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  1. "Gunmetal" is an extremely nebulous term with no precise meaning at all. What any maker calls "gunmetal" and what you think "gunmetal" should look like are probably two completely different things. And you can both be right or both be wrong. Come to think of it, "gunmetal" is completely useless as a term describing color.
  2. AMT '65 Buick Riviera George Barris News

    Is that a '65 Riv front end grafted onto to a '68-'72 El Camino? It looks fabulous! Somebody has to build a model of that!
  3. 57 Ford Gasser

    Pretty cool! Model on!
  4. Iso alcohol in any concentration is death on Future (so is ammonia and anything with ammonia in it, such as Windex). Full strength alcohol will strip Testor lacquer and I'm not sure but suspect it will strip Tamiya clear too. You might try recoating with Future. A new coat might fill in the damage and make it disappear, but I can't promise you it will. Worth a try, though. Especially since the only other thing I can think of is strip back to bare plastic and start over. This is why I don't use Future much anymore. It's way too fragile, and there's little if anything you can do to fix it. Sorry I don't have any happier advice.
  5. World's fastest piston powered vehicle

    Sorry, he doesn't have the record. He's not even close. World record for piston-powered vehicles was set last year--531.53 mph, by Steve Hinton Jr, in Voodoo, a highly modified WWII P-51D Mustang powered by a Packard Merlin V-12. Now if you meant world's fastest piston-powered land vehicle, then yes, he's the fastest on land. And good for him--gotta love a success story! Respect!
  6. AMT 65/66 Mustang Fastback body

    AMT was in his thread title. If by "side scoop things" you mean the chrome fake vents at the rear of the side coves, the AMT '66 fastback doesn't/didn't have them. Neither did the real '66 fastbacks. I just spent a couple minutes google-imaging real '65 Mustang fastbacks and I couldn't find a single '65 that had them either, and I think I know why: It clashes badly with the vents in the roof. I found this out for myself years ago when I grafted a '66 fastback glue bomb top onto a common '66 HT body. It looked awful. The side scoop trim had to go! Looks like at least one of your fastback bodies has the side trim seen on the '65 coupes and convertibles. I've never had an AMT '65 fastback so can't say for sure, but I just went and looked at the kit box/instructions at Drastic Plastic and the chrome trim is clearly shown on the box-end art, so it looks like AMT got that wrong in '65. I HAVE worked with two original AMT '66 fastback bodies--the aforementioned glue bomb, and one I bought myself in 1966--and neither had any chrome trim in the side scoops. And they both also had the GT emblems on the front fenders behind the front wheels, instead of the Mustang emblem. The AMT '66 was set up as a GT, with the driving light GT grille, GT gas cap, and no chrome rocker panel trim as well. It couldn't be built as a non-GT without extra work.
  7. AMT '69 Oldsmobile parts

    The kit is out again--just saw it yesterday at Hobby Lobby. Maybe someone here will be building one with a non-stock engine. Good luck!
  8. Under... wrap

    Dried white glue should come off your diecast with just warm water. In fact, you might even be able to just peel or scrape it off with a fingernail. It doesn't bond anywhere near permanently with any nonporous (smooth) surface.
  9. Weird cars Post em here.

    Actually, that one's kind of interesting, if someone can explain to me how a human body (and the seat it's sitting on) and the front wheel and tire can occupy the same space at the same time. And if it's mid-engine, what's the (mini) hood scoop for?
  10. Celebrity Crushes?

    Wasn't she also Roller Girl in Boogie Nights?
  11. AMT 65/66 Mustang Fastback body

    Well, I guess that's where I got the idea it was AMT, then, DOH! I'd love to have it. Anything else you're looking for in trade?
  12. AMT 65/66 Mustang Fastback body

    Huh. I was assuming it was an AMT body. But you're probably--almost certainly--right. And of course the Monogram Mustang fastback bodies are MUCH more common than original AMTs, so it makes sense. You're right about all the Mono '65-'66 Mustang fastback bodies being the same.
  13. AMT 65/66 Mustang Fastback body

    I think it's a '65. I THINK the '66 fastback body has GT emblems on the front fenders instead of the Mustang emblems. Man, I WISH I had some AMT NASCAR Thunderbirds to swap you for it. I think the only NASCAR kit I have is some sort of '90s Pontiac. (Club meeting raffle prize, or something.)
  14. hobby lobby

    A bunch of glitter junk of no use to any modeler. In other news: Mine now has the '65 Elky, '55 Cameo, '66 Fairlane, '70 Corvette, and a couple other AMT things. They had two of the pink stock '70 Chargers on the shelf. Knowing some of y'all are looking for them, I almost bought one just for swap fodder, but then remembered that these seem to be showing up in some other stores, too, so decided not to take the chance (I have no interest in this car, myself). Ended up buying a '65 El Camino with my coupon, not that I don't already have two or three unbuilt copies of this kit (and a couple nice diecasts, too). It's a sickness.
  15. Nail Polish

    But how would I get the Jello out of the bottle?