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  1. Alclad II website down?

    Oh good, looks like they took care of whatever needed to be fixed. Last night going to Alclad II was getting me to http://alclad2.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi
  2. Stupid Is the New Smart

    That is a good question. I think laziness, as a personality trait, which also goes hand-in-hand with being sloppy and not paying attention to the "small stuff", likely results in sloppy communication skills. I think the same traits also play role in whether someone is a good, average, or even mediocre modeler. I suspect that people with personalities which "sweat the small stuff" usually do well building models I'm also the guy who when using up the last paper towel in the kitchen puts on a fresh roll. And how bends over to pick up a piece of trash left by someone else. It must be the way my brain is wired. Well, at least partially - the other part is the way I was raised by my parents.
  3. Alclad II website down?

    http://alclad2.com Hopefully they just forgot to pay for hosting their site.
  4. Stupid Is the New Smart

    How about people like me? I came to U.S. as a 16-year-old kid and had to learn a new language. English is a very strange language (if all you spoke before was Polish and some Russian). I'm still learning (after over 30 years of living in the U.S.). Understanding puns was another problem I had, but I got pretty good at it. I also see that the way people are communicating nowadays (using computer devices) seems to be devolving the English language. It is sad to see it happening. I dislike when people verb a noun, like "I was gifted a model kit". It also grinds on me when I see people using "ask" instead of "question". Like in "what the ask is?". And for some amusement (like that "taking for granite" story), for the longest time, I thought that the saying was "wreck your brain", Or maybe "rake" or "rack" (like the torture device). But it really is "wrack" (I word I was not even familiar with). English language has lots of similarly sounding words with totally different meanings. Very confusing.
  5. Autoquiz 362

    I like the way the clues (building signs and license plates) were erased form the photo.
  6. Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now

    Thanks for the info. I guess I have the entire series then (I own all 3 kits). But I paid much less for them than 50 Euros.
  7. Anyone familiar with what material this is?

    Chrome browser (which I do not use) supposedly has automatic translation built-in. I usually go to translate.google.com, select language and just stuff the website's URL in the text box. Google will translate the entire website for you. It is not perfect and with some languages (like Japanese) the translations can be very awkward and often funny.
  8. Someone say "D" Type ?

    But he didn't scuff the tire tread! Just kidding - it is a gorgeous model.
  9. Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now

    Several years ago I found a series of 1:32 scale vintage kits (of vintage automobiles) I never seen before. They were made in France by a company called Europe Model Kits. I have not yet built any of them but they look like nice kits of early vehicles. Here are few:
  10. Drill Bits

    The smallest bit I have is #94. I don't use it very often.
  11. Wow! And plastic spoons started all this? I feel like adding my 25 cents (adjusted for inflation) to this. I'm not a chemist, but I play one on online forums. I know enough to be dangerous. Yes, polystyrene (colloquially known as styrene) is a plastic resin. Pure polystyrene is a clear and very brittle plastic material. But mixing in additives/plasticizers/dyes makes the polystyrene more usable and less brittle. This is the material used for our plastic kits. Sometimes those kits are made from ABS (another plastic from the polystyrene family). Different manufacturers use different amounts and types of additives in their polystyrene. That is the reason why different kits react differently to the same type of "hot" paint. Some kits bodies will craze, while others wont. Plastic spoons can be made from polystyrene or from other materials like polypropylene. Easy way to tell which ones you are buying is to check the recycling symbol on the package. If it shows #6 then the spoons are polystyrene. Those are the spoons you want. Others won't work as well for a spoon paint test. Paint will adhere well to the #6 spoons and not so well to others. But for testing paint compatibility with plastic kits, the only reliable way to do that is to test-paint on the actual kit plastic (spare parts or the parts tree).
  12. Posting photos to the forum

    That is one small nut(/bolt/washer). You get passing grade.
  13. First Car in Space: a Tesla Roadster

    Maybe on a still photo, but it would be tough to do on a live video feed. But I'm sure flat-earthers will come up with some explanation which will satisfy them.
  14. Black Sharpie permanent marker applied over chrome will most likely look purple. Not a big fan of Sharpies. There are some other good suggestions here. I would mask the rubber strip on the bumper, then gently sand the chrome of the front surface, then airbrush some semigloss black hobby paint.
  15. Heller 2018

    Yes, 1:43 is one of the "standard" scales used by model car manufacturers (both finished diecast models and plastic and metal kits). Here is a good writeup about model scales: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scale_model_sizes And some more reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scale_model and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_car