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  1. The model as built looks waaaaay better than the box art. steve
  2. Great imagination, great build. steve
  3. Vanden Plas Princess R, with 4 litre Rolls Royce engine in a local supermarket car park. Basically a glammed up Austin Cambridge. steve
  4. New rear wing? Different shade of grey. steve
  5. Small local car show last Sunday. I was too late for the Ferrari 250 convertible and the 289 Cobra I saw on the road earlier. ☺️ steve
  6. Great images of some amazing vehicles. steve
  7. This, or a clone thereof, has been my dream car for over 50 years. steve
  8. A great build of my favourite kit. steve
  9. What he said. What is that lovely green roadster? Thanks steve
  10. My favourite type of rod in one of my favourite places in the whole world. Thanks for those pics and for bringing back the memories of visiting the wonderful Vancouver Island. steve
  11. Spot on Snake, De Havilland DH88 Comet steve
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