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  1. The Euros are doing more and better resins of American subjects than Americans.
  2. Are you employed by a truck servicing company or an airline?
  3. Wow! What an inventive subject. The Fuso Super Great (what a name) is non existent in the US. The largest Fuso in the North America would a be a light medium duty, 25710lb (11662kg) model, which is used for urban deliveries The square cab definitely makes your scratch building a bit easier. There seems to be some common parts with the Mercedes Benz trucks, since Daimler owns both Fuso and Mercedes trucks. What technique did you use to make the cab logos? Great start!
  4. Since when does AMT/Round2 do anything related to big rigs "new tool"?
  5. Yes I do and I will continue to haunt your brain! And if you don't like my opinions, oh well!
  6. Those polls don't work. Emailing or writing to Revell directly seems to get more of a response. I have conducted polls over various magazines and web pages for years and sent the data to model companies with no replies. I have written and emailed them with my specific personal choices and they at least reply. Model compares are having difficult economic times. I guess their budgets don't include new American model truck subjects. Thank goodness for Moebius!
  7. Italeri has been doing this for 30 years. The cabs are much more accurate. Get with the program!
  8. So apparently Italeri has totally abandoned any new tool modern American big rig subjects.
  9. More from Michael Capasso that were on the MTDG Facebook page.
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