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  1. Harry`s Models

    Hi Mr Jordan, hope you are doing well
  2. Lovely in yellow, really nice job 👍 I have the Daytona Spyder in the ‘on the bench’ section right now..just battling the paint
  3. Harry`s Models

    God Frank, what DIDN'T they break on it?! Just plug away bit by bit and you will get her back together
  4. Dino 246GTS (red)

    Picking up tips to build my little yellow girl who just arrived
  5. Harry`s Models

    Nice looking MG indeed and I agree was a great little kit Harry actually helped me out on my MG as I was pondering what to do with the dash. He was noted for the quote "nothing looks quite like real wood other than wood"...so I made an entire wood dash, then added leather seats to top it off Here are both threads, sadly with the loss of photos in Harry's
  6. Harry`s Models

    Thanks Frank I have Harry's 1/16 Jaguar ss100 fixed up and my own MGTC 1/16....you have given me an assignment for a photo shoot!
  7. Pocher Porsche 911 1/8 Scale.

    Ahh, she doesn't want to ship it to Canada...no wonder, it would be a fortune
  8. Pocher Porsche 911 1/8 Scale.

    Can you do a link...I don't find it on her eBay shop that I have saved
  9. Harry`s Models

    I promised Dann on another thread to show one of Harry's builds I have. This is a Sopwith Camel in 1/32 scale made by Harry's hands...missing a couple bits I wanted to keep this all Harry's work so only returned what was missing and tried my best to match the paint shades. Fortunately I had a Wing Nut Wings kit with the exact parts as extras on the sprue tree...real surprise. I will re-do the broken rigging when I get the correct lines As she stands now up on her wheels
  10. Pocher Porsche 911 1/8 Scale.

    Awesome, what did you get for it?? I just sold a wooden r/c boat kit on Craig's list for $300...and then bought four kits to fill the void
  11. Ferrari F12

    Awesome cockpit..looks like the real deal!!!
  12. Ferrari 365GTS/4 Daytona Spyder

    Thanks Dann, really nice of you to say Oh yeah, I am all good just been building other stuff...helicopter, jets, space shuttles and our house. Honestly, after Harry passed away, MCM has been a bit harder for me to come back to. Losing a mentor like him just sucks and I needed some time, do some other stuff....but now I am back and doing more car stuff so it is all good. I have bought three of his models from Amy, his daughter, and restored two...will show them at some point
  13. Ferrari 365GTS/4 Daytona Spyder

    Thanks Jay, Cheers bud
  14. Post a cool model pic

    One of my favourite builds
  15. Ferrari 365GTS/4 Daytona Spyder

    See there is a familiar name!!! Good to hear from you as well Bruce and thanks You cannot see the distributors as they are so tight to the firewall...just use the kit ones and drill out in appropriate locations...I have a schematic pic if you need it