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  1. jewellure added a post in a topic Durachrome Bug   

    We did run the scoop backwards on the second car towards the end of the tour. The scoop was below the top of the hood. It seemed to make more sense to have the air go into the windshield opening and turn forward into the scoop. Otherwise if the scoop was facing forward the air had to go back forward and then turn again into the scoop. The engine was much lower on the second chassis than the first. I had a small gas pump on-board that primed the engine and I also controlled the on-board starter from inside. Most of the time it was just Steve Harris and me so we needed to simplify everything we could.

  2. jewellure added a post in a topic Durachrome Bug   

    Hey John, Great job. I think you did better that I did when I built this car. This is actually the second version with the 5 spoke front wheels. Most of the magazine shoots were of the first chassis and the original paint job. We cut the roof spoiler off and added the rear spoiler trying to get rid of some of the handling problems about half track. Not sure it helped but it looked cool. I don't think we ever ran the injector hat backwards but even I don't remember from 40 years ago! I'll look at some of my photos to check it out.

    Again a wonderful job. Build another and I'll provide more info and a handsome purchase price.

    Warren Gunter
  3. jewellure added a post in a topic The Durachrome Bug.....   

    Hi Marty, it's Warren Gunter. I am pleased with the job you did on this model and we have communicated about this before. As you and some of the others her may know there were actually two cars run. The first is this one and the second was built after a minor crash at Orange County Raceway that required a new chassis but we were able to repair the one-off body. That second one is the car that went on tour for two years. If you look over some of the pictures the easy way to tell them apart is the first had small spoke front wheels and the later car had 5 spoke. The second had more prominent black shadowing and flatter areas where the head lights would be. The first car was much more attractive and was the one that got all the initial magazine coverage. I did a nicer paint job on the first one and it had the gold anodized aluminum inside.

    Marty, I haven't forgotten about the package I will send you.

  4. jewellure added a post in a topic Durachrome Bug   

    Very nice job on this model of the first version. There were actually two different chassis with the same body slightly modified. Also there were some lettering changes as sponsors wanted different things. This version was as the car was first run locally in So. Cal.

    Warren Gunter