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  1. mr68gts added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle, update 5/19   

    Its Solidworks. So far anything I want can be drawn up in Solidworks. 
    Thanks for looking
  2. mr68gts added a post in a topic Porsche 935   

    that was an entertaining read!
  3. mr68gts added a post in a topic Porsche 935   

    Gunnar Porsche restored the Interscope 935 and while there are some differences, it shows a different mount than what the kit looks like. However, The Interscope car had the suspension points moved oven more than what the factory did so I don't even know if that is correct or not. I am scratching my head on the shift rod because I am pretty sure the Martini pictures that SMS supplied show it going into the tunnel after if leaves the shifter. I may try and locate the disk that has the pics Matt supplied and do some digging. I've got that disk somewhere. Just need to locate it.
    Thank you for the help by the way Cal! I am not so far ahead that I cannot fix what has been done so far. I can touch up paint! LOL.
  4. mr68gts added a post in a topic Porsche 935   

    I take it back.... its in nomally per kit instructions! Time to break it apart from the engine and flip it over! Guess I better research the mount lol.
  5. mr68gts added a post in a topic Porsche 935   

    I want to say it goes in upside down actually.
  6. mr68gts added a post in a topic Porsche 935   

    Very cool! I am a fan of them. Especially the racing Porsches. Never worked on them and probably could never afford one lol.  Always loved the 917s the most but the 935s are right behind them because Id catch a glimpse of one running Riverside once in a while back in the day.
  7. mr68gts added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Engine Assembly Jig - New Pics 5-25   

    Tim, I figured it out.... the location of the radius needs to be in relation to the rotor location. So the case will need to be offsetin the rotary table for the radius to be correct since the cases are oblong and not round. So the case will have to be offset in the rotary table for each side using the centerline of the rotor.  Then you can machine the ribs and the recess with a regular end mill and the depth of the recess would be uniform.
  8. mr68gts added a post in a topic Porsche 935   

    Pete. you happen to be one of the few to finish them! lol. They take a long time if you want to do them right don't they? I should have just finished mine up instead of waiting this long on a mill but I was determined to get one first so now I am where I am. It's my own fault really because I was moving along at a pretty good pace and once I got to that point, shelved it. With the time it takes to build these I don't blame you for not wanting to build them back to back truthfully. I wasn't referring to you when I said hording them as I know you build. But I'm pretty sure people just bought them without the intention of ever building them. You would have thought over the course of the years that they would turn up on the tables but really we haven't seen that many. Of course with only a little over 500 produced I guess we wouldn't see them all but rare like my now totaled GTO (one of 370 Cosmos GTO'S produced!) I've seen more of those that the kits built lol.
    I am glad to be at least working on it again though as I do look at it quite often with hope of completing it. It's a lot of money to be tied up and not finished and I hate the fact that it's caught up in limbo. Hopefully no more!
  9. mr68gts added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle, update 5/19   

    There may be an order of brass coming soon....lol
  10. mr68gts added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Engine Assembly Jig - New Pics 5-25   

    Tim, the rotary table may work for you but may require a stop of some sort so you don't go past the top of the case into the injector seat so to speak. Maybe machine the side of the case recess that is flat before the radius with the rotary table locked at 0 deg and once those are done you can rotate the case at the radius to machine the rest of the recess using the stop for repeatability. (took me a minute to think of what I am trying to say and it may still not make sense but only in my mind lol)
  11. mr68gts added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Engine Assembly Jig - New Pics 5-25   

    One of these days I hope to see this thing in person! It has got to something to see!
    Beautiful work Tim!
  12. mr68gts added a post in a topic Porsche 935   

    Tim, The Ti really isn't needed for the model even though there is a slight difference in color from Al to Ti. (which I can easily replicate with candy color in light coats if I choose.) I have a probably 6 inch piece of 1/2 round bar that has a unfinished knee joint piece on it and a couple of cut offs. (didn't pass initial inspection for first article.) Neat thing is I have had it for 10ish so years and it still looks like it came out of the 5 axis this morning! It is a pain to machine, worse to press something into! THe slivers are horrible to get out of your hands and they always breaks off trying to pull them out. Best to leave the m in a fester out so to speak. We had Sunnen spray to press planetary pins into the Ti planet case. (Lenco uses 7AL4V normalized) It sure makes pretty bright white sparks when grinding it. Bright white and highly flammable/combustible I would guess you say. We always used lots of coolant when machining the parts so I don't think the combustion was an issue since it was flooded most times. Not necessarily spontaneous combustible, still needs a spark of some sort. Magnesium was entertaining to machine.....needed lots of sand in buckets or you could catch the lathe or mill on fire! Sand is the easiest way to suffocate a magnesium fire. No liquid!
    I'm not sure what grade of Ti I have but it's pretty hard I noticed. While I can machine it with a different insert in the holder, I don't think anyone really cares if the half shafts are Ti or not. Not sure if the standard carbide end mills I have will hold up to the ti or not. Everything we used was indexible tooling. I'd have to hit the books and see what insert is required and truthfully don't want to spend a whole lot of time doing that while I have at least a little momentum going lol.
    Thank you Art! Ready to pull out that brass modified you were working on again? he he.
    Cal, Last piece of raw Titanium I saw the price on was $900.00 (back in mid 2000 mind you) for a 7 inch diameter, maybe 4 or 5 inch tall chunk of round bar. What you are looking at are real deal 70's factory Porsche Works half shafts. That along with the price of Ti makes it the price they are. And the price of raw unmachined Titanium is highly volatile depending on current markets for military and/or medical. (mostly military drives the prices up or down depending on demand.) The 934 was a little bit different from the 935 but some of the photoetch would or should work on the 934 and I know a few people at least have done just that.
    I worked aerospace for a while that also did medical stuff so we'd get in Ti here and there for knee parts or eye socket parts. I had to debur eye socket replacement pieces under a microscope....talk about a headache...lol. That's how I ended up with the Titanium. Saw some really cool stuff doing that job. Some I cannot discuss, but I know why certain things cost so much when the military says this costs x amount....
    Back on track, so far what I have been posting is stuff that has been completed and sitting in bags forever now. (seriously, ask Pete! LOL) I hope I can have a current update on something for it soon but there is a lot of stuff that would be missed so I will occasionally upload more pics to get everyone up to speed as to what has been done up to this point.
  13. mr68gts added a post in a topic Porsche 935   

    They were pricey to begin with and limited in numbers. Mine happens to be #319 of 505. I believe Matthew had enough parts to produce a few more but do not know if that materialized. They have been out of production for probably a decade at least.
    I myself haven't seen one for sale in a long time. I know not all have been built so someone is hording them. Kind of like the 956/962 super set they did. Also limited in numbers.
    I wish you luck in finding one. Im sure you will end up paying more than original retail price if one does turn up. 
    With that said, the kit itself with some minor detailing can be made into a show stopper even considering it is a very old kit!
  14. mr68gts added a post in a topic Porsche 935   

  15. mr68gts added a post in a topic Porsche 935   

    So, I have been researching the half shafts for this model to accurately machine.  Dunno if anyone knows this but many of the 935s used titanium for the half shafts. I decided to play on the lathe for a bit. Dug out the titanium bar stock I have laying around. (Dont ask....lol) I use inserted tooling (indexable tooling as its called) so I have the ability to machine it IF I wanted to. I am not going to use ti however but I did want to see if I could machine it. Aluminum will work just fine for this model.....maybe....lol