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  1. The police car was a replica of the Adam 12 car.The guy put it together like nothing i’ve ever seen.His wife got a second place trophy.The car had a PA that had an Adam 12 tape.The siren worked as well as the lights.He has to cover anything that says police and he has to cover the light bar to drive on the road.Very cool car.With a 400.Ci
  2. Yea ,there were some nice cars there today at the show.Two more shows and that’s it.Oct 31,and Nov 7th.
  3. Great show today,Great weather.One of the last shows of the season.It was packed.👍👍👍👍
  4. More show rides.Show season is coming to an end.It gets dark at around 6:15 pm now on LI.But there’s still some more shows coming up.Then it’s it’s coffee and cars,weather permitting.
  5. Cute little guys.My friend use to raised and would breed domesticated pet rats.There was one time he had over 200 of them.Then the Aspca got word,and came,and took them away.I Never knew what happened to them.
  6. Well some pics from last nights cruise.Too bad,there starting to wind down….That John Deer tractor belongs to a friend of mine.It’s a 1953,and no it’s not street legal,but he has a local poultry farm right down the road from the cruise parking lot.And that’s my buddies 71 Z28.And That 70 Charger is one of my dream cars,by far.Gorgeous color with that black stripe,and the roof.
  7. An Early 80s something Range Rover.Located at a new shop that’s opening up near my house soon.
  8. Nothing on tonight.So I watched Grosse Pointe Blank.Definitely one of John Cusack’s best movies,hilarious.
  9. I just got tgis unmarked Crown Vic today.The lights work great.The problem is the paint job is awful,so i’m gonna restore it.You never know what your going to get from someone on Ebay. IMG_0698.MOV
  10. This is not really a review of movie,but it’s the 50th anniversary of The French Connection.Great movie,and one of the best car chases.
  11. Thanks Zipp,Heres a few more pics.I used the Bob Glidden T Bird chassi for the cars.
  12. Yea it was a good show,if your a Ford guy.But there were other makes there too.Olds,Chevy,Mopar,etc.And i never saw so many baby birds in one place at the same time...There were three pink ones parked next to each other..But this gorgeous Mustang one best Mustang and best of show.The car was immaculate,and definitely deserved it.WOW what a car
  13. Yup i confirmed it,it’s canceled.See ya next Fall.Oh well.Now that’s two years in a row.Sucks!!!😤😖
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