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  1. Modelhaus used to have a repro of the original AMT '67 annual, but of course they're long gone. At least one outfit is repopping the grille from the MPC '68, but it's only accurate on the right side. The grille from the recent Revell kit isn't accurate either.
  2. Great project! I'm planning to build this car someday, too. I think the JoHan '71 body is more accurate in shape than the Revell '71, so I'm planning to convert a JoHan body with '70 Revell parts, and then build up the chassis etc. with the best of the parts from the two kits. I have the Slixx decals for it, too. I'll be watching your build with interest. Drive on!
  3. Update: I bought some carb cleaner/gas treatment and put some in the gas tank and let it run for about 10 minutes. (It started right up, surprisingly.) Then filled it up and proceeded to mow the lawn. It seemed to run normally, or darn close to it. Oh, I also blew out the vent hole on the gas cap. Not sure which thing worked, but something seems to have.
  4. And once again you can thank me for this. Two years ago I paid a pretty penny for this on eBay just to get the SR tonneau cover. Come to think of it, I probably didn't pay much if any more than the MSRP of the new kit by the time it actually becomes available....
  5. At this month's toy show, one of my favorite vendors had an AM radio version of the '65 Olds I'd never seen before. Asking price was $80, which I didn't think was outrageous, and I'm sure he'd have knocked $10 or more off for me. But it had one broken/missing A-pillar, which was pretty much a deal-killer for me. (I'd have had to think about it for $20, though, or even $30.)
  6. Thanks for the good ideas, everyone! My first thought, too, but I've run the mower at least twice this year, maybe 3 or 4 times, fueling it from the same can. No problems until yesterday and we haven't had any wild weather fluxuations that might lead to condensation problems. That's brilliant! That'll be the first thing I check when I get to it. Thanks! This will be the second thing I check. Sounds like more good advice.
  7. Walmart had one of these in again today. Shape doesn't look bad so I bought it for my 1G Camaro collection. I think I can do something cool with it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/234469562733
  8. I think more people have walked on the moon than have sat in the #1 slot of America's list. Let's see... Axeman, Kye Kelly, Ryan Martin, Bobby Ducote, JJ Da Boss...who else?
  9. Just finished mowing my lawn. Wasn't sure the mower was gonna make it (a John Deere). Never any problems before, but today it kept "hunting" and surging and acting a couple times like it wanted to cut out completely. Bad gas? I'll check the oil and spark plug and fuel filter (if it has one) later. Any other ideas?
  10. That's not a Manx, that's an EMPI Imp. It has a decent chassis/engine, too. Would the chopped wheelbase be long enough? Revell also did a 1/25 Beetle in several different iterations, if the full wheelbase is needed in 1/25.
  11. What scale is the MPC body? Is it 1/25? IIRC the Tamiya VW is 1/24. The difference could cause problems.
  12. So JJ DID make it to #1 last week! Looks like he might lose it to Ryan tonight but at least he got there for a week and no one can ever take that away from him. Congratulations to JJ!
  13. I'm working on setting this to music. It deserves to be our New National Anthem.
  14. I was under the impression that "C2" referred to the '63-'67 cars and "C3" was for the Shark years, '68 though '81.
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