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  1. mr68gts added a post in a topic dodge colt ??   

    another view of that same chassis

  2. mr68gts added a post in a topic dodge colt ??   

    For some reason I believe that is a Logghe chassis. (I seem to recall they built the colt chassis for some teams.)

  3. mr68gts added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 9/23/2017 - Chassis Tins   

    nice job Chris!
    How thick is the printing plate?
  4. mr68gts added a post in a topic More resin problems ????   

    what exactly is missing? just the chassis or is it the bottom of the tanker body?
  5. mr68gts added a post in a topic Hemi Honda Drag Roadster   

    I like it Chuck! It has the gotcha factor! 
  6. mr68gts added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle, update 9/11 Chassis updated   

    mocked up the engine some more (trans) and got the correct placement and height for it so I made a mock up tube in plastic to keep the engine in place. Makes the engine easily removable while I add more tubes....
    back to the bench I go!

  7. mr68gts added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle, update 9/11 Chassis updated   

    Can't imagine why that hat would look familiar? lol. I needed a hat for looks and yours is sitting in my 3d printed parts organizer bins so it got set up there he he. Not the one I will be using but it gives me a good idea of looks anyway. 
    I decided to do the hoop before I went to bed last night so it's in place now too. Looks pretty good on there. Need to finish up the floor tonight though and then I can do the uprights for the firewall. The main rails, and hoop are Albion 2.5mm solid rod which is the only thing I could find close to .101 dimension and is a real bear to cut compared to their thin wall tubing. I may contact them at a later date and see if they can run some 2.5mm tube but for this chassis it will be solid. Usually the front of the tubes are capped off anyway. They do custom orders so they may do it for a nominal fee of course!
    Can't wait to get home and get some more done after work....
  8. mr68gts added a post in a topic REAR ENGINE DUSTER F/C - Beginnings - 8/27/17   

    Like where you are heading with this Joe! As an FYI, The host hotel for GSL lets dogs in, don't even have to be service dogs. Just not in the contest hall for obvious reasons.
    Funny, I like the name. Kind of a coincidence too. Sadly 5 years ago we had to put down one of 2 litter mates. (the other was put down 4 months later) The one was named Cheyenne "da mutt", and her sister was named Kuuma. It took a bit but now we have a 4 year old rompin stompin Black Lab/Rotweiler mix named Dixie. Sweetest dog ever and all lab mentality. Kinda nutso though lol. (typical lab) And a 85lb lap dog. (also typical lab)
    Nice to see you back at the table and hope we can see you at DSC maybe or if not at least GSL! We've had some changes in our lives and have come down off the mountain top and moved into the city. (Phoenix) That means now I can go to both contest he he!
  9. mr68gts added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle, update 9/11 Chassis updated   

    Got a little progress on the chassis tonight. Going slow but it's getting there. The floor is just about done at this point. I have a couple more tubes to put in the middle then I can start on the hoop! I need to also figure out placement of the engine per proper rules.

  10. mr68gts added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle, update 9/11 Chassis updated   

    Thank you sir! It's either going to inspire kids or sadly make them run away. There are those modelers that are the "lunatic fringe" and it's those that many see and think I can't do that so why try. It's different from when I grew up. I was taught I can do anything, all I have to do is try. (and don't give up!) I enjoy doing what I do on the computer and thanks to a few people I am able to do it and have fun doing it. And because I can somewhat do it it's even landed me a job. (never thought in my wildest dreams that my hobby could help me in my job lol) 
    I've got a decent start on the chassis and will be stalled soon as I figure out some sort of bender. I saw your answer to my question so I will look at the Rio Grande catalog and see what I can find. I did see another one that kind of intrigued me on YouTube also. I may turn something on the lathe too. I've done it before because I needed a certain radius to make some exhaust  for a model I built for the Model Car Museum. Worked pretty good actually but that takes time away from building. 
    I'll keep plugging away at this chassis though. I do need to draw up the back half of the chassis so I can have some sort of template to go off of.
    back to our regularly scheduled program...he he
  11. mr68gts added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New Fuel Tank - New Pics 9-19   

    Quick questiin, what are you using to bend your tubing?
    Looks good in paint thus far! 
  12. mr68gts added a post in a topic Pay It Forward-Round 2   

    Sadly as much fun as it was last go around I can not participate. Sometimes moving sucks.....ok, all.the time moving sucks...lol
  13. mr68gts added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle, update 9/11 Chassis updated   

    Chassis update. 
    Since I have most of the brass I started on it this weekend. Got a little bit done. Fish mouthing everything is a pain in the butt however will be worth it in the final result. Hope to have the bottom rails completed this week then I have to order the rear 4 link brackets since they got broke in the accident. I can continue on with it but it will be easier to build up with those in place because I have to do the top rails. Much easier to solder in without all the other stuff in the way. Also need to figure out a way to bend this Albion brass. May have to turn something on the lathe to make a tubing bender.
  14. mr68gts added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle, update 9/11 Chassis updated   

    Thank you sir! 
    Time to brush up on my soldering skills....