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  1. Should I Build This?

    So I'm in the process of restoring this 55+ year old "survivor" AMT '32 Ford Vicky built model, and I'm to the point where I can set the chassis back up on its wheels (I've done some repairs, and replaced the original early '60s skinny tires with better looking rubber) to see where I am, and for no evident reason the thought occurs to me to see what the Revell '34 Ford coupe body would look like on it. If you've never seen this kit (the Revell '34), the body has been downscaled a little to fit on a chassis originally used for a T, and to make things worse, the hood is visibly and obviously WAY too short even for the undersized body. So I set the Revell '34 body on the AMT '32 Vicky frame, and you know what? It doesn't look half bad--to me, anyway. I'm going to continue restoring the Vicky but at the moment I'm thinking seriously of setting this '34 body up so I can swap it on there, too, "MPC Switchers" style, as the mood strikes me. What do you think? Comments not only appreciated, but actively solicited.
  2. '64 Plymouth Al Eckstrands "Lawman"

    Looks great so far! For your clear, start with a couple very light coats--not much more than mist--and let them dry before going wetter, if you're worried about it attacking the underlying paints. Drive on!
  3. Silver RX-7

    What he said!
  4. AMT '32 Victoria Custom Rear Fenders

    Sorry, I thought I answered this the other night. Must not have hit Submit right. I bought the latest reissue of the Vic last year at Hobby Lobby (but haven't opened it yet), so I should have them. Meanwhile, I removed the left one, and took a good look and it looks like the glue damage on both sides can be easily fixed, so I've decided to just drive on without them--at least for now. At some point I might paint the reissue fenders and use them, we'll see what happens. Thanks for your concern and I apologize again for seeming to ignore the generous offers. Redface!
  5. 1972 GTO

    Very nice, very clean build. That's not an easy kit to make look good, but you did it. Good job on chopping the back bumper, too. Well done and model on!
  6. Barracuda Funny Car

    Very nice! An excellent replication!
  7. 1965 El Camino Camper

    I just realized--it MIGHT fit the Revell '66 Elky. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do it, though.
  8. I haven't even seen AC Norton's name on the board in a LONG time. I was going to ask about him in Where's Waldo.
  9. Johan amx question

    Oh absolutely. No question about it. Two completely different bodies. Different chassis, different interiors. I apologize if I said anything to imply otherwise.
  10. Johan amx question

    I had the JoHan '68 Javelin (still have the built model), and the instruction sheet for it) and it could in fact be built either stock or as a funny car. Never had the '69 but I assume it was the same way. I had an AMT '69 AMX and was the same thing--stock or funny car. It was obvious that it had been tooled by the same people who tooled my JoHan '68 Javelin. BTW, these funny car chassis and associated parts were MUCH nicer than what MPC was dealing out at the time.
  11. 1969 Camaro NON Z28 Hood?

    The cowl hood, when it became available sometime after the start of the '69 model year, could be ordered on any Camaro SS (including SS350) or Z/28. It was not standard on any SS or Z/28 except the Pace Cars. It does seem to have been standard on the 9560 and 9561 COPOs, though. (I don't believe I've ever seen one that didn't have it.) Of course, from about mid-year on, the hood itself could be ordered through any Chevy store parts department, and is a direct bolt-on for all '67 and '68 Camaros as well.
  12. What Do I Do?

    I managed to clean out enough of my message storage to send you one. PM sent. I included my email--easier to communicate with me that way.
  13. was at michaels store today

    Both Michael's and AC Moore have 50% off on one item coupons in today's Sunday paper, good all week. AC Moore also has a 60% off coupon on one item, good today only (10/21). Both stores honor the other's coupons. These coupons are probably available online. Haven't been in Michael's for a while now, but AC Moore has the price of "standard" Revell kits jacked up to $37.99. They make even Hobby Lobby's Full Metal Retail look cheap by comparison (usually $29.99).
  14. Johan amx question

    Yup, google images of AMT '68 come right up!
  15. I was going for Emberglow on this '66 Mustang I did a couple decades ago. It's Model Master Kiln Red airbrushed over a tan primer. I think it's in the ballpark.