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  1. Like a lot of others obviously, I saw a lot of these. I was born on Blytheville AFB, a SAC base, and also had my first job there working as a laborer on the cruise missile facilities project. I grew up to the sound of B-52s and KC-135s warming up on the alert pad. I just recently visited the old base (it is in sad shape) and toured the new Cold War Museum. It is a nice project and still growing, but definitely worth stopping by if you are ever rolling up or down I-55 in Arkansas. It has inspired me to build a B-52, so yours is especially interesting and looks great. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Very nice. Love the old Indy cars, fell in love with them after attending the Indy 500 n '70 at age six. Thank you for adding a great Indy build to this board, fun to see.
  3. That is just plain freakin' cool.
  4. Hello all. I have a FC build going and need the same Plymouth decal as shown below (in a bad pic, sorry) on a previous build on the valve covers. This exact decal would be from an original McEwen NAVY dragster kit, but of course I don't really care about the origin. Every one I have either too big, too small, or a deeper, almost purple blue. It should be a more true blue. Probably around 13-14 mm in length. Happy to trade decals or whatever if someone has a couple. Thanks.
  5. Beautiful. I see this post a future reference for sure.
  6. They all look great. Thanks for showing them, hard to pick a favorite, but I do love that red/white Motorcraft version.
  7. OH wow, I hope you'll post some of those at some point, would love to see them. I only have my Chief/7-11 Thunderbird that was build around '90, and have the red Motorcraft T-bird in my stash to build that I will get around to some day. Really want to get a resin body or two and do some of his older stuff at some point as well. Buried in McEwen's Care-Free FC right now and who knows when I'll finish it haha.
  8. Very nice, and a great subject. Love pretty much all of Glidden's cars.
  9. That is very nicely done. Love the repro's of lesser seen cars like that, and that's fun to see.
  10. Very nice. The kind of post I love, I get to see a great funny car build, and I get to learn something as well. I've got a couple of the Trojan Horse kits, so.......
  11. Very nice, have loved the Indy/F-1 cars since I attended the "500" at the ripe old age of 6 in 1970. Always like seeing the 1/43 work as well, as I have Donohue and Andretti kits of that scale awaiting building on my shelf and want to learn as much as possible before I start one as it will be my first. Really like shot from the rear too. Thanks for showing this one.
  12. Really enjoyed looking through all the great builds in this thread. Just throwing up my only snap build, this 1/32 Don "Snake" Prudhomme Pepsi Challenger funny car, done several years ago. Detailed the motor about as much I could in that scale at my skill level (and hate the front wheels). Thanks for looking. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  13. I just finished two books recently by R.J. Ellory. The first, "The Devil and the River" was outstanding, so I read "A Quiet Belief in Angels" as well. Both outstanding and the various aspects and themes of each are deeply explored.
  14. Oh wow, this may end up being the greatest thread ever for me, as I have the kits and decals and intend to do all three. I will be watching intently.
  15. Very nice, and thanks for the helpful info and tips regarding this kit. I just recently picked it up thinking I might use the body for a Blue Max build, but after your review on it I'll probably just get a CR body. I hadn't done a parts check, so very interesting to hear the omissions. Heck, not sure what I'll do with this thing now haha.
  16. Oh man, on board for this thread. Your build of his FC is one of my favorites ever, so looking forward to seeing this one develop.
  17. I'll chime in and just echo the previous responses. Simply outstanding build of such a great subject. Love seeing great, lesser-known funnies modeled and this is one of the best I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing and I too look forward to the dragster.
  18. Love this! Great job, and very interested to see it as I have the '72 Sunoco Donohue Formula kit that I have yet to start.
  19. Glad to see you are doing this again, will look forward to attending.
  20. I would also like to thank the "Riff Raff" model club for their efforts with the show Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the availability of products and seeing the great work on the contest entries. So nice to have a show back in town. I too will look forward to next year's show.
  21. Would definitely love to see a show here again. I'll be checking back on this one, thanks for working on it.
  22. Those look great. Really like that "Flash Gordon" body, and the spoiler on the "VooDoo" car looks great.
  23. Thanks, I appreciate you checking. Just lmk what you find, and I could possibly be interested in bodies as well. Thanks again.
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