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  1. I haven't worked on this one in a long, long time: The problem is the exhaust headers. They have these huge depressions in them. Keep in mind that this kit has four engines, so I would need to either fix, or replace, 32 headers.
  2. Those are great looking models. The dark blue finish is outstanding. I used to own each one of those cars in 1:1. My first RX7 was brown, very similar to your model. My second RX7 was black, but looked similar to your model. The brown car was faster than the black car. By the time that the black car was made it had gained a lot of weight. Regarding the black car. It blew the seals on the rotor when it was about 600 miles after the warrentee expired. Mazda refused to do anything for me to help cover the cost of fixing the engine. They told me that I should have revved the engine higher to burn off the carbon on the seals. I asked if that was clearly covered in the Owners Manual. They had no answer. They offered me a $500 discount on a new Mazda. Needless to say, I never owned a Mazda after this experience.
  3. Nice color. What engine?
  4. I'll bet that the '37 truck looked really cool.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys.
  6. I went downstairs and looked at the 1/25 scale Camaro. Scale wise, it looks too small compared to the FXXK. The majority of Revell car models are 1/25 scale. I think that the only Revell car model that I built and is 1/24 scale is a 1937 Ford coupe.
  7. The Camaro is 1/25 scale. The Ferrari is 1/24 scale. The difference is about 4%.
  8. The La Ferrari kit looks very similar to the FXXK. I would guess that the door hinges are the same. The hinges do not operate properly until the front fenders are installed. These kits are real "slow go" kits. There are a lot of subassemblies that need to be assembled with care. Just take your time. I am sure that your new kit will turn out just fine.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it is not an easy build. Lots and lots of parts. However, Tamiya did a good job on engineering the model. All the parts fit properly. AlbertD, The Ferrari FXXK is based on the La Ferrari. That's too bad regarding the door issue on your model. The hinge system is pretty funky. The door hinges on the FXXK work pretty good. The big difference between the two cars is that the La Ferrari is street legal and the FXXK is not street legal. In fact, the FXXK is not allowed to run in any sanctioned race event either! Worse yet, you cannot take the car home after paying $2.8 million dollars for the car. The car is kept and maintained by Ferrari in a Ferrari garage. You can drive the car in a 'Ferrari Track Day Event". For example, your FXXK will be shipped to Road Atlanta and you can drive the car around the race track with other Ferrari cars. After the event, your FXXK is shipped back to a Ferrari garage. The car is the perfect rich person's toy.
  10. Just great. The detailing of the engine is superb.
  11. Well, I finally finished this kit. I started this build in April and finished it in the last week of June. A lot of things got in the way of finishing this kit sooner. One of which was my poor judgement of trying tp remove the paint from the driver's door by soaking the door in lacquer thinner. The result was a red blob of dissolved plastic. Tamiya provided a replacement door at no cost to me. I have worked on many 1/24 scale cars. I can say that this kit was the most challenging to build. It has over 150 parts (that's a lot of parts for a 1/24 scale model. I also purchased a couple of Tamiya Detail-Up parts upgrades including PE parts and carbon fiber decals. The body was painted in Tamiya rattle can Italian Red and Gloss Black. The engine is visible through a clear plastic window in the engine hood. The engine hood is operable, thus providing a nice view of the detailed engine bay. Carbon fiber decals dress-up the engine compartment. The doors operable and provide a nice view of the detailed cockpit. The kit includes soft rubber tires and nice looking wheels. This is not a small "sport's car". It's larger than a Camero.
  12. There is no need to remove the seam between the two halves of the tires. Actual F1 racing tires have a seam running down the middle of the tire.
  13. Al, Thank you so much for the kind words. John
  14. I am running out of display room. My shelves are full. I'll need to relocate a few models to a box.
  15. This took a long time to build. There are just so many parts that need to be individually painted. And the hoses! Good lord, so many hoses! Was it worth building this Model? With out a doubt, YES! How about a group shot with a Lotus and a ELF six-wheeler.
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