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  1. Inserting a Youtube video into a post?

    Let's see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anwy2MPT5RE Ah, I know what I was doing wrong. I was using the "add link" button above the text window. Silly me. Makes sense now.
  2. I see that done all the time, yet I haven't figured out hos to do it. I know how to include photos (either uploaded or linked) into my posts, and how to insert URL links. But videos have me stumped. I can insert the URL to a video (and it shows up as a clickable link), but I would like to have the video show up in the post. How do you all do it? I use a Seamonkey (flavor of Mozilla Firefox) browser and either MS Windows XP or 7.
  3. New, at a Post Office near you

    And of course:
  4. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    While there are several flavors out there, I prefer the original flavor.
  5. 1/700 Titanic

    If it is one of those electronic PWM dimmers then it is way overkill. No need - simple resistor will do the trick. If you want to have control of the brightness get a small trimmer potentiometer. I would get a 5000 ohm (5 k ohm) 1/2W rated and then use it instead of a fixed resistor. That will give you a good range of brightness adjustment. Something like this one: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/cts-electrocomponents/201XR502B/201XR502B-ND/98337 But do whatever works for you.
  6. '79 Corvette L-82

    Very nicely done model Al! I noticed the red-ended wiper blades before reading your later post. Nice touch! If that was my build, one thing I would do differently would be to skip the rear window defroster lines. They are just way too noticeable on the model. On a 1:1 scale car those are probably about 1/64" wide and usually dark rusty brown color. So to be in-scale (and barely noticeable as on a 1:1 car), those would have to be only 0.002" wide! That type of a detail is best to be left off on models.
  7. 1/700 Titanic

    Nice model! You can likely reduce brightness of those LEDs by installing additional resistor or resistors into the circuits. But I would have to see the entire circuit to offer any specific suggestions as to the resistor value. I guess that that splicing a 1000 ohm (1k ohm) resistor into one of the wires coming out of the battery would reduce the brightness by quite a bit. It will not cause any damage.
  8. I use pins to positively locate parts during final assembly (when they parts are painted). I use brass rod (wire) in diameters ranging from 0.010" - 0.032" depending on the size of the parts. For items like side mirrors on the doors where the exact location is not critical, I simply drill into the base of the mirror (make the hole few thousands of an inch larger then the pin and glue the pin into it using CA glue. I use thin CA and have to insert the wire quickly (the glue sets fast). I also roll the wire with my finger few times over a piece of 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper before gluing it to roughen the surface of the pin. Then I eyeball the location on the door and drill the hole to accept the pinned item. For items such as headers attached to the cylinder head, or attaching cylinder head to the block, I simply hold the unpainted and aligned parts together, then drill right through both parts. That assures perfect alignment. I then glue the pin into the part that sits on the outside (like headers headers). The hole in the headers is so small that tiny bit of CA glue will fill it in. Then I paint the parts and the pins guarantee perfect alignment.
  9. Let there be light!!!

    Thanks Darren! I actually wrote an article on my build (back in the '90s) but it never got published. One of these days I might revisit the subject and post the build details online.
  10. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    I LOVE SPAM! Can I have your SPAM?
  11. New, at a Post Office near you

    You know Tom, as I see it, something similar is happening with other things. Companies are trying to come up with a largest possible variety of products to attracts the widest possible number of consumers. For many past decades there were basic products which did not change. A perfect example is an Oreo Cookie. There was only one type and, one flavor. Then they came out with double stuffed version, but at least it was the same cookie and filling. Then things exploded with all those special limited editions and seasonal versions. Now if you look at your grocer's shelf there is a dozen of different flavors, thin and thick cookies, and even mini-versions! There are caramel, mint, pumpkin spice, birthday cake, and many other varieties. There are now also chocolate and vanilla versions of the cookies. I could go on and on . . . Or a Milky Way Bar: There are several flavor varieties and sizes (including the fun-size). I think that similar thing happened with postage stamps - they just opened up the subject depicted to appeal to the widest group of buyers. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. To me sometimes it seems that we have too much variety in our lives.
  12. New, at a Post Office near you

    Tom I didn't meal literally that the older forever stamps will increase their value (like antique or rare items do). But if you think about it, if you bought some forever stamps back when they cost 39 cents and use them now to mail out your letters now (the postage now costs 50 cents) then you saved yourself 11 cents on every letter you sent out. That 11 cents is that increase in their value I mentioned.
  13. Do a Google search for theatrical gels or gel filters. Those are used as color filters for stage lights and they come in many colors. FIns the distributor nearest you (and even Amazon) and pick the color you want.
  14. Let there be light!!!

    Here's mine (done in the '90s, using a mix of bulbs and early SMD LEDs). Few more photos at http://classicplastic.org/pete-pb.html
  15. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    In-n-Out?! It's been a while for me (living on the Right Coast). When I'm in CA I always look for In-n-Outs.