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  1. I have a soft spot for Hudsons and that one's a beauty. steve
  2. That’s impressive and not a common sight. Was it just driving down the road? steve
  3. They both pretty impressive to me! Would be good if they were all reissued as they have so much potential, as you have proved. steve
  4. Excellent work and a fascinating build. I doubt the original Merit kit designer ever envisioned a build such as this! Have you considered taking on any of the other kits in the series? steve
  5. I had (thankfully) forgotten about those awful street machine kits. It's a shame the original models were ruined like that. The Jag engine makes an interesting substitution in other 1/32.vehicles. I put one in an Aurora Turtledeck T once from their 1/32 range...which I wish someone would reissue. The Herald would also be a candidate, as it has been done in real life. Wouldn't mind the MG1100, Viva, Rapier and even the Dauphine coming back either. steve
  6. Good news indeed. Can we expect the Bond Bug, Austin Maxi and Vauxhall Victor Estate next??? steve
  7. I won't be buying this as I don't model muscle cars. However, if they did an equivalent issue on hot rods or small oval racers, then that would be different. Then I would lay my money down. Finding any car specific modelling mags in the UK is almost a miracle. steve
  8. Not normally a sedan fan but this one is a killer. The great colour combo sets it off perfectly. I'd be more than happy to accommodate a 1:1 of it on my drive! steve
  9. A staggering piece of workmanship. The metalwork is particularly impressive. steve
  10. Excellent work on an amazing machine. It must have been a right handful to drive! steve
  11. It made me think of British Leyland cars like the Austin/Morris/MG/etc 1100 and 1300, especially around the windows. steve
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