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  1. Hey,Thanks man Summer and the plague had taken away a bit of my modelling motivation, but I will get her done I did test spray one door its first coat of clear blue when I final coated an A/C Cobra I have a F40 love as well. Got a built semi-wrecked 1/8 to refurbish one day
  2. Apparently yes was my own fault, can’t blame anyone but myself
  3. Such clean work Always amazes me how crisp everything is you are making
  4. Hey man thanks I exploded one of the Borrani wire wheels trying to tighten it up on the axle. I had the other three all placed and done, this was the last one. I had to dissect out wheels from a gaudy set of Fujimi wheels and make do. Sand down the deep dish to similar dimension to my other three and rearrange the spokes inside. I am missing one layer of wire in the pattern, but it is the best I can do with out replacing everything. Finished one compared to the original donor wheel
  5. Fantastic paint so far and you have just started. Lovely coverage....real pro work there with that gun I suffer from that BMW policy of "Replace New" rather than repair anything...paying throughout the nose every service. Good to hear you are picking up their 'old' paint.
  6. Nice stuff, following along
  7. Found some clear parts from digging around stash kits and the parts bin. Especially important are the front headlights from a Fujimi Slantnose Porsche that had perfect round clear headlights that were not to be used. Usual porsche headlights are kinda oblong They are perfect fit and I can retire the google eyes. Other clear parts are for the front signal lights, the taillights and an AC sticker I have used to reduce the image and will make the steering wheel center cap
  8. I make my own airbrush cleaner similar to this. At work so don't have the diluting proportions in my head but can add them later Winter windsheid washer fluid Distilled Water 90% Isopropyl Drops of dawn detergent or glycerine It cleans up acrylics very well...which Future is.
  9. Finished out the headlights. Really makes the car come alive
  10. Headlight inserts and bezels next. Plastic back and the bezel is made from wire silver soldered into a circle. Have to figure something out for the clear glass Plastic circle insert on the right, metal bezel on the left This will all get sanded and refined then chrome painted
  11. I made a little gas cap out of brass for the rear deck Got the nerve to drill the pin holes into the finished body and properly set up the windscreen positioning. Now it will sit on its own and I can adjust the base tighter. Chrome ‘granny bar’ for the passenger side out of solder and Molotow paint
  12. That is a really nice 427. My dainty 289 is going to be a little less aggressive so the Borannis and narrower tires will work Still some scratching to do for missing bits. I do not have your clean touch for messing with with styrene so will use brass or aluminum
  13. Hmm good thinking. Will go raid the kid’s art stuff🤔
  14. Thanks very much to you both Going to work hard on the brass/copper windscreen as I think that will look sweet Have made some some headlight bezels, but the actual clear glass is going to be the hard part as I haven't found round clear scrap big enough yet
  15. Splash 2k clear coat done today. That’l do pig, that’l do Now I can mess with the two windscreens and not scratch the paint as easily
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