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  1. matador88 added a topic in NASCAR   

    reference photos from for weathering
    I am looking for pictures of race cars as a reference for weathering. I want to build some 40s-70s cars and catch their feeling in various conditions (post race, after crash, old, dirty, barnfinds). Do you guys have some good pictures in hand please? Now I start with 57 ford showing dirt track post race look. So I am looking for photos where I can see the way the dirt and dust accumulate on a real car. It doesnt have to be 57 ford, but any car that I can take as an inspiration. Thanks
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  2. matador88 added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Komatsu G40, Tamiya 1/48
    one of the best kit ever built. great fun even small...

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  3. matador88 added a post in a topic Amt truck reissues I'd like to see   

    mack, mack, mack, !!!
  4. matador88 added a topic in NASCAR   

    #8 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Budweiser Monte Carlo 2007
    revell, powerslide, gunze, 2K

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  5. matador88 added a topic in NASCAR   

    #24 Jeff Gordon Dupont Monte Carlo 1997
    monogram, slixx, gunze, 2K

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  6. matador88 added a post in a topic Surprised...   

    i think one reason can be they released two somehow similar products. first one was great new something and second one is not. i think there is a lot subjects from now and past they could do for diversity. and maybe then bring the prostar.
  7. matador88 added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    aftermaket parts for future projects
    i will build these truck. can you recommend me what aftermarket parts are available for them? i mean visible enhancements, mainly photoetched parts for exterior and various parts for adding the realism to the chassis. engines wont be visible, so no need for enhancing and so the interior - everything will be closed, so only visible parts (maibe dashboard or so)

    peterbilt 359 (revell - bill signs)
    chevy titan (amt)
    ford ltl 9000 (italeri)

    thanks for your help
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  8. matador88 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Suburban (70s/80s) ?
    does anyone know if it is possible to build a 70s/80s suburban? kit, conversion, resin... i dont knoe, havent found, never seen anything...
    maybe some transkit for revell gmc pickup or something?
    thanks for ideas
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  9. matador88 added a post in a topic New Moebius Ford Pick-ups 1971 Ranger XLT AND 1969 Custom SWB   

    ouch, that price with international shipping - its gonna be pretty expensive for oversea modelers
  10. matador88 added a post in a topic "Ole Borax" A Death Valley Camp Mule 57 Ford   

    wow wow wow. i LOVE it
  11. matador88 added a post in a topic WEATHERING CIVILIAN VEHICLES BOOK   

    my main question is, if it is just portfolio book (aka pictures i have seen on the internet or live), or real modeling book stuffed by step by step weathering articles !?!?
  12. matador88 added a post in a topic IS YOUR COUNTRY REPRESENTED IN THIS HOBBY?   

    those are from portfolio of czech modeler Michal Falta with online nickname Aress. he is building formula 1 replicas in 1/20 scale. most of them are heavily modified and full of scratchbuilt parts as you can see...
  13. matador88 added a post in a topic IS YOUR COUNTRY REPRESENTED IN THIS HOBBY?   

    Czech Republic and Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia) are very strong modeling countries. it has roots in old times when it was very wideky supported and popular hobby. its more about airplanes, AFV lately, but also great car modelers are here. people here are known that thay wont give you appreciation or like of your model unless its really good. it pushes you to put more into a build if you want to present it. we also have a lot of contests considering number of inhabitants and countries sizes. i give you only small appetizer...

  14. matador88 added a post in a topic Has Anyone Worked With One of These?   

    why would you pay $7 for every piece? you have several airbrushes one better than another...
  15. matador88 added a post in a topic So if you had a choice of paint brands which would you pick?   

    for gloss finish:
    gunze - gsi creos - C class (lacquer)
    automotive paint (non waterborne)

    for junkers and rust:
    tamiya acrylics