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  1. Some new wood-grain decals in various scales. They look pretty good. http://www.hyperscale.com/2020/reviews/decals/ak9081reviewjm_1.htm
  2. Notice there are TWO different definitions there, one on each side of the word "or." Most of us are going by the second definition (as apparently intended by the OP), but NYLIBUD wants to use the first.
  3. Mine now says "Expected by September 25." It was saying Sep 22-25. Do they mean expected in MY mailbox on Sep 25, or they expect another shipment in Sep 25? Beginning to get annoyed.
  4. How about The Highwaymen? When Johnny Cash comes in with "I fly a starship...." I get chills up my spine.
  5. You didn't even get to Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison!
  6. It's been said this is the Welly. Do you have a Welly to compare it to and confirm? I'd hate to pay $28 for the same thing I got for $10 at Rite-Aid.
  7. Very clean, very sharp build. Well done and model on!
  8. I was wondering when someone would mention them. Well played!
  9. Why not indeed? I've seen quite a few VERY nice models built from all three of these kits. All it takes is the desire and a little MODELING.
  10. See? Snake's Sure-Fire Find-It Method #2 proven again!
  11. First thing I think of when I think of "supergroup" is Beck Bogart Appice. Which was awful. But I got two other candidates. Here's an impromptu supergoup: Randy Newman, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, John Fogerty, Waddy Wachtel, Paul Shaffer and The World's Most Dangerous Band: And if you like bluegrass/country, hard to get more super than this group:
  12. It works almost every time, but quite often it's not worth the subsequent trouble.
  13. A part? I'm currently looking for a whole KIT I bought a few months ago at the toy show. Finally came up with an idea of what I can do with the incomplete mess, and now it's GONE! Have scouted the Snakepit and it's nowhere to be found. I only have three possible recourses to find it: 1. Go buy another one. 2. Give up on it; go looking for something else. 3. Accuse The Lovely Mrs. Snake of throwing it away or moving it.
  14. New or old, give me a good, accurate basic shape and I'll add whatever details I think I need.
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