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  1. The Second Annual Canyon State Modelcon is happening. It was a great turnout last year, and this year will be even greater.
  2. You're on a roll, Roger! Man, that looks great. Well done sir.
  3. Outstanding as usual for you, Roger!
  4. Very nicely done, Nick! Paint turned out beautifully.
  5. Nice start to this Tim. Having recently completed the Jim Dunn cuda, I'll be keeping a close eye on your progress.
  6. Much better pics, Chris. A lot of great detailing on your chassis, and those beautiful Chuck Boerner's decals!
  7. Beautiful work, Marcelo! Very clean building technique. The detail, paint and decals look great.
  8. Nice pictures, Bob! I'd love to see some more of your Vega panel. That just looks totally cool...!
  9. I haven't built the Soapy Sales version yet, but I recently completed the generic Model King version of the same kit. What is the body/interior tin hanging up on? Do you have a Dremel drill with a grinder bit to maybe trim away the area that's catching? Maybe a picture of the problem area might help diagnose the issue.
  10. Great story, LeRoy! During the recent NHRA event here in Arizona, I talked with Big Jim's driver John Hale. He introduced me to Jim's granddaughter Johnna. Unfortunately, the model wasn't done yet, so Johnna gave me her email address so that I could send her pictures of the finished model. She will forward the pics to Big Jim. I'm waiting to hear back from her.
  11. Yes William, he does make quite a few decals in 1/25th scale. They are awesome decals to work with too. Chuck's website address is http://s1248.photobucket.com/user/stang1forever/library/?sort=3&page=1 Chuck takes PayPal payments, and he ships them out quickly. You can't go wrong with his decals.
  12. Outstanding as always, Chuck! Pretty sure there will be an order from me in the very near future.
  13. Thanks, Bob! Those like yourself who know this subject matter can see why I included that in the finished model. Sometimes, duct tape was a racer's best friend back in those days!
  14. You're still correct, Mike. Last I heard, Vern Scholz still has this car although I don't know if it's being restored or not. Sure would be cool if it were though....
  15. Yeah, I know Jesse. That was a slip-up by Slixx. I tried to correct that by attempting to create my own decals for this build, but time, effort and quality became an issue so I went with the stock decals.
  16. Bill, the better choice would be to cut up a 70's rear engine digger frame. The Piranha frame is too wide, and bashing it with the El Camino chassis sounds like a lot of work to get it close to the real thing.
  17. Thanks for the comments, guys. Mike - Good question...Yeah, the roofline is definitely taller and maybe a little longer on this one. Funny you ask that because I have a few standard Cuda F/C bodies, but I never took one out to compare. ?
  18. BTW...Here are a few of the reference photos I used. There weren't a lot of them, and the body-off detail shots of the chassis were hard to come by.
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