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  1. One thing about A&N, if you buy it, they will build it.
  2. I have several resin 1/16 scale engines from an Australian company that went defunct years ago. I've been told told that they were not accurate. However, i plan to use them any way in future projects .
  3. Stevens International: Spread Axle Flatbed Trailer MOEBIUS MODELS INC. MOE-1304 1/25 48' Cambered Trailer (3rd Qtr) $0.00 TBA PRE -PRODUCTION TEST BUILD
  4. Great subject matter. FLD112 will look fantastic. You didn't post in the beginning of your thread the reference truck you want to replicate. What actually truck are you modeling?
  5. Those reissued AMT kits aren't that much less than first issue Moebius and Italeri kits. $25 to $30 for the 50 year old reissues, $45 to $50 for Moebius and Italeri kits. In fact, the renamed Italeri, AMT Reefer trailer and Peterbuilt kits cost as much as original Italeri kits. Ironically, the biggest beef I heard with the Italeri reefer trailer when it first came out in the 1990s was that it was grossly inaccurate and nobody was going to buy it. Now that the label has been replaced with AMT instead of Italeri, I have heard none of that. Do I sense a bit of jingoism among the Model Cars Magazine crowd?
  6. LOL! I would rather hope for modern new kits instead of antiqued old kits.
  7. Nothing more "common" than an American trucking fleet livery!
  8. Your model is just about perfect. Too bad you didn't use a more interesting livery scheme.
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