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  1. Although it dry very shiny, the flakes in that Testors sees to big for my taste. Hope to see more progress pics soon!!
  2. Nice build and looks very good in that dark green. Now; how you make the wheels looks so realistic, i even zomm the pics and looks so real😍 Great work
  3. Hope someday can come and visit the island, we love it and usually are well care taken. Someone casually just post on the local fb marketplace
  4. Look for: oleks-dmitr from Diolex Production on ebay, such a nice ukranian guy that always have some nice stuff
  5. Nice job laying that tri stage! Although seems a bit intimidating; is just paint
  6. Looking so good. Nice color choice, and the attention to details; amazing Btw i have been on that side that paint looks nice, and i know i can make it better, and then…..burn thru the paint and regret why i polish it
  7. There was it. Although the stripes are very different, just regular hockey strips
  8. Very nice build! Love aoshima vip kits, and those bbs are a piece of art. Although need to be careful with the tires, mines brokes in chunks after couple months
  9. Nice project, and nice shine also.
  10. Seems nice for me that haven't been around for a little, anyway went the kit was originally released that the only we have
  11. Great paint job as many said, never can go wrong with a 60-70’s gm in light metallic blue. Makes want to build all of the model that I got from this era the same tone!
  12. Holy thread revival,4 years! Btw, nice Camaro Il
  13. New to the hobby? Never have been to HL? Most of the time they have the 40% discount on model kits. They used to be a discount coupon now is 40% on all models, although most common critique is the lack of variety between stores. Since mine is more than 100 miles away(Puerto Rico) if I were you will try to fill the cart, doesn’t matter if repeated. Happy Modeling!
  14. That wheels fit the build so nice, any idea when they come from?
  15. Love that corvette, is a transkit right?
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