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  1. Ya me too. Won’t be starting until I get everything collected, researched, organized and my time figured out
  2. Plodding along slowly collecting bits and pieces for the build I got my AMT kit and an awesome resin hood
  3. Thanks a lot Bruce. It is Stretched clear sprue, though fish line would have worked well. I was going to Molotov it silver, but like how it looked clear for some reason
  4. Thanks for this reference mate...will use them for sure
  5. Sweet. I lost interest in F1 when Gilles had his crash and died....stopped watching, took all posters down from my room, no F1 models made after that. Fast forward 30 odd years and I get this kit and research Jacques' history and am amazed at what he did in such a short time, all of which I missed while in university. I am sure JV's dad would be super proud of him for his accomplishments as he also seems like a true gentleman.
  6. See right off the hop you guys are great I will digest all of that info and see what I come up with Assumed the guy at AITM had stopped producing anything as most of his stuff is OUT OF STOCK on his site I am on no rush for this build, so will slowly organize and accumulate stuff
  7. Stupidly I have a desire to return to my childhood and want to build the Convoy rig I am not a truck-head and would appreciate some direction/opinions I have done some research, the online resin kit guy is out of stock so nope The Ertl kit I built as a kid is a joke and asking stupid money on eBay if you can even find one so nope Seen a dude’s build online from Germany, I think it was, and have his photos. Have the source for the decals, I have ordered AMT’s green R685st Mack (the other Mack AMT do was out of stock) and am looking to modify it.....sleeper, extend hood, alter frame, short or long fuel tanks, hmm what else? Likely do some 3D print or Shapeways order especially the hood figure and fabricate some detail parts myself. ok what am I missing ????_
  8. So ya she has been done for a month or so and I am starting a Revell Raynard Indy 500 winning car of Jacques Villeneuve
  9. Very nicely done, especially considering the kit you started with I have the big 1/16 Fujimi 288 GTO sitting in the stash awaiting its turn for attention....one day
  10. Really solid work Bruce, that looks great They are not easy kits to make look decent and do take some work. I do like the F1 cars of this era, great shapes to them
  11. Excellent result. For an old girl she is quite a looker
  12. Sweet tanks!!! Engine and front suspension look great too Love this level of detail
  13. Cheers Curtis nice of you to say buddy Thanks man, I will keep posting updates as I get her moving forward
  14. Hi Bruce buddy, good to hear from you. Hope you are having a good summer. Ya she puts up a bit of a fight and still has a few opportunities to crush me, but I am thinking i am getting there Have a pretty good plan of attack with the livery paint. The decals just need not to fully explode and we are golden...the decals are all wrinkly so may indeed explode on me
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