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  1. Working on the Penske rear shocks at the moment! Yes those are actual threads!!!.. The shocks will be adjustable. Just need to machine the other main threaded tube then onto the spring collars.
  2. uh oh.... lol Dont follow my crazy! I myself may never make it out of my rabbit hole....😄
  3. Tube adapters are done....onto the jam nuts for the heim joints.
  4. That it does! And I would gladly spend it again.... in fact I bought 2 sticks of it! 20 a piece, 20 to ship.... such a deal ! 🤣 Cause ya never know what I'm gonna build after this one! 😉
  5. I be watching this one closely Ian! Subject matter that is right up my alley Paul
  6. Started machining the rube adapters for the hypodermic tubing that I've spec'd for the scale 4 link bars. 20 bucks for a 12" piece...... smdh! What did I get into 😅 Still need to machine the hex into the tube adapter then machine some jam nuts for the heim joints.
  7. Yeah its a pain in the ass to cut! I use my dremel with a cutoff wheel to cut it to length. i have managed to bend it but damn takes some work to bend lol. Wonder how the lathe will cut it.....its hardened stainless but maybe with a cbn cutter or something.
  8. Length of hypodermic tubing is a bit better in scale IMO. Available from Amazon in foot lengths at reasonable prices..... unless your building 1/8 scale then that BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH gets expensive.... ($20.00 for a foot of tubing that I needed for my 4 link bars!....smdh! What was I thinking? lol) Paul
  9. Got some more parts dealt with for the rear end that havent been posted so here they are. Still need to machine the tube adapters and the heim nuts but that wont take too long. The tubing for the bars showed up today so those parts are next. Paul
  10. I did not call Robert. honestly didn't even dawn on me to call him lol. I ended up ordering 2 ft long pieces of SS hypodermic tubing which will be here Monday so I'm deep in it lol. Still have 2 more to profile then I can mill and drill them. Then onto the nuts...... Jeesh when does it end lol.
  11. Working on the rear end, I've gotten it pretty well straightened out and am now working on the 4 link bars at this time. RB Motion doesn't make the Heim joints in the size I need so I am making machining my own! Hypodermic tubing will be here Monday and all I've got left to do is machine the rotors and the remaining hardware. I also need to machine the tube adapters for the 4 link bars. Hopefully by end of next week I can start
  12. I've redone the whole engine since last being in here and this is how it sits so far. I'm waiting on hardware to show up from Australia then I can continue on.
  13. Couldn't imagine doing that in the mill. I have a cnc engraver sitting here I'm going to try out when I get to my beadlocks. See how well it works. Its designed for pet tags and many other things so it shouldn't be a problem with the anodize and with a 12"x12" table, it's big enough for my uses!
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