quebec Canada the 12 th (long haul trucker) could have been much worse.
  7. Well, the good news is I am getting a hobby room.

    Sorry not trying to steal your thread just first time I've been able to talk about it, not trying to step on any toes.
  8. Well, the good news is I am getting a hobby room.

    Feel your pain Russ you have my condolences, lost my dad on 9/9/17 he'd just gotten back home and we were supposed to get together later in the week. Two things that really stink my birthday is 2/9, we had a family service 9/14 Valentine's was a favorite of his and we buried him 9/24 day of moms birthday is 11/24. Got all but my sister. He was 67 1/2 pushing to 70 to retire😢
  9. Here's hoping you have a big turkey day.

    Hope everyone has a good turkey day, not a big fan of that bird personally,so prime rib, don't need that axe!! Happy thanksgiving everyone
  10. How to Crash-Land an Airplane

    I'm no pilot and don't fly unless absolutely necessary but I'm impressed, he didn't even look to shock up I'd have had a panic attack!😦
  11. What Pleased You Today!

    Very nice garage (Wish I had one) construction process doesn't surprise me a lot of the new construction supermarkets I've worked in have been the same way in many different states and enviroments
  12. What Irked You Today?

    I'm with Bill
  13. RIP Hugh Hefner

    That's a good one snake i'd rather look at Hefs friends also, didn't see Newsweek however.
  14. RIP Hugh Hefner

    Don't know if anyone has noticed but time magazine did an issue for Hef all that's in it is his story. I just saw and picked it up today.
  15. A Pinto with serious attitude.

    Would have never thought someone would put that time and money into a PINTO