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  1. As I see it, the debris (like lint) in the charging port (connector) would not slow down the charging process. The connection is either made, or not made. The type of debris are non-conductive (insulators). The slow charging is more likely caused by the battery aging out, or defect in the charging circuitry inside the phone. But batteries usually last longer than a year. You mentioned that you tried new chaging cord. Did you try the cable only, or also the charger "brick" that plugs into the AC outlet?
  2. Similar design, but not identical. I don't recall where I bought it. It was likely one of the online cooking gadgets catalog, and I ordered it by mail (pre-Internet times). There is no brand name on it. I also cut out the trays from all the intermediate sections to clear enough room for car and truck bodies. It is sitting on the shelf, with a cooking thermometer stuck in one of the vent slots.
  3. EBay has recently totally revamped their listing categories, and search terms. It is seriously broken. Here is what one of a members of a model train board wrote abotu the "new eBay" (from the N scale model trains perspective, but not only): The good, the bad, the ugly: a comprehensive analysis of eBay's N Scale category changes. Of the hundreds of watches that I have created over the span of many years, only those that were directly related to the former N Scale category have been impacted by eBay's October 12th site changes. My heavily filtered main N Scale category search is now toast. Item searches that were filtered to only show N Scale products are now showing listings in all scales. Excluded sellers and selling locations can still be filtered. You can no longer filter out unwanted brands or keywords. You can no longer make the seller ids, feedback, or listing dates visible in the search page results. You can no longer save searches. As searches can no longer be saved, new listings related to your saved searches will no longer appear on your personalized eBay home page saved searches feed. You can longer select how many items are seen on each page of results. Your page results no longer indicate which items are promoted listings, which with eBay's newly launched PPC (i.e., Pay Per Click) advertising model means sellers are going to be paying for numerous buyer clicks on listings that do not end up in a sale. Bluntly put, while eBay's minimalist approach might be advantageous for smartphone users, the new categorizations and changes in search filtering were likely made to improve site profitability from a rapidly diminishing group of sellers. After more than two decades on eBay, I ended my sales on the site earlier this year because of the increased costs and risks that came along with the venue's managed payments mandate. In addition, along with huge increases in seller pricing and shipping costs, a rapidly diminishing selection of products and US based sellers has made eBay a last stop destination for the majority of my purchases.
  4. Not really. Dehydrators are specifically design for low-temperature drying (dehydrating or removing moisture) of food -- never cooking. I have a very simple one. It has a 40W heating element on the bottom, and it uses adjustable vents to control the air flow (and temperature). No thermostat, no electrical adjustments. I bought it about 35 years ago, and over those years I probably have several hundred hours of use. Still works well, and the temperature (I have a cooking thermometer in it to monitor temperature) has never gone over 120 degrees (because I adjusted the vents for that temperature). I usually use it around 110 degrees (again by adjusting the air flow vents). Basically this is what could be achieved by sticking a 40W light bulb in a cardboard box with some holes cut in it for ventilation and air flow. Can't get any simpler.
  5. True, full strength Lye solution is a very caustic chemical. Just as it will eat all the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH in the sewer pipes, it will happily eat human skin and eyes. Be very careful with Lye. If you use it, follow the instructions on the container how to properly mix it with water.
  6. Jesse? Are you ok? How can you start a thread like this, and *NOT* expect politics? Even just the words "inflation" and "oil cost" are intimately related to politics! And why another "hobby is dying" thread? Don't we go through this here on a monthly basis? Please tell me what kind of discussion were you expecting? Even just the price of any goods ties to the politics. Plus it is not just hobbies. Have you seen your grocery bill lately? How about gasoline prices? Prices of cars? Medical costs? It is *ALL* constantly going up, and especially now, during the pandemic. If your budget is tight, the price of the plastic kits is the least of you worries! If you still had some discretionary funds available for hobbies, your cost of living is going to eat that up. Wake up DUDE!! Hobby is dying! Hobby is dying! Sure it is, if that's what you make of it.
  7. Most kit manufacturers use Vacuum Metalizing process, using aluminum. For some more details go to https://www.vacuum-metalizing.com/what-is-vacuum-metalizing/
  8. The "chrome" in model kits is actually very thin layer of aluminum. If you want to have some fun, drop a tiny piece of standard aluminum foil in the lye solution.
  9. Could those spots be remains of the clear undercoat? Either way, I don't think the lye cause that. Whatever it is, I don't think I would worry about it.
  10. $6 is *ABOVE* your pay grade? How much does a vial of flocking material cost? Flock you, you flocking flock! (Sorry I just had to write that).
  11. Hobby Emporium and Spare Time Hobby Shop (in Marlboro) are the last 2 remaining "real" brick&mortar, and well stocked hobby shops in Eastern Mass. Hobby Emporium has a huge selection of paints and adhesives, and lots of kits. They also have good selection of model train items (lots of N scale).
  12. Exactly. We shouldn't be pointing the finger at kit manufacturers for hiking the prices. It is more about the wages people earn. But we don't want to go there on this forum.
  13. This type of subject seems to be brought fairly regularly around here, and they always become hot subjects, with lots and lots of responses. But in the end it is a waste of discussion, since we can't change anything. If you can afford the current prices -- buy them. If you can't . . . oh well. Buy fewer (or none). Same goes for paints and other modeling supplies. I still have some 1/4 oz. bottles of Testors paint with 15 cent price permanently printed the lid. How much are they now? Three bucks a pop? You can kiss those 15 cents times goodbye, and no amount of discussion will bring those days back.
  14. First of all, what you have there is *NOT* a true "sprue cuter". It is a pair of flush-cutting diagonal cutters (aka. dikes). IMO those are way too large to deal with most (but some very large) plastic gates. Sprue cutters are smaller, more precise tools. Sure, you can modify your cutter (grind down jaws, etc.) but why bother when you can get the proper tools which work really well. Here is what is called a "sprue cutter" It is has a shape of a pair of tweezers, but the end is modified to serve as a precision flush cutter that fits in the tight space between the part and the runner it is attached to. Thsi type of tool allows you to precisely control the pressure, and the shape of the jaws minimizes and the ripping force, so the cut is clean. This type of sprue cutter is not expensive, and well worth the price regardless of how much they cost. Since styrene is very soft, and the tool is only used for cutting styrene, they jaws will stay sharp for very long time. These are available from several sources, inducing Micro-Mark, UMM-USA, many online hobby shops, and eBay. I would stay away from the really inexpensive versions as the jaws night not be ground accurately. I also have a pair of high quality cuticle trimmers which I also use to cut the parts off the runners. I mentioned those in the other hread about the sprue cutters. I highly recommend ditching the dikes, and using the proper tool for the job.
  15. I wouldn't have used that language. "Their forklifts"? Um . . . Just stating that the shipping box was damaged or crushed should have been a better description. I'm not sure why the USPS problems seem to exists in some areas and not in other areas. While I do experience some delays, and a very rarely a screw-up, overall I'm happy with USPS doing the best they can in this changed world we live in.
  16. Ah, then they would need to go for a space walk without a helmet! On a serious note, why those same windows do not seem to distort, add curvature to the horizon when still on earth (or at low altitude)? I know, I'm trying to apply logic here. Sorry!
  17. As I recall one of the recent BMF discussion thread here, the reason for the changed formula was that the foil supplier BMF uses was no longer providing the said foil. Reasons unknown, probably COVID related? Maybe they went out of business? Whatever the reason might be, no amount of complaints will bring the original foil back.
  18. Many ready-to-airbrush paints (like Alclad II or Scale Finishes) are thinned so much that the metallic particles will start settling down rather fast. When I shake those paint bottles I turn them upside down and check if there are any metallic particles caked up on the bottom. If there are none, the paint is ready to use. My airbrush is bottom-fed (glass jar) and I do swish it often while airbrushing to keep the metallic particles suspended in the liquid.
  19. Welcome to the forum Marc. Your Cobra looks very nice! You are also welcome to join the Classic Plastic club. Or at least drop in for one of our meetings (no strings attached). See my signature for a link to our website.
  20. Funny, if you read Mr. Miles' post, he is not happy with amazon. As for all the crazy problems we have to put up with, it is pretty much all due to COVID-19. That nasty bug changed the entire world. It also exposed the shortcomings of the way the world commerce runs. As I see it, it will take years (if ever) to return to normal (or new normal). Amazing what a microscopic virus did to our entire planet! Also to put this in perspective, I believe that COVID would have not spread like this 200 years ago (before global travel became the norm). That's all I'm going to say - we aren't supposed to discuss this stuff here.
  21. I still say they should put one of the flat-earthers on one of those spaceships.
  22. You might be able to get away not attacking the paint if the Molotow removal is done quickly. After all, it takes much longer time to strip paint.
  23. The clear undercoat for the "chrome" is usually light amber color, and the plastic is usually whatever color they were using for molding the kit during that run. You mentioned that the clear coat was stripped (which is as expected considering you used Lye). Is it possible that the bare plastic used for the "chromed" parts was naturally yellow to begin with? If the part are still on the tree, scrape the top layer of the bare plastic on one the runners (some call it "sprue") to see of the yellow color is only on the surface. Also, be really careful when working with Lye (by itself, or in other fluids that contain it)-- it will attack your skin and eyes!
  24. Since the BMF is scored all the way through at the edge of the tape, if anything, it would actually be beneficial for the tape to pull up the BMF that is under the tape. The tape is over the BMF that is supposed to be puled up.
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