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  1. Tim says shooting for a Spring release.
  2. I did. I got the information from "The Source". Stevens International has had it listed for several months now. I don't know how long it takes for a 40 foot shipping container of model kits to be unload from a massive container ship from China, unloaded at the distributor and the kits sent to retail outlets. I would think Moebius is still run as a separate entity, event though they were bought out by Pegasus Models. I am surprised it has taken this short of a time considering the Worldwide Covid pandemic.
  3. What kit maker. There are many model kit manufacturers.
  4. As of late December, 2020, I was told the FB trailer kit was on the boat.
  5. A Western Star would be nice. Both Freightliner and WS share similar components. A KW T680 would be nice too. Used by a lot of fleets and O/Os. How many Ford pick ups do you need?
  6. It's a scale model. You aren't going to actually drive it. ? Can you name any big rig model we are "drowning in", other than Peterbilt after Peterbilt subject?
  7. I have no idea why a model company would waste their valuable capitol making new tooling for a truck subject that is ancient unless it is an historical subject when there have been so many interesting truck subjects today. Trucks did not stop evolving since the 1970s. I vote for a Freightliner Cascadia Evolution, the most popular truck tractor on the American roads today. BTW, we do need more trailer kits.
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