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  1. thanks Mark😎 Thank you, yes it I just seems this Vincent wants to morph into something else. I have another ai will make into a full proper Black Shadow I looked that BMW kit up, it is 1/10 scale. I will keep it on my radar, Cheers👍🏻
  2. Been working on a project for over a year. This old kit has had a few manufacturers take the moulds. This one is Revell I have re-done the wheels in brass spokes, detailed the engine up a bit, made a MFH metal chain and am in the process of making a couple new seats and a custom exhaust before she gets finished over this Christmas break All attachment points have either threaded brass rods or brass pins for more strength and hold. I had to pin and cement the hard rear tire as it split. This is the inspiration photo Happy Holidays to everyone!
  3. Another step forward to getting parts for this project Got the AMT tanker trailer today. In decent shape and relatively cheap
  4. Got an old Revell motorcycle kit circa 1969 from a local auction house for a good deal. Was complete and in decent shape too. Have not seen any of these kits around; similar ones on eBay are a fortune
  5. Cheers Mike, thanks a lot i seem to be collecting a few older kits I built as a kid and having a second shot at them with new skills and technology and some old man experience🤪
  6. Been on a bit of a drag car kick as of late. Revisiting some kits I did as a kid
  7. Well we lost our Bernese Coco in May to cancer…happened super fast, literally overnight. She was euthanized at home and in my arms, went peacefully and quietly the sweetheart. It was hardest thing I have ever done in my life. So while signing on for another puppy in a year, the breeder had a two and a half year old girl who they could not keep for breeding….well ok. This is Piper and we consider her a rescue as she is kennel raised and not house. Lots of nervousness and uncertainties, but she is getting better. Has taken a shine more to my wife than me, but that is ok too
  8. Excellent projects and indeed a monster of a car…bugger literally blows flames out the exhaust as it drives along, very funny YouTube video of that I will wish you good luck and follow along on your build so I might make mine easier when it comes Love the Ken Foran nook in brass work and absolute marvel in skills
  9. I have taken another small step in moving this project forward Got a 3D resin printer and have been learning on it. Now have made the full size Deathproof Duck ornament, just need to reduce it
  10. Moving on.... windows tinted and installed, doors mounted, side mirrors on and front lights/covers on. Just the side rear windows, valence and exhausts to sort out Almost done🙄🤪
  11. Rear end work is next with the metal mesh installed and taillights done. The rear valence is loose, just propped up for the photo
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