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  1. Spring Green. Can be found on Novas, Camaros, Chevelles, maybe all models. Pontiac had it as Julep Green, too. Dunno if I ever saw a Testor paint like that in the US. Only thing I can think of close was the green metalflake, which a good bit darker/deeper. Pactra had a metallic green in the little bottles but it was lighter and not as green as Spring Green. Krylon has/had a color in their "Shimmer" line that's very, very close, BUT it's VERY metal-flaky and IMHO good only for model bass boats and dune buggies, alas.
  2. The Corvette (in reality, a reissue of the '67 annual kit and not a true member of the "funny car" family) lives on in the oft-reissued '63 coupe. The Chevelle, unfortunately, became a dirt tracker and the body was ruined. The Streaker could be pieced together, if one really wanted one, from the "new" '64 Cutlass convertible kit and a frame from one of the others.
  3. Rear end is jacked up, so it might be a modern "phantom" build. That '72 Spring Green sure is purty, though.
  4. Very, VERY nice! One of the better renderings of WWII Luftwaffe camo I've ever seen. Well done and model on!
  5. DMW is now advertising this model in non-Bond form (solid roof) in gold and Brit green for $17.99.
  6. Interesting question! Why don't you start one? I've got at least a dozen of my old builds from the '60s still wearing their original paint. Would be glad to post some of 'em up.
  7. See if you can check out a comedian named Sheng Wang. New special on Netflix this month. More than once he reminded me of Mitch Hedberg. Apparently I'm not the only one. See the last line in his Wiki writeup: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheng_Wang
  8. I have a soft spot in my heart for that kit. Built at least two of them over the years, and I've accumulated a couple more, and I hope to build at least one more someday.
  9. Two of my favorite Hedburgs: 1. Catch and release fishing is stupid. All you have done is annoy a fish and make it late for something. "Where have you been?" "I got caught." "Liar! Let me see your lip!" 2. I don't have a cell phone. People say, "But what if someone needs to get in touch with you?" Simple, I just hang out with everyone I know. If someone wants to get in touch with me, they say "Hey, Mitch!" And I turn my head slightly and say "What?"
  10. I started building model airplanes around 1958 or '59 but don't remember what the very first one was. In 1966 I started building cars. The first two were the AMT '66 Riviera and Corsair Corsa, but I don't remember which one of them was the very first.
  11. Today is also the 75th birthday of the US Air Force. And the 52nd anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's death. And the 38th anniversary of the day I quite drinking.
  12. That seems to be more the rule than the exception with government at every level these days.
  13. If you really want Chevy Engine Orange, as for an early '60s small-block, Testor Orange is a decent match. If you want Chevy Engine RED, as on all rat motors and some hi-perf small blocks (such as LT-1) that's a different color--a brilliant red-orange. The old Model Master stuff was perfect but no longer available. But if you're airbrushing, you can mix it up fairly easily out of Testor #3 red and their orange.
  14. Checking my list, I see I have a 2012 Aston-Martin Vanquish in maroon. Probably made by Welly. Also have a DB9 (2010?). The Motormax "James Bond" '64 Mustang seems to be priced a few dollars higher than the last issue of it I saw. 007 licensing, or just inflation?
  15. Well played, A-G. Those are definitely on-topic!
  16. Please, please no more on dogs. This was supposed to be a happy, funny thread.
  17. I suspect that's pretty common around here.
  18. Just got an ad from DMW advertising a new (to me, anyway) Motormax 1/24 Aston-Martin DB5. Not a horrible price by today's standards. Anyone ever seen one of these? https://www.diecastmodelswholesale.com/products.php?product=Aston-Martin-DB5-RHD-(Right-Hand-Drive)-Silver-Metallic-James-Bond-007-"Goldfinger"-(1964)-Movie-"James-Bond-Collection"-Series-1{47}24-Diecast-Model-Car-by-Motormax&showHidden=true
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