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  1. Well, the product videos look impressive, but the shipping process is not so hot. I placed my order on June 23rd, and next day (June 24th) I received an email stating "product has been shipped", along with the USPS tracking number. I keep checking the tracking info every day, and as of now (June 29th) the tracking info still shows "June 24, 2022 at 1:03pm Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item". Not cool. EBay sellers sometimes do this too. I live in adjacent state, so when the package actually gets shipped, I should get it in couple of days. But so far it has been sitting unsent for 5 days.
  2. Ah, the famous auto-correct feature which "thinks" it knows better than you what you are typing. Some of those "corrections" can be quite comical.
  3. It takes a lot of (electrical) energy for the electrolysis process that produces hydrogen. We are again back to the energy problem with electric cars. Unless someone came out with a process which produces hydrogen without using much energy?
  4. I don't know which kit provided the engine, but this sure is one cute little car. Looks a bit like the original Mini Cooper.
  5. That is a cool project! There are few full size vans around here painted like the Mystery Machine. One that I see at car shows has a drastically shortened wheelbase. It looks real funny. Another one is just pained like the Mystery Machine - it belongs to a local "escapology" business.
  6. The "service dog" designation has been seriously abused for several years now. Anybody can buy a service dog harness for their dog, and call it a "service animal", then take it anywhere (including boarding an airplane). Same with the "emotional support" animals which are often not dogs. I don't know exactly how it all started, but this abuse is rampant nowadays. A real service animal (usually a dog) will have paperwork from the owner's doctor certifying it as a service animal. No paperwork -- it is a hoax, and an excuse to bring the animal to places where animals aren't allowed. The abuse was so bad that I have heard that certain airlines started asking for the official paperwork designating the service animal before they allow it to board the airplane. It is very likely that the service dogs in your complex are not the real thing. Again, it all goes back to people's self-entitlement, and "it is all about me" mentality. But on a lighter note, it seems that certain stores started allowing customers to bring their well-behaved dogs inside while shopping (not just the real service-animals).
  7. Problem? I don't see that as a problem at all. This is one of those threads I envoy seeing reviewed.
  8. Was that the 6- or 8-cylinder Henway? The 8-cylinder one likely weights more.
  9. Well, if you keep them for use, then by all means hang onto them. No need to recycle things you are using.
  10. Funny you mentioned this here. Similar question was posted in the latest copy of the FineScale Modeler Magazine. Looks like Bandai is "that" company. Considering the cost of postage in relation to the value of the plastic sprues, it doesn't seem very logical (even domestically in Japan). Well unless the modeler (or a group of modelers) collect several pounds of spreue over time, and ship them in a single large package.
  11. Funny that you mentioned that stuff. Few years back, it was heavily advertised on the TV stations I watch. At that time the thought that this stuff seems similar to Future did cross my mind. Since I don't use Future much (and still have some), I totally forgot about it. So the Quick Shine stuff is still around? I think it would be worth a try.
  12. That is very true, but insurance companies seem to have a problem with near-tailgating if it causes a rear-end accident. So I guess we have to pick out poison: either drive like old ladies and be aggravated by people constantly cutting in front of us, or leave enough distance for safe emergency braking so not to be found at-fault in a rear-end accident. Today's aggressive drivers are a major irk in general. I also observed that many of those very aggressive drivers are young women. In the past it was usually young man driving aggressively.
  13. Who knows? It is likely the self-entitlement thing. Or a total cluelessness. Or both. The sad part is that regardless of what made the first driver slam on the brakes, the driver who rear ended the first vehicle will be at fault (because they did not leave enough safe distance between them and the car in front). But both drivers will have to deal with the consequences of the accident (insurance paperwork, being out of the car while it is repaired, etc.). Sad.
  14. Thanks Bruce!. Like I mentioned, it might be some time before I need a fresh batch of the stripper. What got me to try this stuff was Zaks post - the stuff does look like it really works and seems safer and easier to deal with than the other strippers I have experimented with. I currently don't have any resin bodies to strip either. I wonder if HPIGuys guy who made the video testing the stripper on multiple types of paints could be talked into doing a test on a resin body. We know that the stripper works well on several different primers, enamels, and lacquers. We now just want to know if it will be safe on polyurethane resin, or will it turn it to goo?
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