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  1. dragin70s added a post in a topic Monogram "Six Pack" Super Bee hood decals needed again.   

    No problem. Good luck with it.
  2. dragin70s added a post in a topic Monogram "Six Pack" Super Bee hood decals needed again.   

    Hey, attached a pic of some decals. I know the pic isn't good, but lmk if any of those on the right is the one you need.

  3. dragin70s added a post in a topic 1st Annual River City Rumble Model Contest   

    I would also like to thank the "Riff Raff" model club for their efforts with the show Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the availability of products and seeing the great work on the contest entries. So nice to have a show back in town. I too will look forward to next year's show. 
  4. dragin70s added a post in a topic Model Car in Memphis,TN in the works for 2016   

    Would definitely love to see a show here again. I'll be checking back on this one, thanks for working on it.
  5. dragin70s added a post in a topic MPC funny cars almost done now chassis   

    Those look great. Really like that "Flash Gordon" body, and the spoiler on the "VooDoo" car looks great.
  6. dragin70s added a post in a topic Looking for a Super G Plus chassis   

    Thanks, I appreciate you checking. Just lmk what you find, and I could possibly be interested in bodies as well. Thanks again.
  7. dragin70s added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Looking for a Super G Plus chassis
    Looking to replace a broken chassis for an AFX Super G Plus Indy car. A complete chassis would work but could also get by with just the bare chassis as that is what broke and all of the others parts are
    good. Could possibly purchase or trade. Thanks for the look.
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  8. dragin70s added a post in a topic "The Shoe's" '71 Barracuda   

    That is one great looking FC.
  9. dragin70s added a post in a topic 1/25 Gene Snow "Snowman" Vega Funny Car   

    Hate to be redundant, so, just outstanding.
  10. dragin70s added a post in a topic 1/25 Don Prudhomme Army Monza Funny Car   

    On board with everyone else, this looks great. One of my favorite cars, and your tribute to it is just outstanding. Thanks for sharing and all the great pics.
  11. dragin70s added a post in a topic reissued Monogram T-bucket   

    Is the same kit as the 1974 Monogram '29 Ford Roadster? Saw one yesterday in a thrift store.
  12. dragin70s added a post in a topic Omni/Charger Funny Car Body   

    Will be watching this one. The lack of a good Omni body has long frustrated me, but not as skilled as yourself so haven't undertaken a project like this.
  13. dragin70s added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    OK, I said I might never do another one of these, but I caved. Picked up the old Monogram 1/32 Snap-Tite "Blue Max " Funny car kit. Love the run of real Blue Max FCs, and had to have the kit of this one. For those interested, you can see my post from my build of the Prudhomme Pepsi Challenger kit from the same run of 1/32s at the URL below. Figure I might add to what I did on the Prudhomme by working on the actual chassis itself a bit more.

  14. dragin70s added a post in a topic Indy 500 today... does anyone care?   

    I will jump in on this revived topic. As a child, the "Indy 500" was special in my family. I guess my father was the lead in that, but from 1970 until the late '80s we a child and then I as an adult never missed the race on television. Living in Indianapolis in 1970, we attended the race that year. We actually attended Time Trials once or twice and were down at the pits on one day. We were in the infield on turn four, me on my Father's shoulders much of the race, as I was six. I still have the memorabilia from that day, including a set of four art prints of Unser, Andretti, Donohue, and Foyt I believe. I have some snapshots much like yours "mrIndy77", and everything associated with that day is special. Like many, after the "split" it just didn't seem the same to me, and I stopped following it as religiously. I still hope to make the pilgrimage back to Indy someday, to experience it again even its current form, and visit museum especially. In the meantime, I will try to get to work on my resin 1970 Colt Unser Johnny Lightning Special 1/25 kit, Under's winner from that year.
  15. dragin70s added a post in a topic slot cars   

    Wow, they both look great, but I am absolutely lovin' that Glidden car. Just bought that new kit, didn't want to build the old one. Thanks for showing, just trying to get a couple 1/64 slots done for now, but that big ones are intriguing.