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  1. Much better the Second time, lesson learned I with rust oleum paint, now with dupli color seem to work fine with models and their clear is greait
  2. Although I like more the aoshima bbs lm with separate wheels lip, you did a fantastic job with the wheels. And the body, just wow and 6-10 hours for polishing the body, I take my hat for that. That’s why I use 2k clear, don’t have enough time and patience. Waiting for the photo shoot!
  3. Though it was discontinued long time ago, do they still makes them
  4. Wow using hok for interior and chassis! Kind of expensive paint job. Only use it for body but never can go wrong with hok
  5. I like more the tamiya one, the revell is getting expensive
  6. Great build, any planned color for the body
  7. Been there, usually when I rush a model end up in the purple pond twice, lol, now usually don't force it i just put it in the box and go with another
  8. Look very different in gold. I really don't know what devell was thinking when they design that headlight! My way of dealing with theheadlamps was i to print some 1:1 pics of the headlamps and fitted behind the clear plastic, much betterthan the fakes d lamps
  9. Amazing build Denny, looking forward to see it in color s it will look amazing. Just wondering how you out the hood so nice and precise??
  10. Loving the color and wheel setup, and the 2k clear is the cherry on top. Nice build, definitely inspire to build something similar
  11. As you said: definitely a good inspiration. Now want to try myself the chrome trim method, although I usually use bare metal, would be a great alternative to have! Thanks for the idea
  12. You can always decanted the tamiya spray cans with great results. And yes it will look amazing after polishing with the micro mesh 3k -12k sanding method, so go for it and keep us updated
  13. Looks good, this is the nice thing of this hobby,e very model is an opportunity to better
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