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  1. Thanks to @CabDriver I have another build started on my bench. My chopper beetle got back burnered a while back and I’ve started 6 other projects since then. Here’s another one. The body and chassis are left over after I robbed everything else from the kit for a few other builds. The blue engine is from a 53 Stude that I got about 20 years ago (using for mock-up) the other engine is the same thing but not globbed with paint and glue. Hood and sides are from a 37 Ford truck. The grill shell is a vacuum formed piece I made as a sample piece at work. Rearend is from a 70 Coronet. Front axle is from a 56 Ford. Can’t remember what everything else is from. I didn't plan on doing anything like this so I had no idea where to start. Figured I’d try to loosen up a bit on this one, I knew I had at least one model a body and a slew of parts so here we are. All I need now is to find two matching blowers for the engine that I’ll actually use. And yes, my workbench is a disaster right now. I know. 😂😂
  2. Looking good, Jim. I was hoping to get some pics of my stuff tonight but I just kicked over a plastic organizer filled with all sorts of small parts and decided to call it a night. Back at it tomorrow
  3. Anyone have instructions from one of these? I started this thing 17 years ago and forget what some of the parts are for/if I need them. If someone has the instructions and could snap a couple pics and send em to me that’d be great. I just need to reference. Thanks I’m advance
  4. This is amazing, I love all the detail and machine work that you’re doing
  5. I just googled a ‘31 Austin Bantam and man are those cars doofy looking!
  6. Now I have two of these kits in my cart on eBay
  7. That’s exactly what it is! Thanks guys! Only took me 20 years to figure this one out and all I had to do was ask lol
  8. Does anyone have any info on this body? I’ve been searching for long and can’t find anything I’ve had this for about 20 years and have never seen another one
  9. Good eye on those front wheels. And thanks for the info on the rear window as well
  10. Definitely getting chopped, I’m debating if I should go with my original plan at about 3 scale inches or if I should go another inch or so. I like where it sits in the mock up photos so I think I’ll take off that extra little bit
  11. Made a bit more progress last night. I like the mock up of the roof right now but I haven’t cut that much out yet. I can still dial it back a smidge. Gonna think about it while I’m at work.
  12. Thanks guys! No substantial progress has been made tonight. I turned some aluminum on the lathe to make blanks for the wheels centers on the front wheels, started making the intake, and section about 2 scale inches out of the bottom of the body. I think I’m going to start the roof chop tomorrow. Never chopped a beetle before, this should be fun.
  13. Been away from the forum for a few years and in that time I’ve started a few projects and quickly lost interest as life got in the way but I’m back and yet again….started another project. I got a smashed box Revell ‘68 Beetle from HL for a great price. A couple small parts were bent but nothing major. I don’t need most of the stock parts anyway. So far I’ve sliced the fenders off, trimmed a bit of the floor pan off in the rear, sliced the front suspension section off, scrounged up a few parts from the parts piles and started to build a version of the KDF mangler originally built by Drew Strunk. I’m using the dropped axle from a 32 Ford, AMT parts pack corvair engine mated to the kit transmission, and still trying to source better wheels and tires. I’ve been obsessed with that car since the first time I saw it years ago and I’ve been obsessed with volksrods since I was in high school. Anyway, here’s some progress photos.
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