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  1. At my local garage when I took my Pug in for its MOT this morning. Pity it’s a slush box… Still miss my old Saabs. steve
  2. @Dale361 I have reported you. Your behaviour is not required on this forum. steve
  3. Neat! When stock cars looked best. steve
  4. Dan(?) You’re more than welcome to the models. I must warn you that however I pack them, some of them will be disassembled/damaged by the time they reach their destination due to their age. Let me have your Daughter’s address and I will get them all packaged up and sent on. We can sort out the finances later. Cheers steve

    Hi Earl,  I am interested in the models if you have any left.  I was in the UK visiting my Daughter and her husband for the month of January.  She lives in Syston just outside Leistere.  She is coming to Canada to vist this summer and would be able to bring them with her.  I am very interested. More than willing to pay for cost of shipping and kits.  Thanks for your time.

  6. Might be of use for the Pannier? https://www.lightrailwaystores.co.uk/products/npp-409 steve
  7. I attended that race as a spectator. Still at school then! steve
  8. Sound familiar Bill? @Ace-Garageguy steve
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