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  1. Well we lost our Bernese Coco in May to cancer…happened super fast, literally overnight. She was euthanized at home and in my arms, went peacefully and quietly the sweetheart. It was hardest thing I have ever done in my life. So while signing on for another puppy in a year, the breeder had a two and a half year old girl who they could not keep for breeding….well ok. This is Piper and we consider her a rescue as she is kennel raised and not house. Lots of nervousness and uncertainties, but she is getting better. Has taken a shine more to my wife than me, but that is ok too
  2. Excellent projects and indeed a monster of a car…bugger literally blows flames out the exhaust as it drives along, very funny YouTube video of that I will wish you good luck and follow along on your build so I might make mine easier when it comes Love the Ken Foran nook in brass work and absolute marvel in skills
  3. I have taken another small step in moving this project forward Got a 3D resin printer and have been learning on it. Now have made the full size Deathproof Duck ornament, just need to reduce it
  4. Moving on.... windows tinted and installed, doors mounted, side mirrors on and front lights/covers on. Just the side rear windows, valence and exhausts to sort out Almost done🙄🤪
  5. Rear end work is next with the metal mesh installed and taillights done. The rear valence is loose, just propped up for the photo
  6. Great detail work so far man, love the extras you are adding You are miles ahead of my monogram project, I just cut the top off of her last weekend
  7. The Tamiya clear blue layers were done and this morning the Splash 2k clear had cured overnight Not a perfect paint job, but very interesting effects...it looks different from every angle Final assembly bits over the next week here
  8. Cheers man👍🏻😎 Now I am all done and everything buttoned up tight. I popped off a last couple photos with a desert backdrop and base.....
  9. I just bought the yellow 1/8 XKE Jag kit off eBay represented as complete and it is missing the entire engine...every single engine part off the sprues not sure what to do now
  10. Thanks for bumping this topic up...I totally missed Randy's magic on this project WOW is a good start for words; you make it look so easy, I couldn't be that detailed at 1/16 or 1/8 scale soldering brass parts. WOW Love to see you make up a Singer Porsche 911
  11. Really awesome Just love the black paint
  12. Cheers Jerry. So far so good
  13. This is Coco recovering well from surgery to her tummy. Pretty big mass removed She is a wonderful lively goofball otherwise and a lot of fun. Truly the love of my life You guys make me feel lucky my girl is still battling and so far winning against cancer So sorry to hear of anyone having to lose their best friend, but I also know my time for losing her is coming
  14. This is my $20 local estate auction find over Easter weekend. 1/8 scale Monogram '65 Corvette She has had some front end and right fender damage so I won't sell it now and have begun some repairs with softened styrene before body filler Size comparison pic vs a 1/24 Tamiya Mercedes
  15. She is getting close to being done. Last detail bits, tubings, wiring, number plates, glue on tank and seat....oh hell I am miles from finished 🤔
  16. Thanks! It isn’t all that hard once you get set up and follow the pattern
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