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  1. The Second Annual Canyon State Modelcon is happening. It was a great turnout last year, and this year will be even greater.
  2. You're on a roll, Roger! Man, that looks great. Well done sir.
  3. Outstanding as usual for you, Roger!
  4. Very nicely done, Nick! Paint turned out beautifully.
  5. Nice start to this Tim. Having recently completed the Jim Dunn cuda, I'll be keeping a close eye on your progress.
  6. Much better pics, Chris. A lot of great detailing on your chassis, and those beautiful Chuck Boerner's decals!
  7. Beautiful work, Marcelo! Very clean building technique. The detail, paint and decals look great.
  8. Nice pictures, Bob! I'd love to see some more of your Vega panel. That just looks totally cool...!
  9. I haven't built the Soapy Sales version yet, but I recently completed the generic Model King version of the same kit. What is the body/interior tin hanging up on? Do you have a Dremel drill with a grinder bit to maybe trim away the area that's catching? Maybe a picture of the problem area might help diagnose the issue.
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