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  1. Some fascinating images there. A few look to be from the UK. Thanks for posting and keep ‘em coming! steve
  2. Found this in a box in the garage. I can recognise some parts, like the grille/front axle from the Monogram Dragstrip Hot Rod '32 (my favourite kit) and the wheels & tyres that came off a Can Am racer. Can't place the rest though. I cobbled it together in the late 1960s and think I will just restore it essentially as it stands. Shouldn't take long!* steve * Famous last words...
  3. Thanks John. We think she is between 11 and 12. We got her from a cat rescue 8.5 years ago. Her name is Toffy. steve
  4. Excellent work! Do I recognise the "Wheeler Dealers" Anglia? steve
  5. On another part of this forum I saw a member mention a ‘Cat Dozer’. Then I thought, “We have one of those”. 😁 steve
  6. Thanks to our wonderful National Health Service, the world is a lot brighter and clearer today. Laser eye surgery cleared a film in my left eye that was a legacy of a cataract operation in the past. This will make modelling easier! 😷 steve
  7. I remember seeing loads of those Wartburgs on visits to Germany in 1980s and 1990s; usually in bright colours like orange and lime green. Looking at prices they go for, they ain’t a cheap car now! steve
  8. This appeared opposite our house this morning. Sadly I was out but Jean said it sounded like a jumbo jet when it left. steve
  9. Completely agree about the need to remove all religious and biblical references. Car & truck modelling is a secular activity and should not be associated with anything related to religion. steve
  10. Many, many thanks to @paul alflen for the parts that will enable me to reconstruct the '34 roadster I built in the early 1970s from the 'flat box' Monogram 1934 Coupe/Roadster kit of 1965. steve
  11. Neat and practical. Great build! steve
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