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  1. It proves that money doesn't always buy taste... steve
  2. Never thought I would know more than you Bill but I saw one at the 1964 London Motor Show that I attended as a car-mad teenager. steve
  3. Top modelling! The 32 and the short rail especially catch the eye. steve
  4. Great weathering job. No MOT in France I guess. 😊 steve
  5. An interesting and varied bunch. Nice work! steve
  6. Shopping centre in Selby, Yorkshire. steve
  7. There's no visible mirrors and the all round visibility looks dubious. Plus how do see out of the back? Is there any glass? Don't tell me, let me guess, cameras... steve
  8. Stunning colour! Really suits the car. Gives it an overall classy look combined with those rims. steve
  9. Great work on the whole set up. I do like those older stockers. steve
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