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  1. Brecky added a post in a topic 1979 Custom Bug Replica   

    As for the wheels, they were spray painted completely blue, then I took a small paint brush and painted the silver by hand.

    This model was so much fun to build!! Thank you all for the wonderful comments. It's nice to hear that people are enjoying it as much as I did to build it. This was my first model and hopefully a lot more will be coming. I'm in the process of my second build which I will be posting about soon! Thanks again!
  2. Brecky added a post in a topic 1979 Custom Bug Replica   

    Yes, this was built using parts from the Revell convertible, pink street machine kit as well as the Revell 911 slant nose kit.
  3. Brecky added a topic in Under Glass   

    1979 Custom Bug Replica
    Here is my model replica of my 1979 Volkswagen Beetle. I finished it about a year ago and was talked into showing it on this forum by a friend.

    Here he is in the ealy stages of building. I "borrowed" parts from a Porsche kit of my friend's to closely replicate the seats and wheels.

    A few more pieces out of a bin of parts to beef up the engine. It's good to have friends with the hookup!

    Here's a good picture to show the difference in size.

    And the real deal.

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