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  1. I find I actually enjoy the human parts of these shows. I like everyone in the Memphis crew; they truly do seem to be a family, related by blood or not. They're interesting to me. There are several guys I like in the 405 crew but a few others I can't stand. In the Fastest in America races, it's hard for me to care about anyone I haven't seen before. I enjoyed watching Texas and NOLA and Detroit race, and will probably like at least some of SC and BSM next week. I had a hard time caring about the teams from Wyoming or Iowa or wherever they were from. That Street Race Night in America show they had for a while was boring--nearly unwatchable. I couldn't care less about two random Fox-body Mustangs going down some random street. The leftover "grudge race" footage from last year's No Prep races was also pretty boring, as is the third hour of the current shows (more "grudge races").
  2. Yeah, I can't think of one to recommend. Wish I could.
  3. Good job! I see you sanded the tire treads, too, which always helps. On the yellow one I saw at Walmart yesterday, the black trim was poorly done, even on the side scoops. I think all I had to do on mine was touch up the edges of the grille. Or maybe I took the shiny plastic grille out and painted it matte black, I don't remember now. I did the front side marker lights in amber, and painted just the rims of the wheels with Silver Sharpie for a completely different look. I have to get some pics of it up sometime soon.
  4. Cool! Let us know what actual scale it is when you get it.
  5. That's up to Chris. I'm not interested in being in the wheel cover bidness; I'm just possibly supplying an original for him to make a mold. Chris is a good guy to work with and open to trades, so maybe he'd be willing to trade for them, if any of this comes to pass.
  6. Hey, a purple '63 Vette might look pretty cool! Happy Thanksgiving and drive on!
  7. I've seen Sharpie migrate and bleed up through Future after a number of years. This was on model airplanes built by others, and the Sharpie was used to accent panel lines. When it happens, it's a mess.
  8. Finally scored an unbuilt AMT '76 Nova on eBay for a reasonable price. Been watching them for a few weeks now and they've been going for absolutely stupid prices. Got this one for what one sold for a week ago with major tire damage on the windshield and a few missing parts, maybe even less.
  9. Is anyone interested in this? If so, I'll include one of the wheels in some stuff I'll be sending Chris soon. I don't need 'em but some of you might. IF Chris is interested in meeting demand, that is.
  10. Clean removal! Most of us wouldn't have bothered to take them out in one piece.
  11. When will we see THAT again? They've been MIA all year. On a happy note, I see Battlebots will be back in a couple weeks. Yay!
  12. Agree that the 405 should have been there. I think they were probably offered the opportunity and turned it down. Wouldn't have done their rep any good to NOT win.
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