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  1. peteski added a post in a topic Toys R Us   

    I do - I used to buy lots of toys and models there. Then Woolworth in Boston had a very nice selection of models and paints around the same timeframe.
  2. peteski added a post in a topic 1/16 Mercer Raceabout   

    Floquil line of paints have been discontinued by RPM (the parent company) several years ago. Good luck finding them.  But there are many other gold or brass color metallic paints available to the hobbyists.  I suspect that Alclad II brass or light gold over-sprayed with flat clear might look good too. Try on a plastic spoon first
  3. peteski added a post in a topic Curbside models in competition   

    I have seen full-detail models entered in the curbside class at my club's contest.  There is not rule against it (as long as the hood and doors are closed).
    As far as slammers class goes, for many years MassCar club had an interesting version of that class: It took place in the contest venue's parking lot. You would put your "slammer" model on the pavement and climb a ladder next to the model. Then they would give you a sledge hammer which you would drop on your model. You would be judged on how far the parts scattered.  That was a fun class!
  4. peteski added a post in a topic How to be competitive at contests.   

    If you look at my club's rules in the contest flyer http://classicplastic.org/CPMC-flyer-2017.pdf , we judge most categories using a point system. While not perfect, or totally bias-free, we do not hear many complaints of unfair judging.
  5. peteski added a post in a topic Scam 'Bay Listings?   

    Just this morning I reported another scam Revell Can-Do wrecker listing. This is about a 6th one I have reported. eBay removes them pretty quickly.
  6. peteski added a post in a topic Curbside models in competition   

    From our club's contest flyer, here is a definition of "curbside":
    26. CURBSIDE: Any automobile model displayed as it would sit curbside. (Hood/doors closed) Not judged using points system.
    25, 26, and 29): Will be judged using only the construction and degree-of-difficulty criteria associated with the Points System method
    explained in Rule 1 as well as the visual attributes and presentation aesthetics of the entry. Additionally, Dioramas will be judged on
    the quality of composition and strength of theme that is presented with scale equivalence of figures, buildings, etc. weighing heavily in
    judging decisions. We request your Diorama base size be limited to 36” x 36” maximum.
    We do not disqualify someone who wants to enter a fully detailed model in the curbside category (but they need to keep the hood and doors closed).  I don't think that engine poking through the closed hood would disqualify the model from entering.
  7. peteski added a post in a topic Autoquiz 340 - Finished   

    Yes, that series has lots of cars from the Eastern Bloc countries.  There had couple of Polonez models.  That series also incldes several German, French, and British car models.  The models are not super-detailed, but have decent under-body details and full interiors. Not bad for 1:43 scale and not very expensive.  I have most of that collection (for nostalgic reasons). If any of you are interested in buying some of those cars I recommend eBay seller "arviol" He has a store where all he sells are these models. I have bought at least couple of dozen models from him.  He often lists the same model using different currencies, so look for the best price.  He is a great guy to deal with - I'm a very happy customer.
  8. peteski added a post in a topic Blue Dot Tail lights   

    Interesting info - several choices - thanks guys!
    As for the MV lenses, the small blue ones are often hard to find. I suppose that one could buy the clear ones then use a blue Sharpie to tint them blue.
  9. peteski added a post in a topic Rockford Files Diorama   

    I enjoyed the original thread, I love this one too.  I just watched one of the episodes last night. The one where he was being chased by a small plane with bad guys wielding a machine gun. Jim shot them down using his gun. It was one of the early episodes as Rocky was played by another actor.
  10. peteski added a post in a topic A Big Two Thumbs up For Keith Marks .   

    Sounds like you are familiar with Alps printing. As an Alps MicroDry printer owner/user (for over 15 years), for decals and other projects, I have to disagree with your statements. While Ink jet decals have their place, Alps-printed decals are hard to beat. And the colors are solid and fade-proof.  They do have some limitations and quirks but those can be usually solved. Yes there can be slight banding, but that can usually be taken care of by the LF adjustment. They are fragile (since the ink can be scratched off) but generally that is also not a problem. Being waterproof is the big benefit of Alps-printed decals. And of course the main benefit is that they can put down a layer of white ink under color graphics. And the capability for printing metallic colors is nice too.
  11. peteski added a post in a topic A Big Two Thumbs up For Keith Marks .   

    LOL - Alps head is actually pressing very hard against the ribbon which then presses against the paper. If the head was not touching then nothing would be printed. Alps MicroDry printer is not an ink jet printer - it is a thermal transfer printer.
    If there were thin horizontal lines in the graphics than could indicate that the print head went bad or something in the head path scratch the waxy ink off.
  12. peteski added a post in a topic Knock off kits..common?   

    I agree, and since the quality of those kit's parts is the same as original kits those aren't really knock offs.
  13. peteski added a post in a topic Autoquiz 340 - Finished   

    Yeah, the Polish nickname for these cars was "skarpeta" which means a "sock". As in "stinky sock", because the exhaust from its 3-cylinder 2-stroke engine was really nasty.  Sort of like the Greman's Trabant exhaust, but even worse.   I grew up in Poland in the '70s and at that time there were lots of Syrenas and Trabants put-putting around stinking up the air (already filled with heavy coal smoke).
    If someone would like a 1:43 scale model of it (and of the other variants) - they are available in the Kultowe Auta PRLu series at http://kultoweauta.pl/. While I dont' think that company takes orders outside Poland, there are eBay sellers selling these models worldwide.

  14. peteski added a post in a topic A Big Two Thumbs up For Keith Marks .   

    Does Keith use the Alps printer to print decals?  If he does, the ink is very fragile. Maybe they did get damaged during shipping?  If that's not the case then I'm surprised he didn't see the defects when packing them for shipping.  But the bottom line is that he took care of the problem.
  15. peteski added a post in a topic A Big Two Thumbs up For Keith Marks .   

    Good to hear.
    What was wrong with those garbage decals?  Were they not printer cleanly, or did they get damaged in shipping?