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  1. You do have a point. It is a very bright silver. How about using one of the many Alclad II's shades of aluminum. All those basically have no grain. Then just clear coat them for a nice glossy car finish.
  2. Gold mirror glass?

    But all the photos I find online *HAVE* the BMW-style grille. I was hoping to find photos showing the ItalDesign-style grille - zilch! The only ones I find are of the Revell model.
  3. Most beautiful planes of all time...

    How about a Spruce Goose takeoff?
  4. Most beautiful planes of all time...

    Well, the original Wright Bros. aircraft was not all that attractive. Neither were many of the other early airplanes.
  5. Most beautiful planes of all time...

    Looks pregnant. Like I mentioned in my earlier post here, eventually every aircraft will be mentioned here. A list of ugly aircraft would be much shorter.
  6. What Irked You Today?

    . . . and just few months ago we were complaining about the cold and that nasty 4-letter word. Yes, Spring and Fall (hopefully long) are my favorite seasons.
  7. Tamiya Silver Leaf (spray can TS-30) has no perceivable flake texture. Tru-Color paints like Aluminum TCP-013 and Dark Aluminum TCP-355 also have very little (if any) flake.
  8. Paint codes galore

    I use http://autocolorlibrary.com/
  9. Best Corvette C5 Z06 kit?

    I went to USPS website and selected small 1lb. package to UK. Lowest price is 1st Class International Package. $24.00US. https://postcalc.usps.com/Calculator/MailServices?country=10143&ccode=GB&omil=False&dmil=False&mdt=7%2F17%2F2019&mdz=8%3A29&m=6&dvi=20&p=1
  10. The wheels/tires on the left look like they are from the MPC Blazer. Are those 1-pice tires or just glued 2-piece tires? In the right photo, the wider and smaller diameter photo looks like it is the Good Year Wrangler R/T from one of the Revell pickups. If it is, that is the tire I'm trying to replace with the tires I'm asking for. They too low-profile sidewall, and a bit too wide. These Wrangler R/T tires have specific tread pattern and sidewall, that is why I'm looking for a similar (but taller) tire. Those MPC Blazer tires look to be just right. Like I mentioned, one member already offered me his tires - if that doesn't pan out, I'll be back.
  11. Adding photos

    I use this forum to host photos for my posts here. After the Photobucket fail the admins here made plenty of storage space available. Still, I resize my photos to less than 1200 pixels across (often down to 800), because I don't think that a larger resolution photo is really needed for a forum post. That way I also feel that I am conserving some of that plentiful space for others and for future use.
  12. Karl, don't break the seal on the kit just on my account (unless you are planing on building it soon anyway). Do you know what release of that kit you have? If it is this one(from 2013) then I know it has the 2-piece polystryene tires. It is also funny that they are describing that kit "all new tooling" when in reality the MPC tooling is anythign but new. But it is probably the first time it is released in AMT/MPC packaging. Still, that is not cool. Here is the older release of that kit (probably from the '80s when it was still made in USA).
  13. I was just joking, but thanks Joe!