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  1. Little Known Car Facts #5 Shackles

    I loved these things as a kid, and even went to the trouble to put them on a few of my models. Of course, I didn't know at the time how stupid they are. Truth to tell, I still they look cool on some kinds of cars.
  2. '70 El Camino, 1/24-ish

    I saw a light metallic blue one today at Hobby Lobby, but I like Steve's dark blue one and my red one better.
  3. 70 Monte Carlo SS454 (AMT)

    I like the color. What's the paint?
  4. 66 Chevelle (Lindberg)

    Sparkly! What's the paint on this one?
  5. What did you get today?

    Went to HL for the first time since before Christmas. No new kits. Got the Revell Mazda, a couple paints I needed, and a set of these wheels, which I've been wanting to try for a long time now. Turns out they're a little big, but I think I can find SOMETHING to use them on--maybe a 1/24 diecast of some kind. https://pinecar.woodlandscenics.com/show/Item/P347/page/1
  6. Brush painted.

    Those are remarkable. I have a friend in Model Airplane world who has been building 1/72 airplanes for at least 40 years and has probably hundreds of them, all hand-brushed. He's only tried his hand at a few cars but he managed to achieve an amazing finish on those as well, simply not knowing that "it can't be done."
  7. new for 2018

    You are not alone, my friend. For a certain period of our history, about half everything Monogram made was at least a little weird. And a good percentage of AMT and MPC's production, too. Ick!
  8. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    First time I ever heard that was as a small boy, when my Dad returned from some adventure in the Great Southwest and announced that he had eaten rattlesnake. Have heard it many, many times since. Apparently nearlly everything that's not beef, pork, or fish "tastes like chicken."
  9. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    Agree completely. That's exactly my policy, too.
  10. Very nice! Ain't it fun to rehab a valiant old survivor?
  11. my promo tweeks

    Nice work! I like to rehab promos and old glue bombs, but your skill--and especially patience--FAR exceeds mine. Model on, my friend!
  12. resin builds

    I wouldn't have bought a single one of those bodes (except possibly that Ford sedan delivery), but there's no denying you have both talent and skill. Respect!
  13. 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

    Clean build, great photography, you almost convinced me that was a factory color!
  14. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Where can I buy those shirts by the dozen? My Christmas shopping next year is DONE!
  15. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    Reminds me of one of my favorite expressions: "Like a couple of chickens fighting over a piece of garbage."