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  1. How about maybe going by smell? Can you describe what your stuff smells like? Although there is perfume listed on the bottle - they might be using different scent than what the pot in in the U.S. version. As you mentioned, the vague ingredients list could be describing something that is water-based acrylic finish (that would likely be the resin acids).
  2. peteski

    1971 Duster

    Nice clean build. Beautiful model! Nice color choice too. One thing that bugs me (and it is totally not your fault) is the out-of-scale size of the metallic particles in that paint. It probably looks fine when viewed in-person, but closeup photos bring it right out. BTW, did the stickers on the windshield come on the decal sheet or you made them or got them elsewhere? Also, what did you use for "chrome" paint? It looks good (and no bleed-through that I can see anywhere).
  3. Yup! I don't know how long you keep photo submissions from model clubs, but I know that we sent in photos for few years and they they never showed up in the contest issues (when was the last contest issue that was published before this one)? The club in question is in my signature. We are, on the East Coast. Anyways, I don't want to sound too sour - congrats on your accomplishment. I hope that this issue sells out, and that more will be on the way.
  4. . . . and whenever a new "Future" thread pops up, I always feel compelled to mention http://www.swannysmodels.com/TheCompleteFuture.html
  5. I wonder if what you describe is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney_World_Railroad ? That is a "real" narrow gauge railroad. The one I'm talking about is a model railroad. It was live steam, but the tracks are only less than a foot apart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carolwood_Pacific_Railroad There is actually a model train layout depicting Walt's original backyard (model) garden railroad.
  6. Nice model. I always thought the Aircobras were cool because they had car-like doors to enter the cockpit. But then having a driveshaft for the propeller between your legs, much give you a pause.
  7. I'm generally not a fan of most of the modern exaggerated-form exotic car designs. So while I might not like what you are creating, your modeling/scratchbuilding skills are absolutely amazing!
  8. They are called "foamers" (at least the fanatical ones).
  9. Yes, I read that article too. Yes, with enough money, anything is possible (and he also has few professionals helping him with layout construction). But with the size of that layout, and amount of detail on it, it would be hard for a single person to accomplish all that. However, Rod also happens to be a good modeler himself. There are/were also other celebrity model railroaders. Walt Disney for one, had his own garden railroad.
  10. Yes, it is a great deterrent to to drivers who pay attention, but for distracted drivers, or speeders coming from the opposite side (like the ones mentioned in the post before yours), the appearance of your car would have not made any difference. They would have still made those knucklehead moves.
  11. My club used to regularly sent the photos from our annual model contest to Model Cars for years, even after the magazine went into what seemed like hibernation, but we finally gave up, and stopped sending our photos in few years back. Scale Auto Contest Cars Annual is always more than happy to publish our photos (although last few years we had a problem with them giving proper credit to the photographer - me). But the photos were published. Hey Gregg, if you look through your archives, you might find lots of old unpublished model contest photos - you might consider publishing a "Retro Contest issue" with never before seen photos of some cool models.
  12. Thank you Daniel. I really feel bad for this OT diversion, but it does have (tiny) drilled and wired distributor. I will post lots more photos in the Under Glass section one of these days.
  13. That's right! Back then the plastic bottles' bottom was dome-shaped, and it was glued into a plastic cup base. Come to think of it, I still have one of those (1 liter) bottles hanging around, but it is now holding Ferric Chloride (copper enchant). Yes, it is clearly labeled with what is inside. But I think it is a green bottle (could be from 7UP).
  14. It worked for me. Shows items for sale by member3664890. Maybe try https://www.ebay.com/sch/member3664890/m.html Link to the actual store https://www.ebay.com/str/Missing-Link-Resin-cast-model-cars
  15. peteski

    Ad Blockers

    The entire world is getting weirder and weirder (and yes I know that every generation says that), but I really think this time things are different (weirder in much greater degree than it was happening in the past).
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