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  1. Seems nice for me that haven't been around for a little, anyway went the kit was originally released that the only we have
  2. Great paint job as many said, never can go wrong with a 60-70’s gm in light metallic blue. Makes want to build all of the model that I got from this era the same tone!
  3. Holy thread revival,4 years! Btw, nice Camaro Il
  4. New to the hobby? Never have been to HL? Most of the time they have the 40% discount on model kits. They used to be a discount coupon now is 40% on all models, although most common critique is the lack of variety between stores. Since mine is more than 100 miles away(Puerto Rico) if I were you will try to fill the cart, doesn’t matter if repeated. Happy Modeling!
  5. That wheels fit the build so nice, any idea when they come from?
  6. Love that corvette, is a transkit right?
  7. The first pics I saw of the yellow wheels seems kind of weird, but seeing the finish result is amazing! and the green one looks good, reminds the phantom green
  8. That’s the reason that I do it in 1/32 quarts, most color only for $16 and have plenty of paint. Obviously shoot thru airbrush
  9. That post is like describing my models! Lol I couldn’t agree more
  10. Although the wheel color isn’t my taste, looks great! The single stripes looks great and the engine; really set the build, great build
  11. It’s kind of weird cause I have order many kits from them, any without any problems. Like nacho said: he recently lost his wife so maybe the business it’s kind of slow now. Beside the shipping container problems also affect the supplies chain. Hope you can solve soon!
  12. Seem your using top notch products, for top notch results
  13. Any updates? My bet, Rustoleum didn’t works that well
  14. My favorite model of all time! Got plenty of them Similar to the Lemans Blue, and nice interior color combo
  15. Based in my experience, don't put clear over rust oleum , big chances of ruining the paint job. Looks nice shiver can go wrong with black
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