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  1. Thank you very much.
  2. 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS
  3. Great looking build.I really like the color.
  4. Your very welcome.I would’ve taken more pics,but of course my phone battery died.
  5. I don’t know much about it.I just picked it up at the swap meet the other day.The doors and hood open,and they make a siren and beeping sound when u open the doors.
  6. Camel Trophy Land Rover
  7. A great Sunday custom car show/swap meet.Lots of nice rides…The red 57 Chevy Belair received the trophy for best of show.And it definitely deserved it.The paint and the entire car was perfect..👍👍
  8. My friends new Pit,a great addition to her family.The dog’s name is Ace,and he’s about 9 months old.Very friendly,but very hyper.Hey what do expect from a Pit puppy.🐶
  9. That sucks,he was great in his role as Joe,leader of the Pharaohs car gang in American Graffiti.But he got shot by a sniper in More American Graffiti.RIP
  10. Yea,actually i saw him cruising around my neighborhood yesterday.Like i said,the car is beautiful and probably the first and only Packard i have seen on the road.
  11. Oh yea great scene.I also liked the part when his wife Karen flushes the coke down the toilet.His reaction was priceless.”Karen where's the stuff I left?I flushed it down the toilet….U WHAT!!!!???”Karen that was worth $60,000,that’s all the money we had,OMG”..Or when he beat the snot out of the guy across the street with Corvette…He was such a great all around actor.He will be missed.
  12. Oh yes,definitely…His cause of death has not been released yet.It’s just saying he died in his sleep,and no foul play(drugs,etc), were found.I just cannot believe he died.It’s usually the good guys that die young.Again RIP Ray.
  13. Oh yes I also forgot about Cop Land.Loved that movie.Or how about “Something Wild”with Melanie Griffith.He played a psycho in that flick.
  14. That sucks,Yes was a great group.One of my favorites.Saw them live twice years ago.RIP.
  15. I read that the real Henry Hill died at the age of 69.I Have to say that Goodfellas was the third best mobster movie under The God Father 1,and 2 IMO.
  16. Actually nature was good to both of them,Sigourney Weaver and JLH…lol🤪😍
  17. Yea but his best role that put him on the map,so to speak was Goodfellas.Someone told me he might of died from Covid,but idk for sure,and it just says he died in his sleep.
  18. Well,i just read that he died in his sleep,and was actually in the middle of shooting a movie in the Dominican Republic.
  19. Yea i saw that movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt.Funny flick.
  20. Just curious,has anyone purchased any models from Agoramodels.com?I saw a commercial for them,and checked them out on line.Looks like they have some really nice diecast cars.
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