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  1. On second thought, I guess we're lucky that the other four don't also have their heads buried in their phones.
  2. Yes, it's very close to stock except for the oversized (and possibly repositioned) rear wheel openings. I recently bought (in a junkyard lot) a glue bomb AMT '68 Cougar that's got great glass, interior, and even stock wheels but is missing the hood, grille, taillight panel, and front and rear valences. I'm watching ePay for parts but might end up sacrificing an MPC FC kit for the missing bits. I'm pretty sure they'll fit, or could be made to. How I miss Modelhaus!
  3. I'm filing it under IBIWISI. (I'll believe it when I see it. Or, if you prefer, I'll BUY it when I see it.) Good idea! I think I shall do that very thing. Might be some bargains to be had.
  4. Body-wise, you'd have to come up with a flat hood, and then alter the rear wheel openings. And then come up with emblems. The glass should be good. You'd still have to come up with a stock interior and chassis. I think somebody actually does a resin stock '65 Falcon.
  5. I was going to suggest if anyone wanted to do a cop car, the colors of the Marxland State Police in 1967 were very sharp (olive drab and black), but apparently they switched from Chevy to Ford in '67. It is so very sad.
  6. Well I have an AMT body, and the FC reissue body, but comparing them doesn't really tell us anything about if or where the REAL fiberglass Cougar FC body was altered. Lord only knows what liberties MPC took when designing and tooling it.
  7. I think Testor reformulated their chrome silver some years back. It actually seems to dry now. But I use very little of it, because a Silver Sharpie will do almost anything Testor Silver will do faster, easier, and look at least as good.
  8. Hmmmm, dunno. Found a couple fairly good profiles of the Rupp & Steffey car (which became the first Eliminator Cougar). What do you think? Looks to me like the rear wheel openings have been extended rearward a bit, but I'll have to compare these with good stock Cougar pics to tell what's going on.....
  9. Looks great! That paint is a passable match for '67 Marina Blue. Rear end too low? If anything, it looks a bit high to me, not that that's a BAD thing. (Better that than too low.) Well done and model on!
  10. And don't forget, there was a million dollars worth of gold in the trunk of the Lincoln, and gold at that time was priced at about $35 an ounce--so do the math on THAT weight.
  11. I know that many if not all of the original Frog molds ended up in Russia--I forget the brand name they were sold under then. These might in fact be the same molds! ETA: Did the homework and apparently this IS the Frog kit! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/frog-f173f-bleriot-xi--162356
  12. Just found a ref that said the wheelbase of the '67 STP Cougar funny--which became DN's first Cougar Eliminator, the one destroyed in the road wreck--was 117". The plot thickens....
  13. Best rattlecan gloss black I've ever seen is Model Master Classic Black enamel. I've never seen a bad paint job with the stuff. Its only drawback is that it can take a couple weeks to thoroughly dry/cure.
  14. A selfie girl? Suddenly I'm no longer interested in any of these people.
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