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  1. Like with most computer things, the same task can be accomplished more than one way. Either way should work.
  2. Those gauge face decals might have been from https://www.ebay.com/str/bestbalsakits although they currently don't have any listed.
  3. What irked me? Forum members (many are guilty) quoting a post with lots of large photos, without resizing or deleting either all, or most photos, just to add a 1-liner reply. Come on people - learn to trim the quoted posts. It is not that difficult. My scrolling finger hurts!
  4. There are lots of cars I find very attractive and pleasing to my eye. One of them is Maserati Ghibli. Fairly simple, yet such beautiful sleek lines.
  5. Yes, a digital caliper is one of indispensable modeling tools if you do anything more than just glue kits together. I prefer the metal (stainless) version. Mine also came from Harbor Freight and I think I paid $20 (about 20 years ago). I couldn't' model without it.
  6. I believe you have to go to your "messages" section (click on the envelope icon next to your name on the upper right of the page). That will open up a menu. On the bottom select "Go to Inbox". The Inbox page shows you the space usage (on the right side). Also, If you have any PMs, they will show up on the left, under the word "Inbox". There is also "Disable my messenger" link in there, a little lower on the left. I suspect that yours might say "Enable my messenger". Click on that to receive PMs.
  7. Is that a photo of the model, or 1:1 vehicle? Seriously - I thought I was looking at 1:1 scale. Only after I started looking more carefully at things like the wiper arm, the cowl vents, and the shape of the water pump, I realized it is a model.
  8. Thanks John. I use wide range of adhesives (for general repairs and for model building. I think I'll have to pick up a tube and give it a try. I ask about its flexibility to compare it to the E6000 adhesive I use in certain instances. It is clear and remains fairly flexible after drying As for the flammability, I was disputing your statement "Super glues have flammable solvent . . ." CA glue doesn't have any solvent since it sets by chemical reaction (not by solvers evaporation, like solvent-based glues do).
  9. I think that the designers are using some "artisitc license" while designing these models, making them look more like toys than scale models. Too bad that they aren't more serious about the design.
  10. I have a roll of 3M "adhesive only" tape. Basically it is a brown backing paper with a thin layer of adhesive (similar to what is used on regular clear Scotch tape). I take a bit of that adhesive and apply it to the end of a toothpick. Instant parts picker!
  11. Guitar string "springs", even from the thinnest strings are IMO a bit too heavy looking for realistic return spring. Unless it is a large scale model. Light bulb filament sounds like a more in-scale idea.
  12. I just hate the word acrylic being used generically to describe paint. Is the Revell stuff water-based acrylic enamel, or solvent-based acrylic enamel or lacquer?
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