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  1. I actually found a original AMT parts pack of this tire and promptly used them on my 57 Ford Gasser project. I want to say they are the same tires the plastic 2 piece ones were but I don't have access to any of my models yet so I can't compare.
  2. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    isn't this what hot rodding is all about? Doesn't matter the canvas. Now would I own one? No, but I can appreciate the idea and work someone did to it.
  3. What about hobby lobby? I believe it is the same stuff.
  4. '66 Comet Cyclone?

    There are resin copies of it out there but few and far between. I am actually surprised AMT didn't update their nicely done 67 into a 66.
  5. '61 Falcon Gasser

    Looks good JC!
  6. clearbody mr gasket gasser

    Same as the Malco Gasser Jesse
  7. Brutus Mustang funny car

    Got nothing on my end!
  8. Brutus Mustang funny car

    can't see the pictures....
  9. Melanie Troxel's Top Fuel Dragster

    Who ever was looking for a puke tank... This one is a McKinney Tank measures 21 1/2" tall at it's highest point from top to bottom. And approx 12" wide.
  10. 69 pro mod chevelle, 12/27 Scoop is here!

    Thank you guys. Got in there again tonight but progress is slow up till now as I needed to draw up bottom rails for the back half to get the bend right and in scale to dimensions I have for a chassis and it's shock mounting points. The back half is smaller tube than the main rails so I used 3/32 K&S tube. (which is correctly scaled) The issue with K&S is that it is hardened. I discovered with a bit of experimenting that if you anneal the tube slightly it will be malleable enough to bend without breaking or kinking and yet retain much of it's strength. By using a round belt pulley that I have laying around that I am going to use to update the Unimat lathe I was able to bend the tube fairly easily!
  11. 69 pro mod chevelle, 12/27 Scoop is here!

    So, the house is no longer ours and we are officially homeless... lol I did order the scoop and spacer and added the 4 link brackets to the order as I had to replace the ones that got broke in the trip from GSL when the chassis got smashed. I still need the oil pump and have a good start on it at this point but it's not ready for printing yet. I am also going to change the engine over to a dry sump style setup which requires a new pan and different pump that what I have started on. (sort of, the basic pump is the same if I am copying an RCD style pump but it is longer for obvious reasons.) With the scoop here I had to mock it up in the chassis with the rear body section in place to see how it looks. It's hard to tell in the photos but the thing is seriously bad a$$. Off to chop up some brass since I have the place to myself for the week! Paul
  12. Here's the chassis that's under the GTO. I also have a mint Charlie Allen F/C that when I can I will post pics of that chassis. May be a while though lol.
  13. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    BAAADDD DOG!!!!!!!!
  14. Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?

    I may have to find that one! lol
  15. Work bench ideas?

    I miss my model room...... I can't wait till we have a home again! At this point I'd be happy with living in the 5th wheel trailer lol. One thing about model rooms or corners is they can always be changed up to suit ones needs at a given point if your flexible with your area. I have some ideas for my next one when we purchase our next house to make it easier to use. Not so much with the pegboard but I would like to be able to organize my scratch building material for example. I had started buying up all the evergreen sizes of various shapes I could find since at the time I wasn't near any kind of hobby shop. The addition of a lathe and or mill takes up much usable space and must be a consideration when purchasing such things. Part of my problem was that my model room also served as a 2nd guest room so there was a bed in there along with everything else lol. And the father in law was usually the one who stayed in that room when he would come to visit so I had all my models in the closet or on shelves I hung up around the perimeter of the room. It worked quite handily for what I needed but I really needed more space as there were also a couple of antique sewing machines in there also taking up space next to the model desk. Hopefully If I can find a nice 4 bedroom house I can confiscate one of the rooms for the sole purpose of the model room and no longer have antiques and a darn bed in there with me! Yes, much more organization will be in order for the next model room! Paul