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  1. We have another thread for that.
  2. Maybe it was the other way around: designers of those other cars each took a single styling queue from this car.
  3. With that tiny "hatch" for a hood (or a bonnet for our British friends) that thing must have hamsters for an engine!
  4. Covered wheels are nothing new - remember the Nash "bathtub" cars from the late '40s? Of course there were custom cars from earlier era which had fully covered wheels too. Nash was a standard production car.
  5. While not *THAT* old, here are couple that are around 35 years old.
  6. BTW guys - I have no idea - I was just having some fun with my imagination.
  7. Those *ARE* pinstripes. Actually this car has hydraulic lifts built in (like RVs have, but longer), plus the suspension is also on hydraulics, so while the car is raised up, it and the wheels wheels can drop down. Slick, huh? They spared no expense!
  8. And a all that while a microscopic virus is wrecking havoc on Earth with no cure in sight! It sure is an interesting world we live in.
  9. Don't be afraid - just think of each of the model's subassemblies as a separate model by itself. It is not "work" - it is a pleasant (but sometimes frustrating) task. If you consider model building as "work" then I think you might want to get another hobby. Hobby should be relaxing, and give you pleasure most of the time. Especially when looking at the completed model. As for airbrush cleaning, it is really *NOT THAT TOUGH*! Don't be lazy. I posted a link to my cleaning method - it takes less time to clean my airbrush (between colors or between models) than it will take you to read my description. Don't be lazy - most good modelers are fastidious. Again, "clean" does not mean full disassembly of the airbrush - just running some lacquer thinned through few times. I do it every time. But I always use solvent-based (not water-based) paints - those are easier to deal with.
  10. I not meaning to cheeky, but this thread (with over 240 messages) has answers to those questions. You might want to consider reading through the messages (or at least skimming through them to find your answers.). There is also similar thread about chemicals for stripping paint from plastic models (this one has over 500 posts in it). Again, skimming over those posts will answer your questions. These threads are made "sticky" on purpose (so you can find answers to questions that have been frequently asked). I don't just use straight sodium hydroxide for paint or "chrome" stripping. I use products which contain sodium hydroxide (like I already mentioned: Castro Super Clean, generic "puprple power", Original Easy Off Oven Cleaner). Oven cleaner is a spray, so I only use it once. But the other liquids can be reused multiple times until they are too weak to be useful. Also worth mentioning is that the temperature of the stripping liquid plays a role in how well it works. Cold makes it work slower, and warm makes it work faster. You don't want to make it hot, but warm works really well (probably around 30 deg C). Again, at leas skimming through this and the paint stripping thread will give you lots of useful information.
  11. YELLOW?! Isn't this thread about achieving shiny chrome finish? Plus, nobody said that the yellow car was painted with Molotow yellow.
  12. I'm not a truck guy and I agree - I see the same thing. Truck topics get drowned out by all that the silly chatter in the General section. It is really too bad. I used to visit the Truck section in the old forum, just to see what was going on. The traffic there was light, but it was interesting.
  13. Looks like a fine model, and you did a great job building it Bruce! Reminds me of a Knox Fire Engine model from the same era I built several years ago. Mine is a bit smaller scale. I hope you don't mind me posting a photo.
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