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  1. Do you have a link to your design site? Like on cults or thingiverse. I would like to see what you have done and maybe buy a couple files Thanks
  2. The Tamiya kits on eBay are $150+shipping extra ya no thanks
  3. Oh that is awesome!!! You are speaking my language😊 I did a little Herbie as a desert bug, but really plan on 3D printing a full on Volkswagen Baja racer like this one
  4. Sucks about the paint peel. You will get her sorted😎
  5. Oh she is a big beautiful boat. Love the added details Are you designing the parts yourself or printing stuff from files you find on the internet? I am still in the latter mode, needing to learn the 3D design software
  6. Carpenter pencils Home Depot paint brushes The list of cool ideas keeps growing. Awesome work👍🏻😎
  7. Looking great Steve, awesome detailing What is a good hobby shop in Victoria?....in case I get dragged to the in-laws now that Covid is overish
  8. Work on the Jeep. Printed a windshield and some headlights from clear resin. There will be rain and lots of blood inside the Jeep window. Still have the fog and overhead light bar to make. Printed out a winch for the bumper Lots of foliage printed for the jungle too. T. Rex sticking his nose in just because he can. The Dilophosaurus has Nedry’s severed arm in his mouth
  9. This was cool: an stl file for the Barbasol can with the internals for embryo smugglage🤣 I just printed the can exterior, in a couple scales to get it right. Sorry it is clear resin, but the can printing and label details are on there.
  10. The idea started with finding this Jeep key chain stl file. I thought it would be a cool backdrop for a diorama as it is thin and has a vertical component without taking it too much horizontal space on the diorama floor Now I know it is not the same model of Jeep as in the film, but real Jeeps have round headlights and it is my model Printed a few sizes just for fun and to get a feel of different scales. It came out wavy, perhaps a failed print in many minds, but it looks great for the tire texture so I kept it as wavy print and went with it. These were super thin in the smaller scales so they started to warp as they cured. The dinosaur, jeep front and the Jurassic sign
  11. Ok to set the scene: Jurassic Park where Nedry (Newman from Seinfeld) gets stuck in the rain and bails the Jeep over the side of the road in an embankment. He then proceeds to try and winch it out (weirdly as it is pulling him farther into the jungle) and gets eaten by a dinosaur, a Dilophosaurus to be precise. He loses the Barbasol can that contains the embryos he stole and was trying to sell….setting up the sequel. I totally forgot there was a diorama section in here, it is one of my favourite ways to model. ‘This is a challenge to myself to make use of my Anycubic 3D printer and make as much of a model as I can with resin printing. aAslow project as I have others on the go and have to hunt for appropriate stl files to use as I can’t design myself as of yet
  12. Love what you are doing here! That looks fantastic and you have just started Great that you are using things you have around the house…garlic press cover, hilarious but perfect👍🏻 and hello from across the straight, hope you guys are getting some sunshine too😎
  13. Your models are fantastic👍🏻😎 I agree. One of the sexiest car shapes made. Jay Leno has a great video from his channel showing and tooling around in his E type I got a couple or so project kits off eBay in a little larger in scale that will keep me occupied for a while Her body looks good even in a pile of wreaked parts
  14. Hi Greg The large decals are indeed a vinyl sticker and the small ones water sliders I am making a Tamiya Spitfire Merlin and also found a 3D print file for a Merlin I am playing with to get all the parts separated and printed out
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