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  1. AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

    Maybe mine's a Customizing Series reissue. It's molded in white. Was the CS Wildcat molded in white? I've got two more recent reissues, both molded in gray (IIRC--one might be light blue). I've been assuming it was original because it's white. Whatever. I'm having way more than $8 worth of fun with it.
  2. AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

    The whitewalls are on the inside. I thought before the Firestone Supremes, AMT was using taller, thinner tires like these. I know most of the 1966s I bought back in the day had the Supremes, but I think some of the older Sting Rays I've bought have these tires, or something like them. This road ark needs all the tire diameter it can get. Firestone Supremes would get lost in its wheel caves.
  3. 68 Firebird 400

    Super nice! Model on!
  4. AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

    Ain't it the truth! I decided I just couldn't live with the hood ornament, so decided to break it off. But instead of just grabbing and yanking it, I wiggled and twisted it gently for a while, and would you believe it came out intact, stem and all, even though it had been tube-glued? I carefully saved it and am going to tape it to the back of the interior tub as a nice surprise for the next owner. Oh, I know it's an original (I thought it was a reissue when I bought it) because it's molded in white, and because the old-school tires have eaten into the wheel backs (though not into the chrome-plated wheel fronts). Was just reading that original '66 showroom book. These things had 126" wheelbases!
  5. I'm living in a house that was built in the mid-1960s. Except for the computer, cable TV and microwave oven, anyone from the '60s could be time-teleported here and feel right at home (i.e., no "smart" appliances or internet-controlled anything). And that's just the way I like it. Have no plans to robot-ize anything. (Come to think of it, a modeler from the 1960s would feel pretty much right at home with my workbench, tools, and stash, too.)
  6. Vista-ish Mustang wagon

    Yeah, I'm thinking along those lines for mine, but I'm gonna move the rear window even closer to the rear end and have it so it would be lift-up (not working, just simulated). Still undecided about the B-pillars--do them like this, or just have them follow the side window line? (Might look too much like a Vega wagon that way.) Hmmmm.....
  7. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Was playing with it last night. The paint has some major runs and other flaws, so it won't be a "light polish" deal, but what's good polishes out spectacularly, and better yet, it seems to be Model Master Arctic blue, so it will be easy to match/touch up. Under the hood is a 409 Chevy with what looks like a pair of Holly 4500 Dominator carbs on it. I wonder what kit those carbs came from. And they don't show in that photo, but the the rear wheels are deep American 200-Ss, the so-called "Daisy" wheels, which are kind of rare. Hey, anyone up for a Glue Bomb Rehab Community Build? This wouldn't be a full-on strip-repaint-and-start-over-from-scratch rebuild, this would be along the lines of, take an eyesore like that '72 GTO and turn it into a shelfworthy, presentable model in 12 hours or less (12 hours of work, not a continuous 12-hour span). No stripping, no repainting; you'd have to work with/polish/touch up what's on it. And use as many of the glue bomb's original parts as you can personally stand. If several people are interested, I'll come up with some rules/guidelines and post them down in the Community Build section. Let me know here (i.e., don't PM me).
  8. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Yeah, I know, but I already have plans for that one. I have another '69 with no hood at all. But good lookin' out, as the kids say!
  9. I've never noticed it to brighten up any other colors, it just bleaches the yellow out of white most of the time. And don't worry, it doesn't turn yellow decals white. If they're supposed to be yellow, they'll stay yellow.
  10. AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

    Yeah, I figgered that out, but it looks like it has too many of them--three raised strips instead of two. Looks like the bottom one should be removed. But as I said, I'm driving on with what's here. I'll take a better look at "fixing" it if I ever get around to building one of my reissues.
  11. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Here's a couple of my latest finds: '69 Chevelle and '72 GTO. I have multiple copies of both kits new in the box, but I just enjoy the challenge of fixing up these old pigs. Both are destined to become late '70s street bombers. What a shame the Chevelle's hood was cut. Oh well, it'll get Grumpy Lumped.
  12. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Fabulous! It looks clean enough to do SOMETHING with. Assuming you're a Cortina fan and want to make the effort, of course.
  13. AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

    I'm working on restoring a "survivor" original annual '66 Wildcat I scored for $8 at the local toy show a couple months ago. Doing some research (I have an original showroom brochure), I discovered that not only are the nameplates not right for '66, the body side trim doesn't look like anything I've been able to find a picture of. Oh well, I'm driving on and laying my usual Snake-fu on the thing, just to get it on the shelf. Here's what it looked like when I started. I'm working with the original red paint, which was in much worse shape than the pics portray, but I'm saving just because it's a relic/survivor.
  14. Porsche Number One

    Very nice work! IMHO this is very much a "mainstream" model in terms of subject and scale and belongs here; I hope the mods don't banish it down to Diecast Ghetto where it won't get as many views or as much interest. I hope you'll be a pioneer/trendsetter in this. Fingers crossed and model on!
  15. 66 GS glue bomb resto

    How's this going? Haven't seen an update in a while. I hope you're driving on with it.