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  1. GMC Daycab

    Nice start. Leave those cancer sticks alone.
  2. Ford LNT 9000

    Looks like you are using the Auslowe Ford fuel tanks. I plan on using them on a project too.
  3. Start from the top of this thread and re-read it until you get to the end of it.
  4. Tim Alhborn was quoted as saying that he thought the W925 wouldn't be brought back, due to it being modified to the T600. So far as I know, Tim Alhborn hasn't worked for any model company. I could be wrong. And any information he has, even though it may be reliable is third person account. I would tend to believe the person who worked 30 years as the liaison between IH and Ertl and was actually responsible for bringing the Ertl 4070A kit to reality. If he said is gone, I take him at his word.
  5. Possibly a copyright issue. Although I think they were both Hendrickson suspensions. The Ertl Great Dane van has been reissued at least once, but the reefer unit hasn't. Definitely a copyright issue.
  6. "I worked for International Trucks/Navistar for 38.5 years and, except for a 2.5 years stint in World Headquarters in Chicago, I worked in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Engineering Center. I spent time in Sales Engineering and eventually was the Product Information Manager, both were jobs that included supplying technical data and drawings to model manufacturers that wanted to build models of International trucks. " "2 - The 4070A was retooled into the Transtar II which was, I believe, reissued in the '90's. The 4070A is gone..... "
  7. That address is long, long ago, from a galaxy far, far away! The 4070A ain't gonna be reissued, because the molds don't exist anymore. Except for what Round2 wants for spoon feed you with reissues, all you have is memories from the Ertl Blueprinter kits.
  8. I might have. I was a subscriber back in the 70s. Many of the same articles were in Car Modeler Magazine and Scale Auto Enthusiast Magazine back in the 1970s, but the Blueprinter articles were complete. I remember an article on how to modify the Transtar 4070A to a day cab. The Scale Auto Enthusiast version seemed to be a first draft. The author still trying to figure out how to make the modification as easy as possible. Going as far as stating that Ertl was in the process of introducing a new version of the Transtar cabover and he needed to see what differences the modification would entail. Whereas the Blueprinter article, which was several months later had all of the kinks worked out, along with step-by-step photos of the modification process. Actually, I haven't looked at those articles for years. I have put my mind to modern truck kits and subjects. I haven't completely ignored the old stuff, just way more interested in the 21st century.
  9. This is my original scan to The Truck25 Foki account. An invaluable resource for Big Rig trucks and Big Rig models created and maintained by a Dutch truck model enthusiast. I have all of the original Blueprinter newsletters.
  10. Hino Motors is a subsidiary of Toyota.
  11. Italeri 2018

    We can only hope. The problem is, as more time passes, advancements and new subjects keep being introduced.
  12. Italeri 2018

    There are a few smaller model companies that are filling the void.
  13. Italeri 2018

    Personally, I'm very disappointed. Italeri hasn't offered an all new tool American truck model subject since they offered the Volvo VN kits way back in the early 2000s. I have been emailing them, writing on their FB page, posting on forums they would listen to, harassing and cajoling them to offer some new American big rig truck and trailer subjects for years. I have gotten questions directly from them such as, what specific subjects would you want, how much would you be willing to spend, what kind of detail would you like and how would you feel about kits with limited drive train detail. As recently as 2016, Italeri had an on line survey specifically about truck kits. They actually took the time to tally all of the suggestions and present them on their FB page. This was one of at least two surveys Italeri presented on their FB page since it was established. Evidently, the survey was just a ruse. In fact, the new Scania s730 announced last year has been shelve. Someone said on FB that don't expect any new truck kits from Italeri, at least until 2020.
  14. Italeri 2018

    I purposely left that page out. I only post information on trucks. Not Sports Utility Cars!