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  1. What would you estimate this car is worth??? I see some pretty high numbers when I ask Google that question
  2. Thank you my apologies, I did not mean to hijack your thread it must have been a wonderful day trip; nice car, nice weather👍🏻😎
  3. I just swapped out the tires from the Fujimi kit with the Boranni tires. It looks much better with a smaller less aggressive tire tread Took a good peruse at what is left to make for the Cobra and just tucked it back away into its container for now🥺
  4. They are Boranni wire wheels from Fujimi ..I think it was The tires are a bit wide but such is life. The WIP is on here somewhere , will look here it is:
  5. I only got a little one like that I am working on Saving those sweet pics for reference though
  6. Really nice Remember this from all the re-runs as a kid
  7. Oh that is cool. Keep me in the loop and maybe we can have a meet up. I am a Kamloops boy originally
  8. Hi Brian, thanks for the kind words. Yes, this yellow totally changes the bike. I am usually not a big yellow fan, but this one really popped All fairings have magnetic inserts so can easily come on and off and the livery markings are a combination of kit decals, grey stripe is pin striping tape and the yellow wheel stripe is also pin striping. I had to steal the larger Ducati decal from my Tricolore kit, but that one is going to be in the cool Martini colours and decal set
  9. Cheers Jim. It is a fantastic kit if you ever get the notion to build one
  10. Tamiya’s wonderful 1/12 Ducati Panigale kit in a slightly different than normal livery
  11. Oh shoot, I gotta check my Repsol Honda paint ...the one and only time I ordered from Gravity USA and had to do the PAYPAL refund to get the shipment sent. Never again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me
  12. Oh Sweet!! This is one of Tamiya's best car kits, literally falls together. Really looking forward to seeing this livery, excellent choice
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