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  1. First off, I never SAID I was an Attorney, AND to that back when I WAS a Photobucket user, (over 8 years ago now) You didn't have to sign and agree to ANYTHING..... I WAS a new user back in 2003. The YEAR they were a "Rookie" so. none of that fell onto me, and I don't recall doing much more than making a account with my then current e-mail, so having said that, I BET I was grandfathered in, if that account would still be "active" which it has not been in 8 years and thankfully, I removed ALL my pics way back when so I'm free and clear of this BS by them! Still its a buncha Horse Manure!!!!
  2. Yep its been over 2 years now that I've been using Pinterest for a photo host..... ALL my builds on here are pics I hyper linked from Pinterest into the message body with the img code added. ALL those postings and build threads of mine, are first typed out in MS notepad, with the pinterest image code embedded (hyper linked) into the body, and then cope & pasted in to the replay area of the proper thread..... I've had no issues with that since I've started it..... Like them just because of that too! Plus other like-minded people can see your work and repin it as well. so if you go this route BE SURE to mark your pics as "yours"..... As they're your copy right.... Which brings me to photobucket, if they're charging people to get their pics back, to download therm on their computers, as long as that "said" user took the pictures, thats actually copyright infringement..... Photobucket might want ot be careful, as that could be a wining law suit for EVERY user...... Be a class action hit, BUT paying for your own work, to get it back as far as I know is illegal! As that said person owns it in the first place and did not state that photobucket could "sell" it for a profit......
  3. -I LEFT Photobucket of C-R-A-P YEARS ago...... I'm using Pinterest, have thousands of pics, and about 7/8th of them hyper linked online forums and show up without an issue. ALL FREE!!!!! The only limit I have found with them, is you can only upload 25 pics in one sitting, get up do something for one hour afterward you reach the limit, come back in one hour and do it again!.......... I'm pleased with their pic services, and others can "share" your pics too!
  4. -Your more then welcome! I got something I was looking for and for me? As long as its something I have interest in, I'm fair game with a lot of the "extra's" I find, and get so..... ENJOY my friend!!! As I know I will what I got in trade from you on those 2 cars! Happy they went to a good home!
  5. GAWD man those Stilettos heels look good! And that foam seat covering too... some GREAT scratchin' man! (bet its just as much on your head too!)
  6. Yeah it all depends on how you coat over the gloss black paint to what "look" and "sheen" you get when its dry, and it dried fast so you know almost instantly. I work with it quite a bit....
  7. GREAT trade with ranma AKA "Rick" that was something from a Pay It Forward type deal NOT done there turned out as a full blown trade, THANKS man, look forward in it again! Much Appreciated and very happy with the trade!
  8. Yeah Darren I get that once in awhile too.... I think it looks GREAT the way you did it tho.... Why I asked on the color..... Has an almost "Iron" look. being forged and thats different for what your making but looks great!
  9. Darren, What Alclad did you use? I like the color for other uses!!!!! Sorry to hear it made all the sanding marks show up! (it has that tendency!)
  10. -Thats a pretty GOOD Idea!!!! I'll have to see what I can find for the .005" wire, in black at Michael's....
  11. Thanks man! I appreciate it I just want to see if I ought to and thats a defining factor so....
  12. Hows the engine tho? (I know Lindberg was notorious for lack of engine details in the past), so I wonder and would like to see it and see if its correct, to what the engine should be as a 5.7L or a 6.1L Hemi!
  13. PLEASE Take pics of the engine to that kit if ya would! I wanna see if its worth looking for one or if the Revell kits are a better choice!
  14. That a neat trick! Worked well on your shoot here!
  15. NICE save Pat!!!! Now I got a dumb question, how'd you get that pic with the garage to look like that? size-wise, the model looks perfectly scales to the real thing! -I got a couple cars I wouldn't mind trying that with if I only knew how!
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