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  1. VW Beetle Aftermarket Performance Parts?

    I still cast the engines. Shoot me a PM of what all you are wanting and I can take care of you. Thanks
  2. Gauging interest in Dodge W-300 & W-500 cab kits

    Mike, Wendell posts several a month of these trucks on eBay. They are well cast and will make a great kit!
  3. VW Hightop van

    Dan, I believe he does. He is doing a Bay Window van and bay Window Single Cab. I have some of these on order and should be here any day. I will post photos of them if you would like.
  4. I started in this a couple weeks ago. The resin high top van was mastered by Robert Russell from the UK. The one photos shows it next to a regular height van to see the difference in roof height. The paint is spray can red primer, a little rubber cement around the areas I wanted to create a rust effect, then a couple coats of blue spray can paint. Sanded with 000 Steel wool to burn thru and then an exacto blade to pull away the paint from the rubber cement to expose more of the red (rust) under the blue paint. Washed with white craft paint to get the roof effect, again sanded with 000 Steel Wool to get the desired burn thru on the paint. Several layers of craft paint in grey, light and dark browns and oranges to get the desired dirty effect and to bring out the rust look around the edges. I wanted it to look used but not abused. I have it almost done. Need to add side windows and handles and some other small details then do a final light wash of craft paint to even out a few spots to make it pop a little more. Will be finished before the end of the year!
  5. Looks great! I am working on a VW high top van in about the same blue color and weathered about the same. Great job!!
  6. just practicing using this page.  this is most difficult for me.  you'd think i wanted to be 6 inches taller instead of wanting a 66 dodge crew cab.  with that cab i think i can    fashion  a crude 63 grill.  but i think now i have one  coming from oldr than dirt,  superstock, excrewchief, ronhobby or perhaps yevon  deondries (ms silicon 1966) although i think she passed several years ago.

    1. JOHNnyboy


      uncle wendell my be casting and taking   orders and money  for t he dodge but that's all. he don't respond to anyone about their orders.  aught to be locked up


    2. Finks Garage

      Finks Garage

      Good luck on your project.

  7. Thanks Cale! Again if anyone is interested in buying the Dodge cab kits I use to produce, Wendell Sowers is now pouring and selling them. He can be found on eBay. He has all the truck cabs as well as the beds for sale. Thanks Larry
  8. Wendell Sowers is now casting these. I have shared his link to his eBay auctions. He might be able to hook you up with one. As far as accurately doing this to backdate it, I am not sure. Look online to se if that is the only change the cab and or front end need to make it correct. Thanks Larry
  9. Gauging interest in Dodge W-300 & W-500 cab kits

    Wendell Sowers is now casting these - https://www.ebay.com/itm/1967-Dodge-Crew-Cab-Pickup/282740332029?hash=item41d4a315fd:g:6y8AAOSw0ehZ-yRe Hit him up if you would like one. Thanks Larry
  10. 1966 dodge power wagon w-300 4-door is ready

    So you knew Charlie gave me permission to cast these. But you still went ahead and reached out to him to do it as well? You also lied when you stated he gave you permission to cast the Crew Cab, he did not. You didn't have a "mix up". You knowingly cast the crew cab without permission. You are quite an interesting person. Folks like you are why many have gotten out of the resin casting end of the hobby. I wish you well and hope one day you find a moral compass!
  11. 1966 dodge power wagon w-300 4-door is ready

    Mike I do still sell these. I had several kits for sale and sold at a show in St Louis this past spring. I do not sell directly from my web site. I sell from my eBay store. Just because they are not on my items for sale page doesn't negate the fact that I own the rights to these and mastered the crew cab he has copied and selling. Again, I'm at a loss for someone thinking this is ok?!?!
  12. 1966 dodge power wagon w-300 4-door is ready

    I did have permission from Charlie to produce these kits. I mastered the crew cab. Charlie didn't send you the master for this, couldn't have! Nor did he have permission to give you to cast it. You know, and have known I cast these as you have committed on threads on this web forum. I'm at a loss for words to understand how ethically you thought this was ok? Was my name not brought up at all when you spoke to Charlie? Did you not bother to reach out to me on this since you know I cast these? Larry
  13. 1966 dodge power wagon w-300 4-door is ready

    So you are Ok with stealing a persons work and making copies and money? At what point do you see this as being OK? I'll look forward to your answer!
  14. Gauging interest in Dodge W-300 & W-500 cab kits

    I have a bed to pour a mold on if enough interest in that as well. But if I make it, that would sell separate and not be part of the cab kit. The donor frame, engine and such would be up to the end builder. There are several options and I have a template to make one from styrene that would be included in the cab kit if someone wanted to make their own ladder style frame and source suspension parts. Thanks Larry
  15. I will soon be producing the W-300 & W-500 Dodge cab kit that Charlie Rowley mastered. I also have the crew cab that I mastered off of his single cab kit. My question is how much interest is there for these kits? I am looking at doing a small limited number of each kit, not a full production run. Kit would be cab, floor, door panels, dash, seat, hood, grill, radiator support and radiator. You would need to supply the frame, engine and tires/wheels. Kits would be in the $50 to $65 range. Let me know your thoughts and if you might be interested in one. Not holding anyone to an actual order, but this will help me understand the desire and amount I need to look at producing. Thanks Larry