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  1. Have the same problem here. I learned that´s a java script issue. 🤔🤔. I´m no computer expert to fix that, so i rightklick on page 2 (or any other) and open it in a new tab/window.
  2. Wow, this is so cool !! It will run at least 200 mp/h !😎😎 It reminds me a little bit on Yassid design cars: www.deviantart.com/yasiddesign/gallery
  3. Wonderful looking car!! Even in germany you see more and more modern Challengers, Mustangs and Camaros. Imho, the Challenger is the best looking of those three. Last year i rented a Challenger Hellcat for a weekend, lotsa fun to drive such a monster, amazing !!
  4. Ver nice, Mark. Lot of work on tis model and the result is great !!
  5. Pierre, you did a gret job so far one this diorama! The rusted racecar chassis looks very realistic and the shop equipment as well! Here is a website with some items you´re maybe interested in: http://www.seltd.net/ Btw. i shot you PM.
  6. Some very nice ideas here !! Here are a few of mine: Revell Land Rover, finished meanwhile: Volvo Amazon, P121 (1/18th DieCast) shuold become a hillclimb racer: Chevrolet Chevy argentinian Turismo Carratera racing series:
  7. Very cool. Nice paint !!
  8. Very clean build, nice details!! Great !!
  9. Thanks for all your nice comments on the Impala, guys!! I´ve heard about this "lifting effect" / handling problems from other poeple as well.
  10. I have to put Maindarian Pace on this list as well. He is a very smart guy and don´t hesitate to send model parts even to Germany. Thanks Mike !!!
  11. Something new from my workbench: Tiny Lund´s ´59 Impala. Reference pics of this car are hard to find, so i don´t really know, if he drove an Impala or a Biscane. Thanks to Dave Van for the cool decals! They are still in great condition after all those years of storage. The six-lugs are from PPP. Hope, you like it! Thanks for watching.
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