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  1. Thanks all! I have a double cabin the works. Hope to have it done soon and will share it as well. Larry
  2. Had a lot of fun with this one. Paint if House of Kolor gloss black on the roof and Gold on the body. The body got a little gold sparkle pearl added and a very small touch of root beer candy to the clear to give some depth to the color. Lowered and added some of my 3d printed rims shot with molotow thru the airbrush. Detail Junkies license plates (Road Trip seemed a fitting one for this ride) and one of their plate surrounds and photo etched rear hatch emblems. Just a clean fun build. Hope you enjoy. Thanks Larry
  3. Mike, I don't have any engines poured at this time. What I list on my eBay store is what I have cast and ready to ship. I am slowly getting back to the shop after a serious battle with Covid19. I should have some available later this fall. Thanks
  4. I have ventured into the 3d printed world now and am offering several sets of VW specific rims. Wide 5 lug and small 4 lug and 5 lug. The rims fit the tires that are in most current and vintage VW kits. (as shown in the photos) I do NOT offer tires, just the rims. I have deep dish version of all these waiting to print, if enough interest is there. My web site has more details. Thanks
  5. Here is the assembled Kombi. It is box stock outside of the resin body. I didn't realize the windows were as scratched as they were till after I glued them in and the drivers door handle fell off between completing the build and these photos. I have a nice set of black plate California tags still to add to it.
  6. Thanks guys. I got one in paint over the weekend and hope to have it finished by the end of this week to show as a built example.
  7. The resin VW Kombi represents a 1964 thru 1967 VW. Mastered by Dave Carnevale and cast by me (Finks Garage). It fits the Hasegawa kit and the one piece VW Van body kits by Revell (Not the multi piece Revell kits).
  8. Jon I make several rim sets and an engine kit for VW models. www.finksgarage.com
  9. Thanks guys. Tom that's a cool rendering of an awesome double cab!!
  10. This had been a long project. Stalled for one reason or the other over the years. I finally got it off the bench and finished this spring. I combined a 21 window bus front with the rear of the single cab kit. I wanted a long bed double cab. Sitting on a set of 3D Scale Parts rims and tires, lowered and weathered using Vallejo paints and washes.
  11. Thanks for the kind words and support. Much appreciated!
  12. Love it! I took these photos and posted on the Finks Garage Facebook page. Great job!!
  13. Looks awesome Ray! Send me photos when you are done and I will post it on the Finks garage Facebook page.
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