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  1. No one at this time makes them that I am aware of. I have been slowly drawing up for 3d print my 340 engine out of my 68 gts dart and actually have theae valve covers on my engine so they will get done....juat a question of when.
  2. Like Mike I remember Don from the SLM Yahoo days. Actually got to meet him at Copperstate when he came down from Colorado for it one year. Always wondering what happened to him of late as he was a staple in the drag race modeling community building some of the best detailed and most scaled replicas I have ever seen. One of the first people to make the impression on me about scale fidelity and details. He was an inspiration to many and friend to many also. He will be missed greatly and hope that all him pains are gone and is modeling in the great sky above with several of my friends.
  3. mr68gts

    12 Hours

    Yes it's a Holden Monaro I believe. I also like that Cobra Coupe!
  4. The MPC body is not correct for the Super Judge. Dunno bout comps body
  5. Hobby design has resin turbos in 25th scale.
  6. Thats because Fotki is trying to sell a print (picture) of that pic.
  7. Just doing it like a real car and I had to modify the front aprons anyway to reflect the real cars changes. Much easier with the fenders out of the way.
  8. You will want to use the Missile body. The Satellite body has extra trim and such that needs to be sanded off in order for it to be correct for any of the SS/AFX cars. I am not sure anyone is doing a AWB resin body based on the Moebius body yet. I started one with a Satellite body a while back and tinker with it here and there. Mine is a Hodge Podge of parts to be a correct AWB mule car that had the Golden Commandos lettering on it. Because of this I am not completely sure if the MIssile kit had the parts for the AFX but believe it has all the engine parts there to make it including the headers IIRC with exception to the stack injection. The engine I am using in mine is based off of the Revell GTX Hemi and mastered with added in details then casted. (not available for sale) Uses Johan "Petty" headers, stamped steel Hemi K valve covers from Johan and cross ram. I was going to use a Hilborn intake also but decided on the unmodified mule car during testing. So before the Hilborn was added. Paul
  9. I actually found a original AMT parts pack of this tire and promptly used them on my 57 Ford Gasser project. I want to say they are the same tires the plastic 2 piece ones were but I don't have access to any of my models yet so I can't compare.
  10. isn't this what hot rodding is all about? Doesn't matter the canvas. Now would I own one? No, but I can appreciate the idea and work someone did to it.
  11. There are resin copies of it out there but few and far between. I am actually surprised AMT didn't update their nicely done 67 into a 66.
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