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  1. Stunning colour! Really suits the car. Gives it an overall classy look combined with those rims. steve
  2. Now gone. Apologies for not saying sooner. steve
  3. A contribution to the postage if going out of the UK would be nice, but otherwise, no charge. PM if interested. Thanks steve
  4. Great work on the whole set up. I do like those older stockers. steve
  5. Nice models. Any sign of a Panhard 24CT? One of the prettiest cars of the 1960s to my mind. steve
  6. That's wild! In a good way. steve
  7. Probably my all time favourite 1:1 car. You have done a great job on it. steve
  8. Seen in Howden, Yorkshire, yesterday. They’re both MGs. steve
  9. I just wondered why. Seems an odd choice to me. steve
  10. The model as built looks waaaaay better than the box art. steve
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