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  1. Snake45 added a post in a topic 1944 Ford GPW Jeep FINISHED!   

    Very very nice, and I hope it doesn't get moved to the Trucks or Other sections.
    One question: Aren't those round things behind the rear wheels reflectors and should be painted red? Or did I do that wrong on mine?
  2. Snake45 added a post in a topic new for 2018   

    Aha! Since they had to tool up a new body anyway, maybe that's why they decided to fix the nose while they were at it.
  3. Snake45 added a post in a topic new for 2018   

    But wouldn't you also need new grille, bumpers, etc to go with it? Dunno if just replacing the nose piece will get the job done.
  4. Snake45 added a post in a topic AB issues,, still a struggle   

    Same here. Went back to enamels for airbrushing. I do use some of the Tamiya lacquers straight from the can, though.
  5. Snake45 added a post in a topic Good source for a nice set of 1/24 scale camaro rally rims   

    The Revell '69 Z/28 has good ones. They're nominally 1/25, but I think most of the Revell and Monogram kits of that era had common sized wheels and tires. And then there's the fact that Rallys came in both 14" and 15" (and several widths, too).
    I can tell you that I used a set of them on a Monogram 1/24 '65 Corvette and they don't look undersized.
  6. Snake45 added a post in a topic new for 2018   

    You are right on the money on both counts, my friend. I've actually fixed the Nova back end problem on one, but it's not finished yet. Body is painted and ready but I still need to do everything else.
    I'm giving SERIOUS thought to replacing the body in a Revell '67 Camaro with one from their '68 Firebird, which seems to be more accurate at both ends. Yeah, I know, lotta work to convert it, but not much if any more than fixing the Camaro.
  7. Snake45 added a post in a topic 57 Chevy...60’s custom   

    Agree completely. Except for shaving off much of the chrome gingerbread, there's little you can do to make it look better, IMHO. But hey, let's see what happens.
  8. Snake45 added a post in a topic 1929 Ford Pickup slightly modified   

    Normally I don't like those wheels, but you know what, they kind of work on that antique. They look both old-timey and ultramodern at the same time, somehow. "Everything old is new again."
    I say Drive On!
  9. Snake45 added a post in a topic Any solutions for "cloudy" windows?   

    If the cloudiness is just on the surface and not all the way through, you can polish it out with Wright's Silver Cream silver polish.
    If it's internal as you suspect, I don't think there's any way to undo that.
    Those windows look fairly "flat" (simple curves, not complex), so you should be able to replace them with plain clear plastic of some kind without even having to vac-form, if you have to.
  10. Snake45 added a post in a topic Dow7 coating   

    My first thought, too.
    Take a look at Model Master Jet Exhaust. It's kind of a metallic goldish/bronzish/steelish color that might be a good starting point. I've often used it for carburetors.
  11. Snake45 added a post in a topic new for 2018   

    ASSUMING they finally get the front end right (and I'll wait to see the pics), while y'all are building Boss 302s, I'll buy one just to whack off the front end and graft it onto the Mach 1 I just got for $5 and paint it Silver Jade. And later, maybe I'll kitbash up a Maroon Boss 9.
  12. Snake45 added a post in a topic "Too Many '69 Camaros and '32 Fords!"   

    Blasphemers! Heretics!
    Next you'll be complaining about too many '57 Chevies and '63 Corvettes and '66 Mustangs!
  13. Snake45 added a post in a topic Wagon rod   

    Your "wood" looks really good! Well done and model on!
  14. Snake45 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    New Tamiya Lacquers for Airbrushing?
    Just saw this on a model airplane board. This particular page seems to be about military and/or general colors, but let's home some nice car-usable colors won't be far behind. I'll be a customer!
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  15. Snake45 added a post in a topic Experts.   

    Well, Ron I consider you one of this board's top builders, so there.
    I have one foot in Model Car World and one in Model Airplane World. Things are a lot freer over here, I assure you. Over there, everything's about accuracy accuracy accuracy. A "custom" model airplane is almost unheard of.
    Over here, we can choose what we want to do, and we don't have to lock ourselves into any one lane for all time, either. Today I might build a thoroughly researched, 100% accurate factory stock car. Tomorrow I might build the exact same kit as a rodded-up "Day 2,"  or a racer or wild custom that existed only in my own imagination. And it's all good.  Yay us!