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  1. Very nicely done, especially considering the kit you started with I have the big 1/16 Fujimi 288 GTO sitting in the stash awaiting its turn for attention....one day
  2. Really solid work Bruce, that looks great They are not easy kits to make look decent and do take some work. I do like the F1 cars of this era, great shapes to them
  3. Excellent result. For an old girl she is quite a looker
  4. Sweet tanks!!! Engine and front suspension look great too Love this level of detail
  5. Cheers Curtis nice of you to say buddy Thanks man, I will keep posting updates as I get her moving forward
  6. Hi Bruce buddy, good to hear from you. Hope you are having a good summer. Ya she puts up a bit of a fight and still has a few opportunities to crush me, but I am thinking i am getting there Have a pretty good plan of attack with the livery paint. The decals just need not to fully explode and we are golden...the decals are all wrinkly so may indeed explode on me
  7. Cheers you three guys I will keep the build updated
  8. They go where they go. Here is another reference angle, looks like Revell had them correct, I just cut off the tip and added some aluminum so the angle is what it was
  9. Holy molars!!! Loving the imagination and talent here Definitely have my attention
  10. Excellent work and some really nice clean upgrade work going on Definitely worth following along
  11. Rear clip is done, cemented and detailed. I have her in her white paint, now awaiting for some cure time before masking off for the blue Up to date now.
  12. Liking this a whole lot! I am late to the party as usual
  13. You go to it man That is a heck of a laundry list of mods to do I will sit back and watch from a safe distance
  14. I think of selling it every time I work on the darn thing Or maybe destroying it
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