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  1. 00Ranger added a post in a topic FLD120 Which engine ?   

    Thank you Anthony ......
  2. 00Ranger added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    FLD120 Which engine ?
    Here's a question i've been workin on. I purchased an Italeri #738 FLD120 I am uncertain which engine the has Detroit ? or Cummins ? or Cat. Would anyone happen to know which engine came with this version of the FLD? This model has several versions this version is #738 "Conventional U.S. Truck". Any help would be great
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  3. 00Ranger added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Ventvisor wrap-around bug deflector
    Has anyone come across the brown bug deflectors that wrap-around three sides of a conventional hood? I need one for an Italeri FLD120. KFS has some old school types that sit on top of the hood. Ventvisor company makes them for the real rigs, i've been looking but can't find any.
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  4. 00Ranger added a post in a topic Making a double axle into a single axle ???   

    Thanks for all the input. I kinda figured a swapped axle would be the easiest. Funny I purchased the AMT Ford C600 stake truck and was gonna rob the axle from that. I decided to make the C600 into a Roadway city truck. So I am back to square one. I sent an email to Daniel at Platikit, do not know if he is still in business? I would like to purchased several setups cuz it seems like all I want to build is city trucks and short-rum road tractors. I also tried American Indus. Truck Models.
  5. 00Ranger added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Making a double axle into a single axle ???
    I've purchased an AMT Mack DM600 tractor that I plan on making into an early 70's Roadway tractor. I have sucessfully shortened the frame of the rig to what I need. The model comes out of the box with a double drive axle with trunion. I need to make this rig a single drive axle, however I am not quite sure on exactly how to convert what came with the model. Can I convert the parts with the model or should I search for a single axle/leaf setup from a different model ? I am just getting into modelling so I don't have any extra parts kickin' around. I have searched around the forum and several other sites and have seen this done but cant quite tell how.

    Any information or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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  6. 00Ranger added a post in a topic Bison-Done   

    That is one beautiful rig you made. The real wood looks great on the bed. The custom decals are awesome as well. How did you manage to make the decals ?