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  1. Both are gorgeous, talk about depth in the paint..
  2. Dare1

    Morgan 4/4

    I, personally, wouldn't have painted it any other color anyway! Nice work!
  3. Wow...absolutely incredible. I cannot wait to see the end result. This is probably one of the coolest builds I've seen on here so far.
  4. Don't ya love when a plan comes together?
  5. Sharp looking Mini, I love it. I love the old Minis, I'd never fit comfortably in one though...
  6. Looks perfect to me, wonderful work!
  7. That roof does look just right, I'll definitely be keeping tabs on this build.
  8. Beautiful. Would build a 1:1 of that.
  9. It's perfect, I love it. Great job!
  10. Looks pretty amazing to me. Love the color scheme.
  11. Cheese whiz orange is officially what I'll be referring to that color as from now on. I love it.
  12. Wow, simply incredible. What beautiful flames on that one. Blown away.
  13. Love the color matched pieces, as well as the shifter. I'll have to remember that. Great job!
  14. Nice one. Love the Ferrari swap. Awesome detail.
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