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  1. I have a older model I'm working on that has Chrome Headlights. How can I detail them to look Better? Any help Gets a Big Thank You!!!!!
  2. Thank you all so much... I will post more pics as I make more progress......
  3. Hey Guys I am building a crazy one here to relive my old Pro Street Days... My problem is I cannot decide on the engine. My choices are the tunnel rem small block from the AMT 1966 Nova. A Blown Hemi from a 32 Ford project. Or the double blown small block from the Pro Street Beretta? Possibly a Blown Big Block Chevy? What do you all think?????????????? THANKS
  4. Fantastic Build!!!! What is the trailer from?
  5. Outstanding Works of Art People!!! Keep them Coming...... I will included mine tomorrow..
  6. Hey Tyrone do you have any finished pictures of your 70 SS Nova? I tried looking and searching but no luck! I am a big fan of your work and that car, but I have been away from the Forum for a while and never saw it finished....Thanks Bud...
  7. My version of the Revell 29 Roadster. I wired the motor, did Dr Cranky weathered paint job. Also a few other tricks....
  8. Thank you Very Much Batman.......
  9. Saw this on a buddy's Facebook post and I was wondering about it???
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