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  1. Pics are uploading, i got the body clear coated and New motor mounts built, headers and water pump painted on the ardun, and a few other small odds and ends done. I need a pulley system for the ardun, and I'm considering scratch building it, but i might just go over to the wanted section and post looking for one.
  2. Its a Very simple kit, and very easy to customize. I will definetly buy it again
  3. Some pics of how I scratched up the transmission tunnel. A trick I use for this is the plastic lids from spray paint cans, first I make a paper pattern Then I use the pattern to cut the part a little oversize from the paint can lid Then I slowly heat the plastic over a candle and form it around my xacto knife handle, which usually is about the perfect radius. Then with a little sanding, and careful whittling I get this. I'm going to have to rebuild a gas pedal for it, or I might move all the pedals over a hair to fit them. But the tunnel fits in nice and will blend right in with some sanding and paint.
  4. I got this neat little lazy Susan at a garage sale for 50 cents, it fits on my work bench very nicely. Here are a few pictures of how the ardun is coming along. I used a popsicle stick to align the carbs I also stuck some decals on the body. I am very happy with how this kit is going together! Now a quick mock up with the motor in it, looks fair enough to proceed. Then I got out my little magnifying stand and started putting the dash cluster in. My dad bought me This thing about 8 years ago and it's came in so handy It has a fairly powerful lense too, which makes this a breeze I'm in the process of building the transmission hump right now to clear the ardun, and once I get that made and installed, I need to build a radiator mount, hose routing, figure out where to mount the headlights, trim the windshield to fit the shortened frame, then it's down to clear coating the body and frame, then polish and final assembly.
  5. Does any one have any links to valuable threads on polishing and clear coating to get a good shine? I'd like to get this thing to shine.
  6. Small updates. I trimmed a quarter inch from the height of the windsheild frame, and set the body onto the frame with some rubber bands I put tape over the moon discs so i didn't bugger them up with glue. I decided to do some detail work to the kits OE motor too. I didn't like the suplied six pack of carbs it came with, so with a little digging in the parts box, i found a high rise tunnel ram and a set of dual quads & mailbox scoop. I'll save this motor for a different project, because the ardun will go in here. Or if anyone has a standard ford flathead or a lincoln v12 flatty they'd wish to part with, I'm willing to trade. I'll post some pics of the ardun soon. I'm building the trans support now, and I'm going to utilize the stock front motor mounts. The neat thing is, where I've got the motor set now, the stock front motor mounts line up fairly close to where a real flathead ford's front motor mounts are.. Happy accidents!
  7. I picked up this monogram black widow for 15$ at Wal-Mart, and I have decided to make a few changes. I took 3/4ths of an inch out of the box to get the look I was after Here's the look I'm going for with this. Dark green, high boy, black frame, and red interior. I will be giving a chance at finding some rims that'll fit the kits tires, and smaller moon hubcaps. I trimmed the box up and put a little filler into the seam. Then after two coats of primer with some wet sanding, I added the color. Krylon gloss hunter green, no further polishing yet or clear coat but that is in the agenda after I get the motor and trans fit. I'm planning on putting an ardun headed flattie in here out of the revell '50 ford pickup. Also my plan is to get a rear axle and leaf springs from a different kit to put under the rear of it to add that much more detail. Plus a drive shaft as well. I'm going to be working on the ardun tonight more, and I'll post more pictures. My computer is not cooperating with me whatsoever, so I'm sorry about the haphazard locations of the images.
  8. Beyond stunning work.... I'm speechless
  9. Finally got a go-ahead on paint, she's going to be gloss black. I'll be throwing the first primer coat on tomorrow at lunch, and we'll see how it goes from there.
  10. Maybe start with a dodge cab, lengthen the cab, chop the roof, add in the '40 ford fenders and the resin grille and if there ain't a hood to match the grille, that could probably be made from the '40 ford hood. I'm not sure if there's a kit out there that could donate some correct-ish headlights though
  11. That's a load of bunk! Sorry about the sudden bad luck. I'm liking how accurate you're being with this, owning a '68 in the style of the mayhem would be awesome in 1-1
  12. I wonder what truck kit a person could start with to replicate one. If you got your hands on a resin grille of course
  13. Neat, looks very good! Maybe if you've got a dremel tool, you could look up on YouTube for how to add rust holes. They're tricky to get without an example to follow, but add to the weathering effect
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