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  1. Best of luck to you. I spent the whole month of May in an "in-patient rehab facility" and it wasn't much fun. Take plenty of good stuff to read. Better yet, find out if the joint has wi-fi that you can log into and take a tablet (if you have to buy one, trust me, it's worth it). The staff was outstanding at my place and I loved them. The food was pretty good, too.
  2. The Happy Brown Truck (UPS) just delivered something I ordered more than 14 months ago, and which I had long ago given up on EVER receiving due to where it's made (Taiwan). Details later, after I've had a chance to play with it. Right now I need to go change my underwear.
  3. Agreed. But back in those days I was heavily into Sgt. Rock comic books, too.
  4. Okay, I found Ronin on Pluto TV and TRIED to watch it, an exercise in pure frustration. For some reason it won't let me see the last half-hour or so, but I DID get all the way through the main car chase, so feel competent to comment on it. Absolutely first-rate car chase, well worth comparison to Bullitt, and very likely even better. There were homages to a number of car-chase classics including Bullitt, French Connection, Terminator, several James Bond movies, To Live and Die in L.A, and even Days of Thunder. I found it difficult to connect on an emotional level with the chase, however, and I think this is probably because the cars themselves were (IMHO) a bit lackluster and boring in comparison to Bullitt's two well-known, much-loved Star Cars. But, overall, the rating is Very Most Way Snakeworthy. 👍👍 BTW, there's another excellent car chase in the recent Netflix movie Day Shift. If you haven't seen it, I can highly recommend it.
  5. As JJ Da Boss says on Memphis Street Outlaws, "It ain't no fun when the rabbit turkey gets the gun!" Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  6. I never owned this album, but I spent a LOT of time admiring the cover at the local five-and-dime. Thanks for the memories!
  7. I'd MUCH prefer the American Torq-Thrust Ds of the original Nomad--among the very nicest wheels ever put in a kit, IMHO.
  8. I went looking for 44 Minutes on streaming recently and couldn't find it anywhere. Meanwhile, I watched FMJ for the 8th or 10th time recently, and I'd be willing to make a modest wager that they used live ammo for some of the Hue scenes.
  9. Rob, have you ever seen the original, made-for-TV version, LA Takedown? Almost as good as Heat, and very fun to watch.
  10. Heat is one of my Top Two Gun Movies, right up there with the original The Getaway. One thing Heat got especially right was the sound of the guns. People who aren't shooters don't realize that guns are INCREDIBLY loud, much louder than you might think if you've only heard them in TV or movies. First time I saw Heat on cable TV, the gunfire sounds almost made my ears ring. I can only imagine what it would have sounded like in a real theater with hi-tech modern sound. Rating: Definitely Snakeworthy!
  11. And too much IMHO. I've only ever seen one set of (real) SBC injector tubes that were that long; the vast majority are much shorter, an iconic injected SBC look. The kit tubes can be cut in half and the leftover set could be used on an FI manifold in the Double Dragster kit, which doesn't have any at all.
  12. Finally got around to watching the end of Monday night's No Prep Kings race. It was won by the lovely Kayla Morton, her first NPK win EVER. She was clearly overcome by emotion in thanking her father for his help and support, and I got a little choked up too with her humility, pride, joy, and gratitude. It was a very special little NPK moment.
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