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  1. Fabulous! I'll never be able to afford one of these so thanks for sharing it with us!
  2. "It's like RAY-EEE-AIN, on your wedding day...."
  3. Got an email last night that my '68 GTOs had been shipped. Should have them by the end of the week.
  4. BEAUTIFUL color on a '66 Mustang! I did the HT kit in that a long time ago, and it still looks great! I also have an M2 1/24 diecast fastback in that color; it looks great too.
  5. Sorry to hear of your loss, Ray.
  6. Probably, but not sure. That's what was on it when I bought it off eBay. I just cleaned it up and gave it a little Snake-Fu. One of the cleanest eBay models I ever bought.
  7. Beautiful color and finish! VERY well done and model on! 👍
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