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  1. Ok, the 250 (aka Dart in the U.K.) looks a bit like a fish, but I always liked it. steve
  2. Thanks Les. Certainly a bit strange. The headlights don't appear to be aligned either. Is that legal I wonder? steve
  3. This appeared on a model railway forum of which I'm a member and it intrigued me. Thanks steve
  4. Earl Marischal is the name of a British Rail Class 87 Electric loco, number 87029. Previously, it had been the name of a London North Eastern Railway P2 2-8-0 steam loco. The name itself is that of a hereditary Scottish office first created in the 15th century. I like the loco(s) and the name. steve
  5. That a company with a glorious history should be reduced to marketing gimmicks such as this… Never heard of the 1:1 Barbie before. steve
  6. A fascinating selection @caapa Thanks for sharing. steve
  7. Not my picture but this passed me going the other way last evening; The World’s Fastest Shed. steve
  8. Found this: http://www.finecars.cc/en/detail/car/366539/index.html steve
  9. Believed to be Stateside. Sorry no other details. steve
  10. A friend of mine sent me this image. Seems to have been used for tours. Hope it gets restored! steve
  11. Fat rims and tyres must have been cheap back then! steve
  12. Always liked Sunbeam Alpines. Would take one over an MGB every time. That Sceptre is a rare bird. steve
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