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  1. 1/12th Lamborghini Countach

    Awesome. Thanks I wil have a look for that one at the LHS
  2. 1/12th Lamborghini Countach

    Interested to hear about making your decals and what you used. I tried some Testors Inkjet Decal paper and it was a nightmare or runs and tares...and tears
  3. Harry Pristovnik

    The question was not 'can I fix this', it was "should I fix this" or leave it as it came to me and not mess with Harry's stuff too much Oh I can fix it, Mr Skip
  4. Porsche Gluebomb Refurbish

    Ya I think so Funny but the rear deck was copied from a Fujimi slant nose 911 kit and fit perfectly on this one....hmmm do they share moulds???
  5. Porsche Gluebomb Refurbish

    Hmm never tried that. Lots of different ways to strip and seems the combo of oven cleaner and then the air abrasion for tough spots works well for me. It is fun to restore and old glue bomb or a partially started kit that has gone off the rails for someone. I have a Pocher Alfa Romeo partial start glue bomb that looks like someone got in over their head with. That is my holy grail of bomb restoration projects...one day
  6. Porsche Gluebomb Refurbish

    Been picking away at this off and on between other builds The black is Stylenrez (UMP version) which is a great flat black primer made by Badger...awesome stuff indeed so smooth!!!
  7. Tamiya Ferrari 360 Spider

    Good save on the seats, they look fine now...looks like the protective clear got eaten by your weathering so it attacked the seat paint. Been there, stripped an entire body because of it Happy to see more progress on yours
  8. Model factory hiro

    You will hate it, send it to me and I will rid you of the burden...
  9. What did you get today?

    Yep, it is a simple little build and goes together nicely.
  10. Series 1 Jaguar XKE rebuild - Done....well, almost

    I am following along Love the car and love doing rebuilds of classics
  11. Pocher Porsche 911 1/8 Scale.

    Yes, yes I can
  12. Ferrari 250 GTO (DONE)

    I agree, you are loaded up with goodies for this build I am following along for sure
  13. What did you get today?

    Really nice jag, nice Porsches You guys are killing me...not suppose to be buying more kits
  14. 1/12th Lamborghini Countach

    Beautiful engine work so far for sure Thomas posted a gorgeous blue Countach, wow that paint is nice
  15. Pocher Porsche 911 1/8 Scale.

    I am keeping my eye on things...bit pricey at the moment for the Carerra Already have the the Pochers I want ....some partially made others not yet started Alfa Romeosx2, Bugatti, F40, Testarossa The Lambos and the Ducati are tempting. But I have a lifetime of kits to build at the moment