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  1. Hate to spoil the illusion, but that Goldfinger Lincoln had no engine/transmission when it was crushed... A few pounds off the old block, I'd say...
  2. Here's my AMT/Ertl '69 Corvair build from a dozen years ago or so. I did it up as my own version of a late-'60s "Yenko Stinger" track racer. The wheels are those Firestone Super Sport GP tire faces over original 13" compact car tires on 13" open-wheel steelies that were in the original AMT Corvair kits from 1965-68.
  3. Thanks. For this kit, I learned of it first here...
  4. The wheel radiuses and rear end treatment were an improvement over the '55 (IMHO). The front end always struck me as a poorman's '56 Cadillac (which I love). Replacing the oddish '56 taillights with aftermarket red plexi units was an easy custom tweak.
  5. It IS a bit of a teaser... If confirmed, I consider it a bit of good news.
  6. What is the source for this? Revell is not good at doing 'Coming Soon'.
  7. The AMT '23 Ford Model 'T' Depot Hack builds into one of these: Good one if you like painting "wood".
  8. Emphasis on the word "one" ?? 😁
  9. Classic Halibrand "kidney bean" magnesium wheels! Here's a set on a very ordinary 1959 Chevy :
  10. Had to throw this in... 'Burning Rubber' by Gene Moles & the Softwinds, 1964. "Dry as a surf guitar, man!"
  11. Not saying that there's a connection to the current ownership. I'm wondering if the list was not fulfilled due to Ertl fading out on the production of AMT and MPC kits during this period (?).
  12. 2007? Didn't this coincide with the transition from AMT/Ertl to, eventually, Round2?
  13. Not only should this decal sheet be included in every AMT Shelby Cobra kit from here on...it should be sold SEPARATELY! (Good job, Round2!)
  14. AMT last issued this kit (T-140) as the 'Buttercup Bomb' in 1969. I wonder if the mold still exists somewhere? Images below: 1960 annual hardtop 3-in-1 kit; 1965 Craftsman Series; 1969 'Buttercup Bomb'
  15. Looking at the parts tree, I see the ol' AMT Shelby Cobra 289 kit (from 1963) with modifications. I know because I'm building the AMT Cobra kit right now. I have no problem with another version of this kit (just don't call a 289 a 427 🙃).
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