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  1. This one is about finished. Bill
  2. Looking through the drag racing forum, there are always several fantastic scratch builds going on. What scale are these? They are truly pieces of art. (If this is the wrong forum please move it.) Bill
  3. Great idea. Now I have a good reason to buy cookies from the bakery. Bill
  4. Pulled the Camaro back out. Cut a suitable piece of clear plastic and glued it in place. I used a piece of a plastic from a box that screws came in. Does anyone know a source of clear plastic that can be used for windshields? Bill
  5. Looking great. Great detail on the engine.
  6. Thanks for the input and encouragement.
  7. The wheels and tires came from my parts. Let me think about it. It will probably come to me around 3 in the morning.
  8. Finished the basic paint job. The off white paint turned out pretty good. I will need to clean up a few areas. You can see the front left corner of the bumper. When I removed the masking tape, the paint pulled off. I am also going to add trim to separate the two colors. Bill
  9. Got the main color on the body. The clear orange with a gold base turned out pretty good. Now I will get the off white on the upper part. Bill
  10. Thanks. I know what you mean about this kit. It is different. Bill
  11. Hi Rusty, I agree about the pearl. I sprayed some white pearl on a spoon and it did not look good next to the orange. Bill
  12. Here is the dash with some filler added so it will fit. Bill
  13. This first picture is the Chrome Yellow with the silver base on the left and gold base on the right. Don't think I like the color. The second picture is Tamiya Clear Orange with a gold and a silver base. I like the gold base on the left. I'm thinking the Clear Orange with the gold base and a pearl white with a silver base for the roof may look good. Bill
  14. For color, I’m thinking Tamiya Chrome Yellow on top of a gold or silver base. I may go two tone with a off white roof. Bill
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