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  1. What's the tranny with the small block in the AMT '72 Nova?
  2. Very VERY cool story and even cooler project! An absolutely perfect example of the "high school hot rod" genre. Well done and model on!
  3. There are whole cable channels that now have stories like this 24-7. The Lovely Mrs. Snake watches one of them from time to time. In the Cold Blood movie, killer Hickock was played by Scott Wilson. Decades later he would become famous to a new generation and much beloved for a character about as far from a psycho killer as you could get--Hershel on The Walking Dead. (Last week I enjoyed him in the obscure 2000 film The Way of the Gun.)
  4. Good info, thanks! Didn't know about the Miss Deal wheels--I have one of those somewhere. I'm planning to paint it Model Master Nassau Blue, which is just a shade lighter than Marina Blue but looks like the photos to me. Soon as the body gets here I'll see if it fits the JoHan '70 Olds chassis. If not, I'll have to come up with a Plan B.
  5. Steveracer, that looks great! Our second completion this round, GOTTER DONE! Cheyenne93, I'll add you to the registered list. This round ends March 31 but you can extend over into the next round if you need to. Here's a full update: ROUND 10: FINISH DATE MARCH 31, 2021 Misha: Porsche 934 MAKING GREAT PROGRESS! Spottedlaurel: '59 Cadillac Hearse MAKING GREAT PROGRESS! Gotnitro?: '53 Ford Crew Cab Tim J: '70 Chevelle #1 Model Citizen: AMT Auto Transport Trailer MAKING GREAT PROGRESS! Dave Branson: '10 Mustang GT MAKING GREAT PROGRESS! Tom Geiger: '53 Studebaker Gullwing Steveracer: '77 Camaro SECOND COMPLETION! GOTTER DONE! Snake45: Undecided Andrew McD: Lotus Super 7 FIRST COMPLETION! GOTTER DONE! Chevenne93: '49 Ford
  6. Yes, it's better than the old '69 Mach I front end. It's still not completely accurate, but it's a big improvement over the old one.
  7. Easy polished out. I use cheap Wright's Silver Cream, a silver polish available in the cleaning stuff aisle at Walmart. Also works great to polish paint.
  8. No marked down Testor paints here either. A lot of the paint slots were empty--maybe as many as 1/3. I grabbed a couple cans of a couple colors I might want to use in the future.
  9. Before it was a movie, it was a famous and best-selling book by Truman Capote.
  10. Latest eBay arrivals: '92 Corvette promo, which will become the third member of my "Polished White Plastic with Red Interior Corvette Promo Collection." And a '69 Cougar "junkyard lot" I got to be a chassis/engine/interior/glass donor for a '68 full-custom Cougar I'm planning. It turned out to be a complete kit with badly painted body, missing only tires. Maybe I'll strip the body and build it up as a second "switchers-style" body for the build.
  11. Actually it's the AMT lacquer equivalent, I forget what it was called, but I remember it had that sweet smell. Current Testor Mythic Emerald is somewhere in the same ballpark. Yours is cool, too!
  12. I didn't insult anyone else's tastes or skills, I simply said this subject matter wasn't for me. Why does this warrant personal insults?
  13. Did the masking and airbrushing today. Testor #11 wasn't a perfect match, but it's about as close as you could possibly get. If I didn't tell you the fender tops had been repainted, you'd never spot it. Will be interesting to see if the color difference shows up in finished pics.
  14. I didn't say that building a model of this eyesore wouldn't take skill. It surely would. Certainly more than I possess. I just said that I have no interest in doing it, that's all. Different strokes for different folks.
  15. I decline your challenge. What part of "no appeal for me whatsoever" wasn't clear?
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