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  1. I thought the engine looked like the one in the '65.
  2. Thanks! I am planning to order some wheels and door handles from him in the very near future. I hope the late worldwide "distraction" hasn't slowed him down or inconvenienced him.
  3. I've discovered that superglue and superglue gel make excellent putties/fillers, as they don't shrink.
  4. Snake45

    Ford Hot Rod.

    Very cool! You know how I love saves and rescues. Well done and model on!
  5. VERY cool project! Are you keeping it a Pace Car? If so, I think decals are available from somebody. If you're not going Pace Car but are staying factory stock, you can use a small block but for the cowl induction hood it will have to be an SS350. The CI hoods were only available on SS and Z/28s.
  6. Very cool! I like the color--what's the paint?
  7. I have a very vague recollection that Pyro did a Beetle in 1/25-ish. Maybe? That's definitely not the IMC.
  8. Yeah, exactly! Doesn't look hard to do, I just need to dredge up the motivation to actually do 'em.
  9. Results of my latest eBay buying bender: Orignal annual AMT '66 Riviera: The “new” AMT kit is superior in every way, but I have a soft spot for the annual, as it was one of my first two “real” car models. Engine's started and the wheels have been put on and it's been “set together” but no paint anywhere, and appears to be complete including nice box, instructions, decals, “vinyl” material, chassis screws, and clear display base (shown in the pic if you look closely). I plan to use some of the customizing parts on a common reissue '69, 'cause they look better than the '69 parts. The next three came together in one “junkyard” deal, along with a late '70s Firebird of no particular note. JoHan '74(?) Javelin AMX—Complete and intact, including engine with dual carbs. Truth to tell I'm not a fan of post-70 Javelins so I'll probably be using the chassis, engine, wheels/tires, and glass on a couple of '68-'70 Javelin resto projects I have to do. (Sorry, Dave Van.) The cool spoiler will DEFINITELY be used on something. AMT '68 Cougar—Complete with factory engine and wheels, and the body looks good under what looks like very strippable paint. Oh yeah, it's missing the hood, front and rear end chrome, and front and rear valence pans, a big problem I'll have to sort out one way or another. Gonna be watching eBay for a heavily damaged (crushed roof? Hogged wheel wells?) CHEAP one with these pieces usable. OR I could try harvesting these parts from a common reissue MPC funny car. Plan C is to use '68 Cougar custom front and rear end pieces—I just happen to have a set, but am not really wild about them. We'll see what happens. Monogram (?) '73 (?) Corvette Wagon: Amazingly complete and looks very restorable. Can't be made stock as it never was, so it'll be an “it is what it is” situation. Some glue damage on the clear T-tops but I can live with painting them. The wagon back is growing on me, though I think it would look better with the windows filled in. Is this what became of the Tom Daniel California Vette molds?
  10. You're right, these are a lot of fun. They build pretty easy and are accurate enough--more accurate in some cases than some other 1/72 kits I could name. I bought and built the four that Hobby Lobby sold. Been looking for more--thanks for the heads-up on the supplier. I'd like to do the FW190, P-47D and F-86. The ones I built are MORE than fit enough to sit proudly on the same shelf with 1/72 models of the same airplanes that I put a LOT more work into.
  11. Anybody got a junk '68-'82 Corvette body laying around? That could be a good starting point. I was looking at making similar panels for the EMPI Imp I just rebuilt, because so many of them seem to have had them, but drove on without. I might go back and add them later. At least on the EMPI they're flat.
  12. When I recently (and briefly) dug mine out to slap together, I was going to paint it Carousel Red (Chevy Hugger Orange). It was a mid-year color and you didn't see many Firebirds wearing it. I don't think I EVER saw one in real life. When I was Snake-whipping that wretched diecast to the ground, I noticed in my research that the "tunnels" of the '69 Firebird headlight buckets are chrome, which isn't represented in the kit. On the diecast I did this area with Silver Sharpie. I have no idea how you'd handle this on a "good" model such as yours is going to be. Careful application of Molotow, maybe?
  13. Improvise! Adapt! Overcome! THAT'S the kinda fightin' spirit I've been talkin' about! (To quote not just one but TWO Clint Eastwood movies.)
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