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  1. I recently saw a drop top ghia with a double hoop roll bar set up and the lines flowed much better. You may want to give that a try. As an owner of many ghias I will watch this with interest
  2. Being a VW fanatic how can I not love this. Cool!
  3. I have a bunch of these kits (Vw Love) so I am anxious to see what you do.
  4. Pretty, she lets you build models - if she cooks you have the trifecta Oh and the car is looking good to LOL
  5. The tub works great. You may need to bend a few pieces of roll bar to fit your body contours. Carefully clip off the front A arms and reglue to fit your wheelbase. I also modify the rear suspension to drop the rear down a bit too.
  6. I can hear the turbo spooling up now
  7. Gregg, I spent a summer there in my aunts house in 73 baby sitting cousins. It was nice back then there. I spent another summer with my friends the Major and the Mrs out on the army base recovering from a surgery in 98. Lived on base in the officers quaters section. Kind like it over there. Except for one time on a beach I was wearing a t shirt that said Brudda on it. A large Samoan gentleman reminded me no 13 year old howlie was his Brudda. Packed the shirt till I came home LOL Here is a Vair engine from the AMT Vair kit Hosted on Fotki I made Irs axles with u joints like we ran in our class 1 buggy the pan parts are the manx parts
  8. Hosted on Fotki Ready to run over the pass to Kaneohe Mad Manx with dual webbers from 356 as is the fan shroud.
  9. Old door slammers are the best and you did a fantastic job on them all. Now that round 2 has all the molds hopefully a lot of the old MPC door slammers will come out again
  10. I know this is redundant but WOW WOW AND O YEA W O W
  11. You would be better off painting the stripes as the decals were not that great in the kit. I don't know if anyone else made them.
  12. I would not give up. But then again I remember loads of fun as a kid smearin tube glue all over and strikin a match LOL
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