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  1. mr68gts added a post in a topic LN8000 transporter updated 11/19   

    Little bit of an update. I've spent the last few hours building a door jam for the drivers side. I decided to go ahead and cut out the door last night. Kinda nice to be back on the bench. What little bit of it I have as we have completely moved out of our home in the mountains to put up for sale. I am doing what I can with what I have to work with. I still need to do the passenger side, mirroring what I have done on this one. It has taken a while to find enough reference for what I needed to make the door jams. I may go ahead and make the door frame also at this time, later today. I also need to add the ribbing to the floor pan. I did add the framework to the underside of it to try and tie it all into the firewall. I want to cut the hump off the firewall and make it like it is removable. (won't actually be removable but there is a lip missing and it also needs to go into the floor some.)
     Still lots of work to go.

  2. mr68gts added a post in a topic top dragster scratch build   

    Dave, I really like the Olds covers! Things look bad A$$ on there! Dang I like tunnel rams and Dominators but the temptation to go EFI twin turbo is too great lol. I guess I figure if I have a 2000hp capable block I might as well use it right? lol. The um, Dart is going to need some "restructuring" though haha. With your dry sump do you run a scavange in the valley? I'm researching dry sump systems for mine at the moment. Some have said that if the pump is pulling to much vacuum that they have had to run piston squirters. like the updated front end btw.
    I will be back in action ont he SW parts soon enough, got a lot of catching up to do on some things.
  3. mr68gts added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-19   

    outstanding work my friend! Can't say enough about the way this thing is coming out! I haven't said much and mostly lurking due to some constraints on my time but I have been keeping track of a couple of peoples projects and this is one of them!
  4. mr68gts added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle,back after a brief recess....   

    Brad, initial answer to your question is yes but that may change. I dont have anything but we will see what how I feel come Saturday lol.
    Chris, thank ya brotha! It will be good to take my mind off of things while building.
    Dave, christmas came way early lol. I really need to put the block on a stand. There isnt much in the way of heads worth a darn for a small block mopar unfortunately. Mopar w8 or w9's seem to be it. The new Eddy victor heads flow decent but are not 18 bolt pattern. (Dummies used the 10 bolt pattern lol.) Either mopar head will run me over 2500 for cnc'd castings bare. Victors about 2500 complete without the potential or clamping. Just have to see. Was thinking 450 inch but turbos like under 400 so maybe 3.79 stroke with the 4.130 bore.
    One part at a time....lol
  5. mr68gts added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle,back after a brief recess....   

    Back after a brief recess....
    little bit of life has gotten in the way of this for a while. We have finally as of Sunday completely moved out of our house in the mountains. ( I swear everything multiplied every time we left and went back for more stuff.) The house has been sold and should close soon I hope. (nothing on our end of things)
    Then this shows up on my doorstep he he. I am a car guy after all!
    What you are looking at is a Mopar 410 Sprint Car block! Only it is NOT going into a sprint car he he! Hopefully twin turbo it will be my longest build yet....lol. (and most expensive too!) This block came from Mopars back room storage. It is a small block, all aluminum (with water capacity) I did buy the special gear drive and cover for it also. Just gotta collect the rest of the parts.....$$$$
    Any who look forward to having some bench time soon! Just in time for the holidays right? lol. 

  6. mr68gts added a post in a topic Warning! DO NOT USE RED FROG HOBBIES!!   

    I ordered all my Albion tubing from Red Frog a little over 2 months ago and no problems from them. They did have a mix up on one pack but that's an easy mistake and I got hold of them of told them don't worry about it as I will need to order more anyway. I got a fairly quick response back within 12 hours of my emailing them of the mistake. When did this change of ownership take place?
  7. mr68gts added a post in a topic Dow7 coating   

    This is about as close as I've been been able to get as far as used Magnesium dow coated. Its Alclad Mag over white primer. Of course the make up of the Magnesium will change the color of it somewhat.
  8. mr68gts added a post in a topic Howard Competition mags avail , source ?   

    once upon a time there was a resin caster who's name shall remain nameless offered them on his website. I actually have a pair that I truly received from said caster. While I do not have access to said parts or model due to the great relocation of 2017, (move off the mountain into the city) they were available. I do not however know where he got them from or if he himself masted them. I have never personally seen any in plastic but if they are out there I would like to know!
  9. mr68gts added a post in a topic 911 GT1   

    The kits is nice and goes together well. Only issue I had was with the rear suspension. I built the clear view version but painted the front half of the body.
    What you have done looks good and you have made good progress!
  10. mr68gts added a post in a topic 1/16 Beach City Corvette: On the bench 8/19/17   

    ah, finally an update! Great work buddy! Can't wait to see this one done! It's always been one of my favorite floppers.
  11. mr68gts added a post in a topic dodge colt ??   

    another view of that same chassis

  12. mr68gts added a post in a topic dodge colt ??   

    For some reason I believe that is a Logghe chassis. (I seem to recall they built the colt chassis for some teams.)

  13. mr68gts added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 9/23/2017 - Chassis Tins   

    nice job Chris!
    How thick is the printing plate?
  14. mr68gts added a post in a topic More resin problems ????   

    what exactly is missing? just the chassis or is it the bottom of the tanker body?