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  1. Thank you all for your kind thoughts. steve
  2. Superb work. As Bill said, it could be images of a real car. steve
  3. Olly left us today. Her quality of life had deteriorated to a point where it was inevitable. She will be greatly missed. steve
  4. This belongs to a friend of my daughter. Flippin’ uncomfortable inside. The glovebox lid has been signed by the cast of Back To The Future. steve
  5. Nice work. Shows how good OOB can look when well modelled. steve
  6. Simple and effective. Nice. steve
  7. Have had a generous and smooth trade with @gbdolfansand would happily trade with him again. Thanks George! steve
  8. Thanks to @gbdolfansfor an excellent trade. This was my acquisition in the deal. steve
  9. Or any UK ones, as buying from Europe is now a minefield. 🙄 steve
  10. An excellent and imaginative piece of work. Well done! steve
  11. Watched the first Naked Gun film yesterday. Still one of the funniest films I've ever seen. An endless stream of gags from start to finish. Must look out the other two sometime. steve
  12. Snake, If you want another glue bomb of the Lindbergh D Type, drop me a PM. steve
  13. Interesting observation. It goes to show the, sad to my mind, homogenisation of Western culture. It could also be Germany, Belgium or other parts of Central Europe. Regarding SUVs and pickups @Rob HallThe UK have those too, in abundance. One of our vehicles is a Skoda Karoq, an SUV. Pickups, in the main, tend to be just working vehicles, rather than leisure or 'every day' transport. As to the steering wheels, you've all got it wrong! 😃 steve
  14. Editions 2 & 3. Both in excellent condition. Trade for 1/25 hot rod parts such as a flathead V8 (preferably with ancillaries) steel wheels, bomber seats or tyres. (If anyone had the bobbed rear and cycle front fenders from the ancient Monogram ‘34 that would be perfect!) You choose what you think the magazines are worth. Thanks steve
  15. Not my first choice of SAAB, but a rare sighting anyway. steve
  16. Any known U.K. supplier*? steve *He said hopefully...
  17. If wanted by a US member, a contribution to the postage cost would be appreciated but not essential. steve
  18. Happy to post this to anyone who wants it. Just send PM with address. An example if the origin of drag racing in the UK from March 1968. steve
  19. Hope you and your families are ok. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58378788 steve
  20. There certainly aren’t many that I’ve seen. US pickups aren’t entirely unknown in the country; round this part of Yorkshire I have seen at least 3 Dodge (still?) Rams, working examples not show cars. .In a nearby town is 1950s Chevy pickup that is deliberately patinaed but I haven’t been able to get a photo of it yet. steve PS What year is the one in my pic? Column change and bench seat if that helps.
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