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  1. I cannot stand those stupid Liberty Mutual Ads. I never thought I'd ever see ads that made me miss Flo and her idiot friends, but these do. And the stupid lizard is almost charming by comparison.
  2. Or maybe they didn't want to put up with rivet-counters complaining about "accuracy."
  3. I know the Monogram one was a slot car (K&B). Not sure about AMT.
  4. There's a cheap 1/25 '66 Chevelle diecast available (Welly? Maisto? I forget who made it) that IMHO looks better than either the Monogram or the Lindberg.
  5. Probably mainly a molding issue, but the other two factors might play a part as well. I've seen this in other kits, but not as often and as prominently as in the Monogram '66 Malibu and '65 Vette coupe. I tried to correct mine, gave up when I got it this far. Going further would have meant making a new windshield.
  6. I'll be following too. Will be interesting to see how you fix the caved-in roof. Drive on!
  7. Interesting and imaginative solution to the far-too-small headlights of this wretched old kit. Again, VERY well done and model on!
  8. Was just reviewing the early posts. Evidently the build started Sep 15 and will end March 15. Still plenty of time. I've got a couple other things to finish up before I can start on the Riv, but am really looking forward to getting started. Was just looking at an Under Glass Meyers Manx and realized, I could/should do one of those too. I had one almost finished in late 1968 and then it got tragically destroyed. I'd like to build another one exactly the same way except for the paint. The first one I did in Testor green metalflake. This time around I'll do it in Krylon Sparkle Green, which is a bit lighter but still plenty "metalflaky."
  9. Not a fan of that textured paint, but otherwise you did an excellent job on this kit. In fact, you're reminding me I need to build one of these! Well done and model on!
  10. Very, VERY nice! I wrestled one of these old turds to the ground last year and made it my witch, so I can definitely appreciate what a nice job you did here. Well done and model on!
  11. Fabulous, thanks so much! The PM system doesn't work for me so email me and we'll set up the particulars: SnakeACP45 at AOL dot com Thanks again!
  12. Very very nice! I award you the Black Belt in Snake-Fu! The M2 Camaros are nice. I have three of them--an orange Z/28, a black RS, and a flat blue "Sunoco" thing which I haven't gotten to yet. I saw the yellow Zs at Walmart some month back but passed because I built the Revell kit almost exactly the same way. Only difference was I used slot wheels on it (Anson Sprints?) to match the CARS magazine test car from 1969.
  13. Fabulous! I might even have some of the stock '69 engine parts--it looks like at some point I pilfered the block and SOHC goodies for some other project, but I think I still have the stock carb, air cleaner, valve covers, and intake and exhaust manifolds. It'll be fun to see how well they fit! I have at least one of these Resto Rod kits in the Snakepit. I even have a can of Ford Engine Blue-ish Krylon! I KNEW there was some reason I liked you!
  14. Wow, even I wouldn't have tackled that one! Well done and model on--we can't wait to see what you could accomplish with a good starting point!
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