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  1. Different! And neat. Put on the Bat Signal! steve
  2. Great build. I really dig the older NASCAR racers, the modern ones don't do anything for me. steve
  3. These any help? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/polar-lights-876-green-hornet-black-beauty--253076 Ok it's 1/32 but it's there. And this resin: http://www.rocketfin.com/model-kit-reviews/green_hornet_black_beauty.cfm steve
  4. Built that Maserati in the late 1960s. Pretty basic from what I recall. steve
  5. To be kind, I would say 'functional'... steve
  6. Until the advent of door mounted mirrors as standard, that was the way car mirrors were employed. For one thing they were aftermarket accessories and didn’t normally come with the car. It wasn’t unusual for a cars in the UK at least, not to have ‘outside’ mirrors at all. Thinking about it, my first cars (all used/old) didn’t. The first car I owned that had door mirrors was my Saab 900S that I bought (again used) in 1997. steve
  7. Ford Corsair. Fairly sure it’s a 2000cc model with the V4. Excellent condition, especially as tha Ford silver paint was notorious for flaking back in the day. steve
  8. @bismarck your tortie has a twin this side of the Pond. 😀 steve
  9. "...hope you like it..." Yes I do! That's ace. steve
  10. Ace, I have that book on my shelves too. Very useful reference. What plans do you have for the truck side Frames? steve
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