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  1. Autoquiz 418

    Yes, the headlight's shape also screamed "Citroen", but I didn't have the time to research the actual model details.
  2. What's wrong with this picture?

    To me "thirsty car" is a gas-guzzler (car that burns a lot of gasoline). Not something I would advertise for a small family car. Besides, that thing had such a small engine that I would never call it "thirsty". Unless it had a big hole in the gas tank and leaked gas like a sieve.
  3. Bare metal foil and dull cote

    To my eyes, they have a different color. Regular BMF chrome has a warm silver color (like Nickel, or Stainless Steel) where aluminum foil is more bluish-silver. Quite noticeable when compared side by side.
  4. 3D printing

    Not yet - I need to first get better at 3D CAD. It takes time (and I have lots of already started non-CAD projects). I hope to do that someday and to get my own machine, but for now I can ask my Railwire friends to print my designs (when those are ready). And you're right - I do remember posting a link to that Photon thread elsewhere in the forum.
  5. 63 Ford hubcaps

    Looks like something that could be fairly easily designed in CAD and 3-D printed. Then that could be made as a master for making more resin copies. Mayne some 3-D designer could be talked into rendering this item?
  6. Copying the VW Bus emblem

    Isn't the surface of the nose where the emblem is located convex? So the mold's surface will be concave. How do you squeegee a concave surface? Curved squeegee?
  7. Salvaging stuff

    While the high voltage statement is accurate, it is not a capacitor. The CRT tube itself acts as a capacitor - the CRT itself holds the high voltage charge. Be careful with those!
  8. 3D printing

    If you want to see many examples of what can be done with Photon printers, check out https://www.therailwire.net/forum/index.php?topic=45736.0 It is a very lengthy tread, but if you just scan through it and look at the photos, you'll be amazed. I know I am!
  9. More on Molotow pens

    It seems that the solutions provided so far (pumping and alcohol rise) are for lack of any paint coming out of the pen. That doesn't seem to be your problem. While I don't have a solution, I wonder of the liquid chrome (paint) inside the paint thickened up, so when it dries the metallic flakes will not lay flat, align, and create the chrome-like surface? Can you tell if the liquid that turns into regular silver paint is thicker than what you remember it to be when the pen worked properly? I suppose that is would not also hurt to thoroughly rinse out the tip and the cavity that holds the tip. I would use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, but 91% should also work. I would take the tip out and using a pipette, flush out the cavity that holds the tip. Then soak the tip in multiple baths of alcohol to dissolve the paint caked up in there.
  10. Weird cars Post em here.

  11. Plating a plastic spoon test

    Thanks - makes much more sense now.
  12. Plating a plastic spoon test

    Interesting info. But since this is about plating, may I suggest that you change the subject of this thread. "Spoon test" is not very informative or describes what this thread is all about. You only have 3 days to edit the post.
  13. Weird cars Post em here.

    What I see in it is some sort of weird angular version of AMC Pacer. Looks pregnant!
  14. Using Pledge Restore

    If Pledge Restore is a new name for what we in the past called "Future" floor finish, then if the car is already finished in glossy surface, there is no need to apply it before decals. If you apply it after decaling, then it will act like a clear coat sealer for the decal. I'm not a user, other than as an occasional dip for clear model parts. But if the paint coat on your model is flat then applying a coat of "Future" woudl give you a glossy surface which is desired for decal application. Then after decaling, you can apply the top layer (for the same reason as mentioned above).
  15. Trim Scriber

    Like I showed, the URL can be easily (manually) trimmed to the important stuff.