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  1. Can everyone say (in unison!) Creativity?!! This build is a shining example, no doubt. Never have I reached the level shown here ? Really nice work my friend!
  2. Some of these builds I've had the pleasure of viewing on this forum are stunning to say the least- this being no exception to the rule! I've been at this for a few years, and there's no way I could ever match something along this line. Absolute kudos to you my friend! Terrific build you're into there? look forward to the finish!
  3. Wiow, GREAT job! 20th scale? BTW, how in your opinion does Italeria compare to the pro Tamiya kits?
  4. You know, after seeing these big scale F1 legends I'm watching you and a couple others working on, think I've decided it's time to spring for one!! Man, the crisp detail possible compared to these 20th, 24th scale cars I've been building is amazing. This build of yours so far?? Awesome! Looking forward to the finished masterpiece.
  5. Being a Bonnie fan as well, I thing you pulled this off nicely. Love that just-run look! Kudos
  6. When I first stumbled onto this thread, I just assumed we were talking 1/20, 1/24 scale and I couldn't help but be absolutely amazed....along with depressed! Very, very much of a relief to know it's a large scale, because actually, I didn't think something so clean could be accomplished at the much smaller scale that I'm accustomed to! Just never could justify the prices of the bigger scale kits and aftermarket stuff, but now that I've seen this, thinking about goin' shoppin! Might just get one underway soon! All things considered, still quite a masterful build Chris
  7. I've been putzin around with car building for quite some time, and for some odd reason, thought I'd developed my skills somewhat.....then I see something like this!! Goodness gracious, what a true work of art ? Here recently I've discovered the true quality kit makers and the vast array of high definition aftermarket supplies and parts and it has changed my perspective on car crafting! My current project is a Tamiya Lotus 79 1/20 scale that I'm almost ready to start preparing and paint on the body panels, but after seeing this, I almost wanna just start over!! Will I? Of course not, but I will say that this build is truly an inspiration to say the least. Absolutely stunning work, and looking forward to your next undertaking!
  8. Love this Ford....just looks like a cool smoooth cruiser! Nice job and attention to detail!
  9. Wow- you've sure been busy! Real nice builds, think I like the 57 Chevy the mostest~**~ Here's to a whole new year....bet ya got a few planned already!
  10. Very nice & super clean! A definite thumbs up and a kudo to boot!!
  11. I think the Olds outta be called the "Slick and Span sedan~**~ That's a really cool build! Like the bikes too~ Looks like ya had a fun year! Keep on buildin' brother!
  12. No sir- definitely not a typical Infiniti! And thank goodness for that! Very nice
  13. Wow! I just keep seeing these works of art, and those two sure fit right in! Went to pick up one of the new mustang GT's, but saw it's a snap....what a disappointment so I passed. But- you sure did a good job of making something out of it. Those are both really nice finished products~**~ 2 thumbs up and a kudo to boot
  14. Super rescue! Man, that's a really sweet lookin' 62. Very nice
  15. Quite a pack of Ferrari's there my friend! Each one has it's own personality that you brought out to a T!! Very nicely done, a trio to be quite proud of for sure~**~
  16. Man, that's beautiful bud. I just keep seeing over and over these works of art, and this is one of em for sure! Outstanding
  17. I love these fat fender lead sleds, you can take them in so many different directions! looks like you're off to a great start. Count me in!
  18. That color combo is going to look awesome! Count me in on the watch-along!
  19. That's some spectacular work you're doing there....great idea! Gonna be a badazz lookin cruiser. Following along for sure!
  20. Nice job, what a pair! Both look like a blast to take out crusin' on a Friday night!
  21. That's absolutely stunning Dann, and you've displayed it very nicely to show it as the work of art it truly is! Congrats bro- you nailed it, and ya made it fun to follow along as well. That's about as good as it gets~
  22. Here we go bud! Gonna be watchin' ya~**~ You planning a full detail?
  23. Thanks guys- so much! The tips and ideas are very much appreciated. Doing a WIP thread is new to me, so bear with me! I am certainly enjoying this so far, and I think I've got the engine and exhaust ready to plant so hoping for some time today- that will be a real turning point in this whole process. btw Tim, is the Kers line the orange wire(s) ??
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