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  1. Thanks Ryan, I will look that up!
  2. Has anyone made a photo etch kit for this model yet? I think the hood emblems are a little "fat/thick" looking for this. Also a grill and hood FORD letters would look scale correct in photo etch. Thanks Larry
  3. Mike, Thanks, the cab kit is really cool! I was going to wait for the conversion as well but really wanted to jump into this. I may get the conversion and use it on the kit I robbed parts from the build this and do a flat bed to match this one.
  4. Been making slow but steady progress on the truck. I changed out the tires and wheels to something a little less aggressive. I will put the Ford hubcaps on these once painted and weathered properly. I didn't want a beat up truck just one that has served it use and still being used. I still need to put a flat coat on it and final dust and subtle weathering when it is assembled. Next on to the interior....
  5. Not sure where you are getting your info from. The ford trucks of this year did not have ribbed roofs.
  6. Correct, I chose to put it on this chassis to build it the way I would if I owned the real truck. If you were building a replica stock you would need to modify the running gear.
  7. Anyone else building one of these? Used the basic 2wd suspension and added the new issue Bronco rims and tires. Will shave down the front 4x4 hub on front rims to represent 2wd. I like the beefy look of the tires and rims, gives it the "I'm ready to work" look. Nice resin piece but the roof will need a little work before final paint. Otherwise everything seems to fit like a glove and well worth the price!
  8. VW Beetle Aftermarket Performance Parts?

    I still cast the engines. Shoot me a PM of what all you are wanting and I can take care of you. Thanks
  9. Gauging interest in Dodge W-300 & W-500 cab kits

    Mike, Wendell posts several a month of these trucks on eBay. They are well cast and will make a great kit!
  10. VW Hightop van

    Dan, I believe he does. He is doing a Bay Window van and bay Window Single Cab. I have some of these on order and should be here any day. I will post photos of them if you would like.
  11. I started in this a couple weeks ago. The resin high top van was mastered by Robert Russell from the UK. The one photos shows it next to a regular height van to see the difference in roof height. The paint is spray can red primer, a little rubber cement around the areas I wanted to create a rust effect, then a couple coats of blue spray can paint. Sanded with 000 Steel wool to burn thru and then an exacto blade to pull away the paint from the rubber cement to expose more of the red (rust) under the blue paint. Washed with white craft paint to get the roof effect, again sanded with 000 Steel Wool to get the desired burn thru on the paint. Several layers of craft paint in grey, light and dark browns and oranges to get the desired dirty effect and to bring out the rust look around the edges. I wanted it to look used but not abused. I have it almost done. Need to add side windows and handles and some other small details then do a final light wash of craft paint to even out a few spots to make it pop a little more. Will be finished before the end of the year!
  12. Looks great! I am working on a VW high top van in about the same blue color and weathered about the same. Great job!!
  13. just practicing using this page.  this is most difficult for me.  you'd think i wanted to be 6 inches taller instead of wanting a 66 dodge crew cab.  with that cab i think i can    fashion  a crude 63 grill.  but i think now i have one  coming from oldr than dirt,  superstock, excrewchief, ronhobby or perhaps yevon  deondries (ms silicon 1966) although i think she passed several years ago.

    1. JOHNnyboy


      uncle wendell my be casting and taking   orders and money  for t he dodge but that's all. he don't respond to anyone about their orders.  aught to be locked up


    2. Finks Garage

      Finks Garage

      Good luck on your project.

  14. Thanks Cale! Again if anyone is interested in buying the Dodge cab kits I use to produce, Wendell Sowers is now pouring and selling them. He can be found on eBay. He has all the truck cabs as well as the beds for sale. Thanks Larry
  15. Wendell Sowers is now casting these. I have shared his link to his eBay auctions. He might be able to hook you up with one. As far as accurately doing this to backdate it, I am not sure. Look online to se if that is the only change the cab and or front end need to make it correct. Thanks Larry