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  1. Fake eBay "Special Discount" email -

    I am "watching" that listing, so they know I'm interested. But I'm not interested in buying it - just whether someone will take the bait and buy the kit for that outrageous price, and/or watching for how long the listing will stay active. I watch quite a few listings.
  2. Photo reduction

    LOL, that sure brings back some memories. Back before digital cameras, when I was using my 35mm Nikon SLR, I figured out what distance (with specific lens) I had to be from the plate to get the correctly sized plates on a 4 x6 photo. I did that for all the popular scales from 1:8 to 1:43. It was not 100% perfect (becuase of the way the lab set up their enlargers), but it was close. I still have bunch of 4 x 6 photos with those plates, ready for use. But nowadays, computers make this task so much easier, more accurate, and repeatable. Here is one of those photo-reduced license plates with a Detail Master photoetched frame.(in 1:43 scale).
  3. Street Racing Tires - Need I.D. help

    Sure am! You're welcome Michał.
  4. I see it all - awesome! Thank you Steve! Also thank you for "do not quote" request - it is so annoying to repeatedly have to scroll though the same photos over and over.
  5. Fake eBay "Special Discount" email -

    Here is one I got today. These are not scams - they are real. But the price of this kit is ridiculous!
  6. Those instructions are great resource (I'm also gathering this info for when I eventually start the Black Magic car)! Not only they provide "plumbing" info, they also describe what each component is! Too bad that the Fotki site is missing few page scans.
  7. 1/8 Ford Mustang diecast repaint

    Wow! Natural sunlight really brings out the beautiful color!
  8. 1977 1978 1979 Thunderbird progress

    Wow! That looks like perfectly-proportioned injection-molded body! You did an awesome job on the body moldings (those are often done oversize). Will the directionals/taillight lenses be molded in clear resin?
  9. Why not use a Buy-it-Now type of eBay listing? No bidding wars that way. Or you just want to get some extra profits? As far as waiting for the frenzy to die down, how can we be sure that the model will still be available at that time? Molds or masters can get damaged. And, how many (or how long) will you run the same model? 100 pieces? 1000 pieces? 3 months, 6 months, or a year? I'm also hoping to pick one of the 77 T-birds, but now I'm not sure if I'll be in the running. Del found a way to sell his gorgeous resin Crown Vics the "standard" way - too bad you can't do the same.
  10. Drag-U-la surfboard

    Wasn't a surfboard featured either in one of the Munsters episodes or in one of the movies?
  11. Quick scratch built jackstand

    Ah, you time-traveled (on a whim). Maybe we all should go back to the first page of threads none of the forum's sections and reply to some random thread there to bring it back to the top? Lots of fun all around!
  12. Paint stripping discovery?

    Yes, it is, but it is reusable.
  13. Street Racing Tires - Need I.D. help

    About 15 years ago, IIRC, MRC (Model Rectifier Corp.) sold several wheel/tire sets and some of those tires (Mickey Thompson?) looked like those tires you are looking for.