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  1. Thanks! I think I still have a PP body somewhere. I'll pull a mold off the hood so I can do fill-ins on the new kit.
  2. Agree on the front tires. Look like something that should be on a '50s sports car. I could have sworn that the original Revell body didn't have the hole already cut in the hood--you had to cut it out yourself. Or was that just on the Parts Pack body?
  3. NOTE: This thread is intended primarily for COMPLETED models, but WIPs, glue bombs, etc are certainly WELCOME if that's all you have to show at this time.
  4. Not a real one, but probably a fairly well done clone.
  5. I was wrong--Chief was 1 and 1 last week. After last night, Monza--of all people--is 4 and 0! Looks like there's a big crash next week--at first I thought it was the new white Camaro, but now it's looking like it's Jeff Lutz.
  6. I'll be pre-ordering at least two of these. Already know exactly how I'm gonna build one of them.
  7. Glad to hear and see that this works--I'm planning to do exactly that with the glue bomb convertible body shown above. Meanwhile, I dug out that other glue bomb '62 HT and started repairing the glue damage from the goofy fender skirts. I'd really love to get both those '62 HTs done before the Moebius kit appears.
  8. Very cool, we'll be expecting some GREAT projects from you soon! Model on!
  9. Yeah. It's getting REALLY annoying. But hey, on another forum I frequent, the ads have learned to make themselves look just like thread topcs.
  10. Jon, AFX has one up for trade, if you can come up with something he wants:
  11. I like where you're going with this! Drive on! Also like the phantom '75 model. Would love to build one of those myself.
  12. In about six to eight weeks (if we're lucky), we're going to start seeing a flood of great builds of the new Moebius '64 and '65 Nova kits. Before they get moved to the Back Shelf of Modeling History, let's see all your existing AMT and Trumpeter First Gen (1962-1965) Chevy IIs and Novas. Hardtops, convertibles, wagons, resins, stock, custom, street, drag, AWB, completed, WIP, even glue bombs and projects--drag 'em all out for one last moment of glory in the spotlight! I don't have a completed 1G Nova on the shelf yet, but I do have two projects in the works. AMT '62 HT, acquired as a bare painted body on eBay, active on my workbench now, and hope to have it done in the next couple weeks: Another AMT '62 HT from eBay, a glue bomb former custom I hope to rebuild as a High School Hot Rod in the very near future: AMT '62 and '63 convertible bodies from a "project box" I bought a couple months ago (the chassis and interior are going into the orange HT above): Oh, and I have a fairly nice 1/24 '64 HT diecast that's also about to become obsolete: Let's see yours!
  13. Very cool stuff--pick one and drive on! Personally I'd like to see what you do with the old Lindberg truck.
  14. You are inspiring me! I picked up this glue bomb '62 at the local toy show last year and you are making me want to drag it out and shove it to the top of the Build List. Drive on!
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