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  1. Now THAT'S a lead-sled! Marvelous job on this. I like it... Aaron
  2. John, that's such a fantastic build. It really captures that period in racing. Wonderful job, Sir! Aaron
  3. This was a labor of love. Can't remember if I ever saw this car in person, but always loved the innovations built into it. The body is a combination of Super Shoe with JJ front and rear clips. Wheel bumps extended to the headlight bezel with styrene and putty and lots of patience. Shoe approves! Aaron
  4. Great job to this point, Wayne. Keep it rollin' my friend. Aaron
  5. Don't know how I missed the completion of this one! Wow, Charlie...truly AWESOME work! Aaron
  6. Mark, I (think I) used an existing interior tin from one of the Revell kits, but because of the forward engine placement on this car, I had to modify it quite extensively. After I was satisfied with the fit, I covered it with polished printer's tin. Aaron
  7. Hi y'all, Haven't posted in a lo-o-o-o-ng while. Hope you like. Comp Resin body, chassis is half Revell..half scratch. Aaron
  8. That's REAL nice Tony! Where did you get the intake from? I've been itchin' to build an A/FD myself, but can't find the correct injection system. Aaron
  9. Those first two pictures look familiar.
  10. Here ya go, Len. Didn't know if anyone else answered you, but hope this helps. The chassis is black, the tinwork inside the body is anodized red. The chassis panels are the same anodized red. They mounted their fire bottles just in front of the rear tires, pointing to the 1:00 position (left side) and 11:00 position (right side), mounted to the chassis. What Modelmartin says is true. If you're looking to build a replica of this car, you should start out with a Revell older digger style chassis. If you can still find it, there is a Duster body that The Good Stuff made before going out of biz that would work great for this project. Good luck on the project, and please post pics when done. Aaron
  11. Pictures from the inaugural Arizona NNL are now posted on our website. You can view them at Arizona NNL Aaron
  12. Muchos thanks, Guys! Keith - It's 1/25th scale. I'd love to get my hands on the 1/16th Hawaiian. I know they're on ebay, but I've had too many bad experiences with that. Chris - This version has Bobby Rowe driving. He followed Butch Maas who drove the original 71 'Mini' Charger (and won the 71 Winternationals). The decals are from Slixx. They allow you to choose between the Butch Maas and Bobby Rowe version. Just be careful using Tamiya clear over the white decals. I would love to make the Bubble-Up Firebird. Some day....... John - Dude!...We talked at the NNL!!! I was at the registration desk. I brought this car along with my Mr.Norm's Challenger and the Pisano & Matsubara Vega. Aaron
  13. John, Always have liked this build! I haven't worked with solder for headers yet. Is it difficult to work with? Aaron
  14. Mike, The chassis is straight from the Revell kit. I only had these two photos to go from. The body-up shot is the only one I've ever seen of this car's chassis. The burnout shot is more accurate for the look I was going for. This is the version of the Hawaiian I saw as a kid (carbon-dating myself here!). I did some small alterations to the chassis to achieve the look from the photo. Thanks again for the kind comments everyone. Aaron
  15. Oooooh! Very nice, Dave! You can never go wrong building a Willy's, and you did both of those beautifully. Aaron
  16. Thanks guys... Tim - The clearcoat was still somewhat of a problem over the white, but after taking your suggestion about dry sanding, it was much better than it was at the NNL. A decent shelf model, but not much for competing at shows. Aaron
  17. Hi all. Got this one done a week ago. Saw this version of the Hawaiian at U.S.30 Dragstrip in Indiana as a kid. Enjoy
  18. The DSC3 is fast approaching!!! April 28th in Phoenix. A 1:1 car show featuring the Arizona Camaros car club, along with a Make-N-Take, plus the 1/64th Desert Scale Nationals for the kids will be just some of the activities for the day. It promises to be a great show!!!!
  19. Five more days till the Desert Scale Classic 2....It's going to be good !!
  20. Sure Gregg, The contact info is as follows: Email cactuscarmodeler@msn.com or call Matt Conte at 602-944-4096.
  21. Hello everyone. Just as there's never enough contests to go around, the same goes for these forums!
  22. The Desert Scale Classic 2 will be held on May 6th, 2006 at the Postal Worker's Social Hall, 3720 W. Greenway Road, Phoenix, AZ. In addition to the one-day contest, there will be a swap meet, an all-day raffle, and a food/concessions area. There will also be some 1:1 show cars and race cars on display in the parking lot. See you there!
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