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  1. 10 minutes ago, 89AKurt said:

    Hello, I see you are new here, WELCOME!

    There aren't many photos of the yellow car online.  Explains why this Ferrari 250 Spotted in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, you know that place?

    I added the third vent, didn't notice the wheelbase difference.  While working on it, noticed the windshield frame was nothing like the GTO.  The spoiler was tricky, I had to keep the inside arch of the tail, to avoid more work.  The SWB vs LWB sounds like Chevy pickup short bed vs long bed, where they are cutting down the long ones.  I have a 250 SWB kit with missing parts that will become a resto-rod someday.

    Thanks for the comment, cool that you have intimate knowledge about this car.

    Long time lurker here... I just saw the pictures and it brought back some great memories. 

    Yes I’ve been to Elkhart Lake many many times... it’s home of Road America. I’m sure it was there for the Vintage Race weekend.

    IIRC Mark took insparation from the 275 NART Spyder for the windshield frame. 

    The 250GT road cars were built on a longer wheelbase (8” I believe, but don’t quote me.) The yellow one was built on that wheelbase. The race 250GT’s had the short wheelbase. For Frank Beard’s car the frame was shortened and the rear kick-up was completely replaced with an exact copy of a 250GTO.

    Mark also built several 250GTO Coupe replicas, also several 289 and 427 Shelby Cobra replicas.


  2. On 3/14/2021 at 7:08 PM, 89AKurt said:

    Unofficial reveal, of the Italeri (Testors) Ferrari 250 GTO Spyder.   WIP:  Italeri/Testors Ferrari 250 GTO Spyder  The factory never built a Spyder of the famous GTO, two cars were coach built on average Ferrari chassis (is there such a thing?).  I saw the convertible twice, once in my town when the Copperstate Rally parked downtown, and at a Monterrey Historics.  This is not an exact replica, added some features such as the roll bar.


    Nice job recreating what is an extremely hard shape to copy.


    A few facts about the two Spyders, They were built in a small town in Wisconsin. The builder got the idea to build them after cutting the roof off of a Burago 1:18th die cast. My dad actually painted both of them, would have been sometime in the early ‘90s.

    The yellow one you have pictures of was actually built on a long wheelbase 250 chassis. Notice the three fender vents and the extra length between rear wheel opening and door. Also it took a few tries to get the tail correct on the yellow one. (I still have one of the tail panels in the attic of my shop.)

    The red one that Frank Beard of ZZ Top had was done on the correct short wheelbase chassis.

    Dad was always partial to the SWB and I’ve always liked the LWB better.

  3. The Keystone wheels were probably made the same way that Cragar made their S/S mags.  The center would be die cast aluminum, the outer rim steel.  When Cragar cast the aluminum centers, they first put pieces of steel in the casting die and then poured the aluminum.  When the center was pulled from the die, it would have steel inserts cast into it, but the ends of the inserts stuck out at the perimeter of the casting.  They then welded those steel prongs to the steel rim.  I don't know if the center and rim were plated separately and then welded together, or if the wheel was chromed as a unit.

    The centers were most definitely plated separate from the rims. If you look at the back of a brand new set you'll see the bare welds. Also, I work in a plating shop; one of the processes for doing aluminum is a dip in nitric acid to activate the surface for the zincate coating (which is what the copper/nickel/chrome plating bonds to). The nitric acid would etch the steel rim badly. The cast in steel lugs do get etched some but they don't need to be smoth and shiny so the added texture doesn't matter.


  4. Chuck - can I ask a question about the parts: 


    -the tree with the rad support and firewall. The two rectangular parts in between the front sway bar and the battery / hood latch base. What are they? Could they be torque boxes for the rear subframe? Or are they something else?

    I think that's exactly what they are, the display model shown a while back had the torque boxes installed. It may be an indicator that we may get a version with other than a Hemi car yet because they aren't part of the chassis, they are separate.

  5. Thanks everyone. I had a good time building it. 

    Great looking build, sits just right and great color combination.

    I have to ask, are those Keystones from the Sox & Martin release? And which tires did you use? I'm planning a '71 conversion using parts from the Johan kit and this is what I'd like for rolling stock.

    Thanks, Nate

  6. I have made an accurate cross ram for the wedge engines and cast them in resin. I put the correct frees plugs and bolts molded in IF is get time I will cast some and if you are interested, I will sell some although I am not in the business.

    2015-11-05 08.23.22.jpg

    2015-11-05 08.22.47.jpg


    I would certainly be interested, I have a future project in mind that would be killer with a 426 Wedge Stage III.

    Thanks, Nate

  7. I think the Hart's Parts Resin headers are the ones from the JoHan 64 Dodge kit, I've had great service from him.

    The headers listed on his site are for the Wedge head 426 not the Hemi. I already have a set of them from him, also.

    Have you checked your sources like Competition Resins or Speed City Resins? I would.

    The Comp Resins cross ram is not the one from the Johan '64 ReCharged Dodge Super Stock kit. And Speed City has neither.



  8. Does anybody trustworthy cast the Race Hemi headers from the Johan '64 Petty Plymouth/ '70 Petty Superbird and the cross ram manifold from the Johan Recharged '64 Super Stock Dodge?

    I figured I'd ask here before I buy some vintage kits on evilbay just for the parts I need.


    I know Reliable Resin casts the intake but I won't do business there again. 


    Thanks, Nate

  9. Occasionally I have proposed my own ideas for new kits and on those, and I generally have at least a little idea of how they are coming about. But not always. Right now, I think the market is ripe for a new tool '70 GTO, with a 400 RA-IV (which would be the first time that's been done in 1/25th), in both regular and Judge forms, followed by one or more of the Stock/Super Stock racers that ran that body style. But on that one, I haven't heard even a faint whisper that anyone is working on that topic right now.


    I have a soft spot for traditional old Ford rods, so I can't wait for this one and I'll probably end up with a few.

    However; Tim, I have to fully agree that we are ready for a new tool '70 GTO/Judge. The popularity of the Judges have escalated among 1:1 collectors in the last couple years. I own a real '70 Judge however mine is not the one that a model company would want to use for designing a new model. Mine has many incorrect features either done by me or the last owner. But I think I could get a few of the other guys I know with '70s either just GTOs or Judges to let a model company use them. Now that I think about it I may talk to a few when I get the chance, just to see their opinions.

    Now all we need is someone with influence to put a bug in one of the manufacturers' ear... Hint, Hint ;) Lol!


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