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  1. conversion woodies, panels, pickups, wagons

    Wow, this thing looks weird !! But for some reason, i like it !!
  2. Whitey Gerken USAC 62 Belair

    I saw the photo of the real car somewhere, great to see it "modeled" ! Very nice.
  3. resin builds

    Looks like there are two guys with the same idea, a flat painted sdan delivery with flames This is my only resin model to date. Built this a few years ago. Don´t know who made the body...
  4. That´s so sad !! Call me a softie, but this was and is my favorite song from her:
  5. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Very cool and realistic. The lights are great. The Bedford tanker is a nice Addition to the dio and the Little Morris is sooo cute...
  6. Racecar junkyard wip -Update 08,Aug.2017-

    Cale, thanks for your interest on this one. I replicated the concrete with shaded wallpaint applied with a small lambskin paintroller. Actually i think it´s quite rough textured. Rory, currently it´s an on and off job on the junkyard. To less time ... At the moment i´m working on an air compressor made from an old truck fueltank with a frame from u-profile evergreen. I´ll place it outside the building under a rotting wooden shelter, so it needs an appropriate weathering. I hope it turns out well. I think, a realistic weathering is the most difficult part of modeling and i´m not a pro, oh well... David, your diorama is great, the Rolls fleet is very nice! The bus is a giant! I found some interesting details such as the motorcycle and the people on the road, very british, as it should be... A diorama takes a lot of space doesn´t it? First i wanted to build a much bigger dio because of the many nascar kits i have in my stash, but due to the lack of space in my home, the actual size of the junkyard fits well. If i´m not working on it, the baseplate will vanish in a cardboardbox in the basement. There will be always work in progress on this one. I´ll take some pics and show them in the next few days. Thanks for your interest, guys!!
  7. 2010 SHELBY GT500 CUSTOM

    You build a great model of a very cool car! The bodywork is very clean and sleek. I have the kit as well and want to do the fenderflares exactly your way. I think a lowered stance would make your car look even faster. Just a thought...
  8. 1971 Dodge Charger

    Excellent craftsmanship... Very clean and detailed build. The roof is great!! Did you know, this Dodge was a very cool Nascar as well.
  9. Joe's Garage

    This is such a fantastic work on this diorama. I like it very much. Everytime i look at it, i see something new. Very cool. I´m building a junkyard/shop diorama by myself. I hope the shop turns out as nice as yours. Great inspiration!!
  10. Racecar junkyard wip -Update 08,Aug.2017-

    Thanks for your kind comments on this, guys! @ Dominik: will do! We´ll meet in September! I build a baseplate for the racecar junkyard. The brown areas should replicate the earthy parts (the brown is not the final color), the grey areas are cracked/old concrete paving slabs. Some detail has to be added, like grass, dust, oil- and water spots, gully cover and and and... I put some models on the plate, to show the size of it. I think there would be space for ca. 20 cars and a lot of scrap metal. Thanks for looking!
  11. Racecar junkyard wip -Update 08,Aug.2017-

    Thanks for your coments guys, glad you like it! The building itself is completely from styrofoam. The roof is from sandpaper and the window- and doorframes are from plastruct angle material in different sizes.
  12. Racecar junkyard wip -Update 08,Aug.2017-

    Some rusted parts for the junkyard: an oildrum and a burning barrel. The oildrum is was made from a resin item, the burning barrel is from aluminum foil wrapped around the resin drum, peeled of the foil, glued a bottom in it and put some dents and rust on it: Thanks for looking.
  13. Racecar junkyard wip -Update 08,Aug.2017-

    By the way, as you can see on the pics, we not only worked at the junkyard shop, but we changed the floor in our home from carpet to ceramic tiles. Just a side note...
  14. Racecar junkyard wip -Update 08,Aug.2017-

    Next step was to put some paint to the walls to get an idea of the shop when finished: The appearance of this white with blue will be ok, so let´s fill the gaps between the bricks, add frames to doors and windows and paint the hut. Ooops, the guys from Mike´s probably have some issues with the width of the trailers and haulers, see the damaged corner of the building... The backside: Thanks for looking.
  15. I´m planning to build a (miniature) junkyard with restoration shop for racecars, like stockcars, modifieds, jalopies, only. Ok, some trailers and haulers will be there as well... I call it a wip, i think this project would be a "live long wip", because the team of MIKE`S RACECAR SALVAGE AND RESTAURATIONS will pull more and more interesting old racers out of some backyards. The idea came when i built this stocker of ol´Wendell Scott. For some reason i ruined the clear coat so i decided to make a junker from it: The first idea of a shop on paper: First attempt with some styrene foam to replicate a brickwall: Looking good, so let´s build the whole shop that way: A view to the inside: Checking the proportions with a model: Thanks for looking!