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  1. sure, i can modify, but its still very uneconomical to buy kit and ship it here to use and modify one part. i hoped somebody did the fitting and made the part from resin.
  2. my problem with kitbashing is that i am not from US. so single part availability (and in that case direct fitted) would be best for me.
  3. is there any hood i can fit to revells 29 ford? resin, 3d print anything please?
  4. do you have any experience clearcoating BMF with 2K automotive clearcoat? It lays down thicker than usual clearcoat so applying BMF after 2K is much more difficult. But does the 2K stuff harm or dull the BMF?
  5. thanks guys for the info. meantime i also asked mike directly and he is also positive about little to no difference. its should be buildable pretty good. p.s. nice builds
  6. yes, thats the theory and i dont have both to be sure. even the scale is the same there are always some differences. and that is the reason i ask if somebody tried it and it went. on randy forum there were people building nascars using diecasts and various decals but the forum is not usable now
  7. who tried to fit powerslide decals on a diecast? i consider 2014-15 budweiser chevrolet build to try. decals are for revell kit and i dont want to to ruin due the poor fit.
  8. yes, its a diecast, but completely built as a model so i believe it fits in this under glass section.
  9. great, fantastic news. price is ok. i have one concern. it doesnt mean i wont buy them all, just i am not sure if it is so high end kit. we dont see any kit trees, interior, nothing. we just see 3 photos of (very poorly!) built model. what i see is just like some normal 30y old kit. at best. glass getails, hood pins, bmf foiling etc makes me not sure modern kit looks like this... not doing any judgement, i am happy enough with any result, i just hope final product is more advanced than i expect now.
  10. I am looking for pictures of race cars as a reference for weathering. I want to build some 40s-70s cars and catch their feeling in various conditions (post race, after crash, old, dirty, barnfinds). Do you guys have some good pictures in hand please? Now I start with 57 ford showing dirt track post race look. So I am looking for photos where I can see the way the dirt and dust accumulate on a real car. It doesnt have to be 57 ford, but any car that I can take as an inspiration. Thanks
  11. one of the best kit ever built. great fun even small...
  12. i think one reason can be they released two somehow similar products. first one was great new something and second one is not. i think there is a lot subjects from now and past they could do for diversity. and maybe then bring the prostar.
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