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  1. Yea like i said it was insane.I think it got best in show.😳👍
  2. No it was for not completely stopping to make a right turn,but i thought it was green and there was not any “No Turn on Red”sign.I never blow red lights,camera or no camera.And i hate when people run red lights,especially since a few years ago a buddy of mine riding his motorcycle got nailed hard by a guy who ran a red light.Thank God he wasn’t seriously hurt.And when i said another red ligh ticket,I mean the same thing happened about four years ago.I made a right on red by accident..I don’t speed,tailgate,or cut people off.I have a perfect driving record,except for the red light tickets.🤨😬.
  3. Got another red light ticket that cost me $85.Arrrrgggg.I was coming home from a funeral.
  4. Yea they put those up last year.They are solar panels for the surrounding areas.
  5. Yea the 55 gasser was just finished according to the owner.As far as the Econoline,i think it’s sort of a replica of the one on Gas Monkey.That thing was sick,and very loud.There were a lot of nice cars at the show.And yea that was my Crown Vic.
  6. Took some shots of a bunch of really nice rides at a local car show/swap meet today.
  7. Yea i just saw this on line.That sucks.He was a great actor..I also remember him playing a cop in Miami Blues,along side Alec Baldwin.RIP.☹️
  8. Try Model Round up.And there’s always Hobby Lobby.Great selection,but kind of expensive.Good luck.
  9. This thing is awesome,wow,great job
  10. Yea could be,just heard a loud thumping noise on the highway,and then checked the tire,and it was torn on the sidewall.Then i had to drive it off the highway,and call a tow,cause i had no spare.So driving on it for about a 1/2 mile,and shredded it.Also ripped off the rear fender flare,as you can see in the pic.Hopefully my body shop friend can fix the flare.
  11. Had a bad blow out on my Jeep.Shredded my tire and ripped off my fender flare.ARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!
  12. That’s crazy,i thought i saw a little bit of Corvette too.Lol.
  13. Looks like a cross between a Volvo and an Avanti.But who knows🤷‍♂️
  14. Ah that sucks.I Really liked Urban Cowboy.I knew a friends older brother who went to his night club one time.He said it was huge,and an absolutely insane place to party.He even compared it to Club 54.lol.RIP cowboy.
  15. Finally got my check engine light to clear on my Jeep,and all the sensors repaired.Then i was able to get an inspection at my friends shop.👍It expired in November.😬
  16. Yea ur probably right.I was just told by the guys friend that it was a SBC motor.All i know is that it was fast and very loud.
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