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  1. Love this Ford....just looks like a cool smoooth cruiser! Nice job and attention to detail!
  2. Wow- you've sure been busy! Real nice builds, think I like the 57 Chevy the mostest~**~ Here's to a whole new year....bet ya got a few planned already!
  3. Very nice & super clean! A definite thumbs up and a kudo to boot!!
  4. I think the Olds outta be called the "Slick and Span sedan~**~ That's a really cool build! Like the bikes too~ Looks like ya had a fun year! Keep on buildin' brother!
  5. No sir- definitely not a typical Infiniti! And thank goodness for that! Very nice
  6. Wow! I just keep seeing these works of art, and those two sure fit right in! Went to pick up one of the new mustang GT's, but saw it's a snap....what a disappointment so I passed. But- you sure did a good job of making something out of it. Those are both really nice finished products~**~ 2 thumbs up and a kudo to boot
  7. Super rescue! Man, that's a really sweet lookin' 62. Very nice
  8. Quite a pack of Ferrari's there my friend! Each one has it's own personality that you brought out to a T!! Very nicely done, a trio to be quite proud of for sure~**~
  9. Man, that's beautiful bud. I just keep seeing over and over these works of art, and this is one of em for sure! Outstanding
  10. I love these fat fender lead sleds, you can take them in so many different directions! looks like you're off to a great start. Count me in!
  11. That color combo is going to look awesome! Count me in on the watch-along!
  12. That's some spectacular work you're doing there....great idea! Gonna be a badazz lookin cruiser. Following along for sure!
  13. Nice job, what a pair! Both look like a blast to take out crusin' on a Friday night!
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