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  1. That's amazing! I use two of this chassis and stretch the to a kind of 1:24 scale for the itslery 20 feet trailers! Fun build!!
  2. Checking a damaged box that comes overseas From my Island Puerto Rico!! revell snap KW damage chassis for now !!! ? and checking the others kits for any other damage!!! well it saying that I have problem uploading the photos!! I’ll try later!!
  3. Thank you very much!! I have 4 Fords and I Looking to buil 2 dd and 2 sd!!
  4. Looking good!! I have a question: what is the length of the chassis? It is 10 inch or 8 inch? Thanks in advance. I will follow this one closely.
  5. Yes!!! I need to paint the Mack emblem to add to the hood!!! The Mack letters is on the grill on the day cab superliner. Thanks for all your help!!!
  6. A little progress in this one needs more details but it’s getting there.
  7. Add me too, no power ( living in Puerto Rico), lack of motivation and moving to North Carolina it was a fun three months and counting!! I start again this week and I'm going to finish both, and waiting for the other model and see the status of them and fix them.
  8. Hi gentlemen, has been a while since I wrote in this great page. I was living in Puerto Rico ?? but my wife found a new job in NC ??,and hurricane Maria makes things in my land ( and for me)harder to work with build truck models. I lost interest for now. Well I'm moving in the states and started to work with my last two build still in progress, is not pretty but I'm going to finish both and continue with the other trucks when arrived here in NC. thanks Jesus
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