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  1. A Camaro's either an SS or a Z/28, it can't be both. As it sits, yours is neither, it's just a Camaro with the RS front end and taillights. That said, it is spectacular! The finish is especially stunning and you don't often see 1G Camaros in this color. You achieved perfectly exactly what I was trying to do with my own recent build of this great little snapper kit (which I won't post here so as not to step on your thread). VERY well done and model on!
  2. Email me at SnakeACP45 at AOL dot com. And if you go back to PMs and try to write me again, your original PM text MIGHT pop up and you can copy and paste it. At least that usually works in posts here.
  3. And I think I bought a recent reissue of it at Ollie's last year.
  4. Get that, and then kitbash the common Revell '67 hardtop onto it. I KNOW you have the skills to do it.
  5. I did this with cheap generic kitchen foil, and the paint polish polished it up nicely.
  6. No, I just use rubbing alcohol to take off superglue fog.
  7. You win the "My 2019 Models" thread award. Soon there will be nothing else here on Page 1. Nice output, BTW. Some cool stuff in there.
  8. What he said. It might be helpful if you'd tell us what car the windshield is for, and--even better--post a pic or two of the exact damage. We might be able to tell you whether or not it can be fixed, and/or suggest alternatives.
  9. You wouldn't have liked my '69 Camaro. But maybe you would have--I had it painted that way in 1978, LONG before that color became a thing.
  10. Very cool! I like the finish you put on the wheels.
  11. Looks like you're making good progress, Misha, and it looks like you're well within striking distance of GITTIN ER DONE! Drive on!
  12. Very nice! I haven't seen that one before.
  13. Absolutely! I do it all the time. Only problem is with tube glue, especially older tube glue, which can penetrate and frost the plastic to a depth that can't be polished out.
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