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  1. I buy the stuff at Hobby Lobby. They seem to have changed some of the colors. I bought one--no longer shown on their website--called Pumpkin or something that looked like a nice metalflake orange/tangerine from the can cap but is actually more of a copper/bronze color that I haven't found anything I want to use it on yet. I'm planning to do a Manx in the Shimmer Green and a TeeVee in the Shimmer Red. The green looks like an excellent match for 1972 Chevrolet/Pontiac Spring/Julep Green, except of course for being way too sparkly. I discovered that covering it with Dullcote tones the flake down to a factory metallic appearance (polishing or glosscoating it again brings all the flake back), so I'm thinking seriously of doing a '72 GTO in it, flattened, as a late-'70s/early-'80s beater or High School Hot Rod. Each can looks like it could paint at least four or five models, or more.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up. Lately I've been using an acrylic crafts paint for washes, thinned with water. I think it will work okay on this Foil paint. I'm also thinking of Q-tipping a thin layer of Future on the bumpers. Like most silver paints, it's a bit soft/scratch-vulnerable, and that might help it stand up better to handling, if it doesn't dull the shine too much.
  3. Actually, I'm thinking of doing two. #1 on a fastback body, and either #2 or #3 on a resin hardtop body I have laying around. I think it might look like a mini-Road Runner. I'm seeing it in light yellow for some reason.
  4. When I was a kid, "lead sled" referred to any big, heavy, and (especially) SLOW car, modified or not. But I admit we might not have been using it correctly. "Hey, you're driving your Mom's Impala. Sweet! Doesn't that have a 327 in it?" "Yeah, but it's still basically a lead sled."
  5. If the quarter trim bothers you, build another body, and then turn this VERY nice one into a "Day 2" street cruiser. Also, just askin' a question here: Were the R-code engines red?
  6. Yup! Very nice, BTW! I was looking at various Krylon paints on their site the other day, and they called them "VT alkyd," "modified alkyd," and "modified alkyd enamel." I laid it on bare 1967 promo plastic and got no wrinkling or negative reaction with the plastic. (I tested it first on the underside of the interior.)
  7. Yah, but you know what'll happen--if you WANT it to wrinkle, it'll be smooth as glass.
  8. That's probably one problem right there. That stuff is VERY aggressive as it's meant to bite into household plastics and dig in. Looking at the recipe, I see at least three different chemicals that can and will do bad things to kit styrene: https://www.krylon.com/document/SDS/en/US/724504023210
  9. So was I, which is why I bought it from Randy (cheap!). It's pretty low-line, about on the level of that very common Motor Max '67 that pops up in batches from time to time, maybe not even quite that nice. But you know me, half the fun is the challenge of seeing if I can make something halfway-acceptable looking out of it.
  10. Been there, done that, got the T-shirts--in EVERY available color! I don't even know how many half-built model car (and airplane) projects I have back in their boxes because something wasn't going perfectly in the build. Sometimes this was my own fault, sometimes it was an accuracy issue that I didn't notice until I was way into the thing. The number is in the dozens--maybe the hundreds. I'm still that way on many of my own original new builds. But I've also learned to lower my standards in my old age, especially on glue bomb "rescues," where, as I've often said, the goal is to get somebody else's crock to look like something I might have built around 1968. If I can get it to look as good as stuff I built in 1969, I'm ecstatic! In the last couple years, I've dug a couple of my old projects off the Shelf of Doom and applied this standard to them for Bring Out Your Dead Completion projects, and I have to tell you, this is a lot of FUN! Ah, the good old days, when modeling was FUN, not an obsession. The Perfect is the enemy of Good Enough, and if you're having FUN, you're doing it right. Model on, everyone!
  11. That was exactly what I thought when I saw somebody's '67 GTO yesterday. If it had been an original, it would be a rare and valuable find, but it seemed to be molded in blue, so, the '80s reissue with all the annoying body flaws.
  12. I feel your pain, but I'm learning to bite my lip and bear it in some cases if it will be a simple and cool "rescue" otherwise. Or sometimes I can work the thing down and touch it up. I can always strip and completely repaint later.
  13. Very nice! Your work is getting better all the time. Hey, drop me an email: SnakeACP45 at AOL dot com. Model on!
  14. Thanks for the kind words. Here's what's near the top of my To-Do Snake-Fu list: *Welly Porsche 356 *Welly Mercury Capri *Maisto 2002 Z06 Corvette *Maisto '78 Corvette *No-name '63 Vette roadster (got from Randy) *Burago Ferrari GTO *Federated Auto Parts '64 GTO *Maisto Ferrari F12 (kit) ...and I THINK I have a dark green Johnny Lightning '66 Mustang to do. I realize that I now have all generations of Corvette in diecast except the C4. I MIGHT have a DC C4 stashed somewhere; I know I bought several promos from a guy about two years ago but don't remember if there were also some C4 diecasts in there. I'm sure there are good cheap C4s available, such as Wellys or something. I don't like C4s enough to go to any great effort to get one, but I'll keep my eye open for one at the local toy show.
  15. For those without a Rite Aid, I can recommend Diecast Models Wholesale: https://www.diecastmodelswholesale.com/ They carry all current Wellys (including many I've never seen at Rite Aid) at good prices--most $19.95, some even $14.95. Flat shipping $9.95 for any order. No it's not Rite Aid's $9.99 but if you find three cheap Wellys you want and split the shipping charge between them, it's not too bad. Fast shipping, too. And once you deal with them, you're on their mailing list and they send you an e-coupon for another 10% off every so often. Good place to deal with.
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