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  1. Happy Birthday Gordon! Enjoy your special day. Best wishes too.

  2. Beautiful in black and straight. Can only remember seeing one of these cars here in Victoria, BC. Was pale yellow.
  3. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and techniques. I dabble in one shot have used it on some of my model cars, brushed on only. But now will try the lacquer thinner mix and see what happens through my airbrushes. Also I want to fix some bad striping on my truck and experiment with scrolling. Back in the 70's friends and I liked to go to SIR near Kent, Wash. to see the 64 Funny Car spectacle. Really enjoyed wandering the pits and marvelling the faux finishing on the race cars (ie. headlites and chrome). So much better in real time than magazines. Sad that the "vinyl boutiques" ruined the sign writers craft but I believe there is a rennaissance happening as we speak and hands on work will be more appreciated. Glad you mentioned Von Dutch, funny how that name became a designer label, huh ? Cheers Eh!
  4. Fast car, fast build and great photos..........well done. I'm still painting the chassis on a Tamiya SLK. Cheers Eh!
  5. Would like to add that Don Wheelers' website very helpfull for AB problems, google, Don's Airbrush Tips, Cheers Eh!
  6. A 1:18 scale American Muscle Machine Jeep Rubicon and resin figure by Fast Women. Jeep was totally dis-assembled and repainted and reassembled. The blond got the same treatment and repainted in oils. Extra details include : her scratch built handbag, zebra seatcovers, beer cooler, luggage, teddybear, spare tire cover and guitar string antenna. The Jeep's tires were cut in half to enable immersion into the mud base. Woodland scenic products were used for the grasses. The wet mud was made from celluclay and glossy agent is future floor acrylic medium. Cheers Eh!
  7. Tina Turner does a song called "Steamy windows"........................more sound effects. Cheers Eh!
  8. Dont use popsicle sticks, OH, how I wanted to see someone say that. So many fences, so out of scale. Macaroni ? never saw that yet. Ok back to diorama ideas. Keep it simple, you have wood you say. I suggest a billboard, like the ones on the side of the road, pose a cop car behind it or a sign truck in front. Cheers Eh!
  9. Your base work and truck compliment each other beautifully. More photos would be appreciated. Cheers Eh!
  10. Maybe a bit late but check out Tamiyas' 1/24 ITEM 24266 Rally Mechanics Set comes with 2 laptops, may be posed open or closed, also decals for the screens. Measurements are 13 mm by 11 mm. Cheers Eh!
  11. My favourite year of 'CUDA, glad you built it.
  12. Paint the car ? yes. I have read from other sources that if one takes Tamiya yellow and add red till it matches a Kodak film box, you got it !! Cheers Eh!
  13. Been reading through these 4 pages and realize how much we care about this hobby of building miniature vehicles. I use the word miniature because there are other hobbiests out there probably having the same conversation such as the model train people, model soldier people, model aircraft, armor modellers, radio control models, slot car guys, etc. Next time you go to well stocked magazine store check out how many hobbies are out these. If you are looking for cheaper prices on kits, go to a model contest / show, or swap meets, or local thrift shops, join a model building club. I realize we all cannot do this. I have also witnessed what von Zipper commented on, but in this venue.........a family of 4 sits down to a meal in a restaurant, they each bring out some electronic device, gaming, texting, I guess is happening. 'FOMO' is what it is called Fear Of Missing Out. Conversation is what is missing, oh well. Thats my 2 cents, thank you Cheers Eh!
  14. I want to drive it........NOW. Great build, good fotos and attention to detail make this car outstanding. Cheers Eh!
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