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  1. Too bad that Revell didn’t make it the 03/04, would it be a great seller, since it’s hard to find the cobra back bumpers.
  2. Definitely a color that I wouldn’t think of, looks great, love the white interior color combo. Nice so see it box stock, I’m building a similar but in factory correct lemans blue, that has to redo just to fix the back bumper gap. Also note how well detailed are the Magnums or however Gm call it. Read somewhere that the amt are more correct but the Revell ones seems fine
  3. Nice builds! How you deal with the Revell back gap
  4. In my case what I did to solve the rear gap, was to sand the back lights and add some styrene to the part above the bumper and problem solve!
  5. Like many said, that pearl dark blue looks amazing! Nice build
  6. Looking good, anxious to see how it looks in red
  7. Love that color, like a greenish tone, similar to mist green from GM
  8. although seem most modelers got problems with Rust Oleum, you nail it!! it gave it a nice realistic oem shine to it
  9. nice Tamiya Porsche,and amazing Boxter swap, that motor its so versatile, fits everywhere!! seem a good swap now that Boxter are so cheap
  10. That color makes a difference!! One thing i really dislike about it are the wheels that really seems undersize, nothing that cant be solve. i solve it using the Jeep snaptite tires, seem much suitable for a Jeep. btw, that kit seems more like a snaptite than a level 4 😞
  11. amazing details!!!! just motivated me to build something similar!!
  12. Precisely yesterday was looking thru my stash and saw the Camino, and thought; when i find a nice color, i build it. so, you gave me the inspiration that i need it with thats magnificent build!!! Great job on such a challenging kit!
  13. Surprised to hear and seeing good results with Rustoleum, is something you dont hear everyday. Great job, looks clean and its not very common in white. I have the same problem with the cab not seating properly, maybe is the firewall location, who knowns.
  14. Amazing job as always!! Definitely inspired to build a nickey one
  15. Amazing build!! Any info of the seller of the wheels? ? Im not a fan of the stock wheels either so, I like that touch
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