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  1. Ah, I see what you mean now. Interesting how you were able to prevent bubbles in the important areas but not elsewhere in the moulds.
  2. Nice model Grzegorz, but looking at my 1:1 1985 Eldorado sitting in the driveway, some of the body shapes are not quite correct. Or at least they don't look quite right in the photos. Still, it is quite a feat to scratchbuild a resin body without any scale drawings of the 1:1 car.
  3. Yes, GMP440 posted identical posts here and in the General section. I mentioned that earlier in the thread. Mods merged them (which to me makes sense).
  4. You sure have the skills and materials for casting model parts. The parts you are casting look really nice, but what is in the first photo. It does look like a rubber mould for some radio bezel, but it is full of bubbles. That wouldn't make a good casting.
  5. I have a stash of the original chrome foil (I received it as a "thank you" gift/payment for giving them permission for using photos of my models for advertising), so I have not bought any more foil since. I never purchased the "new improved" version of the original foil, but looking at the replies, it is as good as the "old" original chrome. The "ultra bright" stuff is the one to avoid.
  6. But will he actually dump his "real" airbrush for painting his models in favor of his home-made one? I somehow doubt that. As others said, the results will likely be less than optimal.
  7. Good, because in tour earlier response you mentioned that I instead of making my drill, I would be better off getting an off-the-shelf Dremel. I figured that if I provided some more details of what I'm building, and that I already own couple modified Dremels, you would get the idea that yes, what I'm doing actually makes sense, and I'm not building it just to say that I built it.
  8. Thanks for the info Paolo. I have also bought those baroque wheels from USCP. Still not sure what I'll do about the tires. but as you mentioned, there are some options available. As for those slats "louvers" in the rear quarter windows, they are on the inside of the "glass", so I'll either make them out of styrene, or try to design and 3D print them. (to be glued on the inside).
  9. Totally different stuff. Ultra chrome is just thin aluminum foil. Yes, very shiny but also very stiff. Sort of like the failed Detail Master chrome foil. I think BMF started making Ultra Chrome after Detail Master came out with theirs. BMF regular chrome uses some sort of special alloy. It can be melted with a soldering iron, so it uses some soft low-melting-temperature metal alloy. While not as shiny, it is extremely malleable. This is the good stuff.
  10. Thanks Steve. I now have some options while I contemplate putting my KISS van kit on eBay. Actually, I already have a spare original decal set. Stuff like this is what is so great about participating in an online forum - modelers out there have so much knowledge as to what parts came with what kits. Very useful stuff!
  11. I have couple of variable speed Dremels (where I already modified the speed controller for even slower than factory speed). Not only it is still too fast, the unit is too heavy and bulky for precision hand drilling. I even have a Dremel flex-shaft hand-piece, but the cable is again too stiff and bulky. My drill will be made from a modified Dremel flex-shaft hand-piece. It uses ball bearings for the shaft so it is very stable. It will be cut short, and I'll mount a 12V coreless motor with a 16:1 gearhead on it. The power will be delivered by thin lightweight flexible cord. That gives me speed range from zero to about 700 RPMs with good amount of torque. The entire drill will be very lightweight and easy to hold between your fingers. It's diameter is less than a double of a hobby knife handle diameter. This tool will be totally different than my Dremels. Apples and oranges. And it is not a McGyver kludge - it will be a real solidly designed and made tool. Basically similar in size to dental drills (except low speed with good torque).
  12. This is the regular "chrome", not the "ultra bright" stuff? I hope that they didn't change the formula - that would be unthinkable! The softness and pliability of the BMF foil is what makes it so good.
  13. You can't go wrong with Tamiya (in any scale). Fujimi is also another one that makes good kits (in any scale). If course if you prefer American makes, they don't do those. If you want large, try some of the Tamiya 1:6 Motorcycles! There is also 1:12 scale (bikes and cars).
  14. Are you sure that was at a Targè, not Walmart?
  15. If his hobby was making McGyver-style hobby tools, then sure - have at it. But if cheap airbrushes are easily obtainable, I think it is silly to try to make a hand-made airbrush kludge. I"m not impressed. I do build my own custom tools if I need them for my hobbies, but only if I can't find one that already exists and can easily be bought. Right now I'm actually working on a handheld precision slow-speed power drill with foot-pedal-controlled variable speed for use with small Tungsten Carbide drill bits. I have also built all sorts of jigs and holding fixtures for certain tasks.
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