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  1. Auto quiz 410 - Finished

    I knew a bloke who had one years ago. We could got 3 people on its bench seat but his girlfriend was quite small. steve
  2. Thanks Bill. I recognise that seat now. Have an unbuilt version of kit in my stash. steve
  3. This is a consistently fascinating thread. Thanks, Bill. One question, where did the seat come from? Did you make it too? (Sorry if I've missed that bit.) steve
  4. Autoquiz 409 - Finished

    Having owned a Triumph Vitesse for 11 years at one time in my life, all the styling cues were there and I knew there had been Indian developments of the Herald. steve
  5. That is absolutely beautiful. Fantastic work. steve
  6. Autoquiz 409 - Finished

    Now that one was easy. steve
  7. ‘55 Chevy Stepside Pickup

    Very fine work. steve
  8. Anyone ever built a 66 Pontiac Station wagon?

    That is one amazing automobile... I would happily have that on my drive, if it would fit... steve
  9. 70 Torino GT Custom

    x 2 steve
  10. Like to see this again

    I had that kit 50 years ago. Built the Willys and can't remember why now, swapped the Ford with someone for something else...what I have no idea... steve
  11. '49 Ford Coupe Street Rod

    Nice! And I hope you do well in the contest. steve
  12. AMT 40 Ford Straight-liner

    Excellent piece of work. steve
  13. 53 Chevy Custom 2 seater

    Neatly done and believable. steve
  14. Lotus Seven Replica - diary of a build F I N I S H E D

    Sorry Michel. That wasn't meant to be a criticism, just an observation. steve
  15. Some talk on car movies.

    What gets me about period/classic cars used in modern TV programmes or films is how clean they always are. Every one of them is immaculate, as if they were polished every day. Drive down any street of parked cars any time, anywhere and I can pretty much guarantee they won't all be 'showroom' finish. steve,
  16. Lotus Seven Replica - diary of a build F I N I S H E D

    That steering wheel is on a Lotus 6 by the look of it. steve
  17. Stock? Almost!!

    Tulio, you've done it again. steve
  18. Model T Speedster #12 (RAJO-Powered Vintage Beach Racer)

    Cracking work on both models! steve
  19. 66 Riviera custom

    Beautiful colour and well built. Nice steve
  20. What Pleased You Today!

    Seeing pictures of my 1 year old granddaughter in the York papers at a World War 1 Centenary event representing year one together with a 100 year old veteran. Proud grandad here!! steve
  21. Lets put a face to that builder!

    Me on a Routemaster Bus a couple of years ago. steve
  22. '53 Rod. Outdoor pictures added.

    Lovely work Tulio! steve
  23. Lotus Caterham Super 7 Series II

    I fell in love with the Lotus 7 in my early teens and it's never left me. Excellent representation. steve