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  1. Try the Walmart generics. They're not bad.
  2. I thought I was the only one who did that!
  3. What he said! Well done and model on!
  4. Did I see things right? Did JJ roll his car onto and over the top of Zip Tie? I got tears in my eyes listening to what Murder Nova said about JJ.
  5. That crash was hard to watch, even though you knew it was coming. Gotta admit, it was hella spectacular--pretty sure it was the worst since the Chief and Chucky.
  6. Very nice! Where did you get the hood? I need a few of those. Well done and model on!
  7. Ford stole the late '67 GT350 front end for the '69 Mustang. AMC stole the '71-'74 Javelin front end from the '69 Shelby.
  8. I always thought the '63-'65 Riviera was one of the most influential designs of all time. The roof--there was nothing else like it in '63--showed up on the '64-'65 GM A-body 2-doors, and then on the '66-'67 Nova hardtops. The front fender tips were copied on the '67 Impala, and to a lesser degree the '68, and then on the '68-72 Nova. And these were all great looking cars!
  9. I guess she won't be catching George again.
  10. Very cool! What year is it? Looks like before they ruined them.
  11. Agree with you completely about the '70-'72 Chevelles, and I've thought so for years. I always thought the '70 Camaro could/should have been the '70 Barracuda, and vice versa. In fact, all the '70-'74 Cudas look like progressions of the 1G Camaro design.
  12. Apparently Tricia was just able to start walking again last week. Looks like Monday night's episode will be her wreck. Obviously she didn't make it back it back to America's List but I think JJ did.
  13. Very cool--different and therefore interesting! Thanks for sharing it! "Watchtower" isn't a Hendrix cover, though, it's Bob Dylan cover. Hendrix just did the best-known cover of it (many people have never heard anything else). I believe I have a concert bootleg of Warren Zevon doing it, which is kinda cool. But Jimi's version is and always will be the definitive one IMHO.
  14. Good news! Glad to hear it, stitchdup. Good luck to you.
  15. Here's the only '40 Ford I've ever built, a primered street cruiser. The idea was to build a model that looked like a B&W photo, and as you can see, the only color on the thing is the taillight lenses.
  16. So the eyes are going, too. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. I never try to watch TV while modeling, but there was a time that was my normal method of operation. Come to think of it, back in those days, TV wasn't as good, and you could follow along just fine by listening (except for The Simpsons).
  17. Update: Now logged into HBO and Showtime. Turns out I wasn't actually logged into History, was only being offered selected unlocked episodes. (The one I watched today turned out to be a lucky unlocked one.) Tried to log in through my provider again but a slightly different setup this time and it wouldn't let me in. Sigh. Oh well, I still have most of what I wanted.
  18. AMC and FXNow are working fine. I found out how to log in to my provider with Discovery--turns out the full list was at the bottom of the screen, I just had to swipe up a little. Doh! Downloaded HBO and Showtime but still have to log in with them. I think it'll go okay--I'm optimistic, at least. Next question: This thing has the shortest "time to sleep" of anything I've ever seen. I think it's under 10 seconds. (If I don't do anything in that time, it turns off and I have to power up and log back on again. I thought TLMS's IPad time to sleep was short, at around a minute, or maybe 30 seconds). I can't find anything in the settings that sounds like it would fix this. Where would I look? ETA: Got logged into HBO and SHO fine. I think I found the sleep setting under screen display. We'll see if that works.
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