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  1. Hi Greg The large decals are indeed a vinyl sticker and the small ones water sliders I am making a Tamiya Spitfire Merlin and also found a 3D print file for a Merlin I am playing with to get all the parts separated and printed out
  2. Indeed Jay Leno has a great video of him driving around a few V12 Merlin engined cars...a Rolls and an Alfa I think they were
  3. Yes very careful indeed; they look to fall apart if you stare at them too much! I will paint the copper, red and white parts and just cut out and apply the decal over top
  4. A new project for me is this cool unique Hydroplane kit. Watched these boats race every summer at Sea Fest in Seattle….mostly on TV. A pretty simplistic kit part wise but the paint livery and engine detailing are where the challenge is. These ran an aircraft Packard/Merlin v12 engine. The black engine here is a 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire engine I am making.
  5. Oh Bruce so nice, you are very lucky to get a big Miura. Got a few 1/8/‘s tucked away myself, but nothing modern and cool like that
  6. Headlight testing I got the exhaust set up and installed, the fuel system all linked in and am down to the last little bits
  7. Absolutely, they are a super design; the engine is a masterpiece. The stock bike is a bit bulky and the seat ridiculously large. The choice to strip it down was pretty easy
  8. So I got one of these magnetic tumblers. It is a jewelry cleaner, using little metal compound spikes and magnetism to clean and polish metal…like death by a thousand blows but polishing. The idea is to use it for white metal parts to clean them up say for a couple MFH kits I have🤔
  9. Tailpipe made in aluminum tube, new kickstarter arm too. Just dry fit testing here.
  10. Ha ha awesome. This is exactly how I got back in to modelling after years of schooling and marriage. Helped my boy make a customize an RC truck body and it lead to going to hobby stores, making a kit together and then I just went from there I am glad you kept some equipment to make the re-entry a bit easier and less costly They are doing some great things with electric radio controlled stuff, might take a look at it for your son...Losi and those brands, not the big box store junk.
  11. Thank you for that👍🏻😎 I had someone on FB half seriously/half jokingly tell me I was a heretic for modifying a black shadow🙄
  12. Thanks very much 👍🏻 The stand is a prototype from a friend In England. He was designing it and asked help with working out some bugs. This mini bike bench allows you to tilt the build while still secure in the table. Very helpful. Not sure if it is in production for sales, he has been swamped with his work lately : minibikebench on Facebook or Instagram I have the other aluminum rail stand style stand too, both are nice for securing a motorcycle down
  13. Got over two big hurdles that were slowing this build down First the seat and the seat post: I made a smaller/sleeker leather seat and a spring for the support bar. Second: I needed the fuel tank to be stable so I can do the carbs and the fuel lines. A wobbly tank means loose floppy lines. So I tapped a brass tube and got it into a brass watch crown that is the oil tank cap Then I tapped the plastic part of the oil tank to allow me to actually screw on the tank. This will be huge in stabilizing things so I can connect the dots with the necessary fuel lines while still getting the tank off so I can polish it for final assembly
  14. thanks Mark😎 Thank you, yes it I just seems this Vincent wants to morph into something else. I have another ai will make into a full proper Black Shadow I looked that BMW kit up, it is 1/10 scale. I will keep it on my radar, Cheers👍🏻
  15. Been working on a project for over a year. This old kit has had a few manufacturers take the moulds. This one is Revell I have re-done the wheels in brass spokes, detailed the engine up a bit, made a MFH metal chain and am in the process of making a couple new seats and a custom exhaust before she gets finished over this Christmas break All attachment points have either threaded brass rods or brass pins for more strength and hold. I had to pin and cement the hard rear tire as it split. This is the inspiration photo Happy Holidays to everyone!
  16. Another step forward to getting parts for this project Got the AMT tanker trailer today. In decent shape and relatively cheap
  17. Got an old Revell motorcycle kit circa 1969 from a local auction house for a good deal. Was complete and in decent shape too. Have not seen any of these kits around; similar ones on eBay are a fortune
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