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  1. It's snowing down in Dixie...

    Glad things are a bit better for you now Bill. This was my back garden (yard) in December 2010. Luckily it's not been quite that bad since! steve
  2. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Snake, I was thinking more this side of the Pond but I can see where you're coming from there. steve
  3. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Thanks to Snake and Bill for improving my education. I was sadly unaware of this piece of wisdom before but I will remember it now. steve
  4. Stupid Is the New Smart

    As I read that piece a name sprang unbidden into my mind... steve
  5. Dan Gurney Tribute Scale Race Cars

    Thanks Phil. New to me about that. steve
  6. Dan Gurney Tribute Scale Race Cars

    What on earth is that pink thing? steve
  7. Autoquiz 357

    Agreed! Really bashed with the ugly stick that one. steve
  8. 32 Ford 5 Window Coupe

    Sharp! steve
  9. Autoquiz #356 - FINISHED

    That's the second car that has been used in this competition that was built in my home town of Slough, UK! steve 😄
  10. Tomkats Kar Klub - B.R. LA

    An excellent exercise in nostalgia. Love it! steve
  11. Stupid Is the New Smart

    I watched that clip and cannot believe anyone could be that stupid. It's a joke, surely? steve
  12. 1940 Ford Business Coupe V8

    Two more beauties Tulio! steve
  13. AMT '32 Coupe - a basic street rod

    That's a lovely piece of work. steve
  14. '69 Charger Glue Bomb Resto/Rescue

    Nice resto job Snake. steve
  15. My '17 4 Pack

    Dig that '40! Have a great 2018 yourself Ron. steve