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  1. This is amazing. A superb example of imagination crossed with skill. steve
  2. Three conspiracy theorists walk into a bar. Coincidence? steve
  3. An amazing collection. The Metropolis and Tetanus are just gorgeous and I think he improved the Bentley no end. However. if I was given a choice of one to keep, I'd take the Panhard. A great street sleeper! steve
  4. Just to be clear, I’m merely curious as to their prevalence. It doesn’t bother me in an way. As for drinking it? Never in a million years. That applies to all and every other brand or flavour of cola too. Cheers steve
  5. Fair point, sorry. About 1 to 2 inches would do it. Thanks! steve
  6. A big Blue Oval waterslide decal if anyone has such a thing to spare. Thanks steve
  7. Blimey. I remember that one. I think I rejected it when it came out as was too mundane a car. 😄 The decisions you make when you're young... For some reason I cannot for the life of me remember, I didn't build their Capri either. Bet they go for silly money these days! steve
  8. This beauty was parked at Howden Railway Station earlier today. Even has period perfect Michelin XAS tyres. steve
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