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  1. I haven't built the Soapy Sales version yet, but I recently completed the generic Model King version of the same kit.  What is the body/interior tin hanging up on?  Do you have a Dremel drill with a grinder bit to maybe trim away the area that's catching?  Maybe a picture of the problem area might help diagnose the issue.

  2. Great story, LeRoy!  During the recent NHRA event here in Arizona, I talked with Big Jim's driver John Hale.  He introduced me to Jim's granddaughter Johnna.  Unfortunately, the model wasn't done yet, so Johnna gave me her email address so that I could send her pictures of the finished model. She will forward the pics to Big Jim.  I'm waiting to hear back from her.

  3. The car at one time was in Canada. I don't know where it is today. The old SLM newsgroup had pictures of it at the time as it awaited restoration. I can post those if desired. I agree about using either the Piranha or a rear engined dragster. The Piranha would need narrowed. The right rear engined car, maybe the MPC Garlits kit, might be a pretty good choice. Both would require a new roll cage.

    You're still correct, Mike. Last I heard, Vern Scholz still has this car although I don't know if it's being restored or not. Sure would be cool if it were though....

  4. Beautiful model... but did anyone else notice what it says above the rear wheels??

    Venolia POSTONS

    I just thought it was amusing

    Yeah, I know Jesse.  That was a slip-up by Slixx.  I tried to correct that by attempting to create my own decals for this build, but time, effort and quality became an issue so I went with the stock decals.

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