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  1. mr68gts added a post in a topic drag unlimited, new 1/16 scale pro mod parts.   

    Next up on the list to be printed to check is a collection of parts to detail superchargers and the pulley systems. Included will be all the drive parts for the crank, supercharger, crank support, and crank starter system. These parts will assemble just like the real thing. Some of it scaled from actual drawings, and also from parts I have laying around. Still more to do on this stuff but as I add things I will update the post. This system will be a lot of parts in just this kit alone. Just off the top of my head in the neighborhood of 14 pieces or so.
    Here's the print screens for the pulleys and the blower shaft flange.

  2. mr68gts added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    drag unlimited, new 1/16 scale pro mod parts.
    Got some new pro modified parts for 1/16 scale available in my Shapeways store. So far only 2 things. But the inventory will increase as I find things to draw up and have printed.
    First up is chassis 4 link brackets that are scale 15" tall. Corrects an issue with the cars that are low to the ground and the pinion looking at the dirt to clear the upper mount. The cutouts for the tube are .100 so they will work with Evergreen in that size which is close to 1 5/8 diameter in scale. Each side is .017 thin!!!!! There is enough to do 3 cars.

    Next item up is something that has been missed in Pro modified models. No pro mods use cs3 Lencos unless its a Bruno driven unit. (separate converter drive) So now there is another option!! A CS1 Lenco (first gen) is now available. Can be built as a 2, 3, or 4 spd. The kit come with 7 pieces total to make the ultimate Lenco in 1/16 scale. Not available as of yet, but soon will be air servos and manual towers designed to work with Futurattraction Lenco handles. This will be a separate pack for the Lenco. Blown/turbo cars will use 3 speeds and nitrous cars will use 4 speeds. (there will be a cs2 Lenco available at a later date to do a correct nitrous car trans.) The front register works with TDR's bellhousing to properly register with it. Each part registers with the previous so there is no misalignment issues other than clocked properly.

    These parts have been printed and shipped to me to inspect and are ready for purchase now.
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    Wasn't trying to correct you. Just adding a bit of info. AND, FYI I have been following this project, not avoiding it. I haven't posted to it, and it might not say it on whose following but I have been just not logged in much these days, but I have been keeping an eye on it. ( I was even going to pick YOUR brain) I did help you out some on your last project in case you forgot. As far as the "also for some reason" I meant it as a If I recall correctly. You mentioned about them being pickup and that this was wrong. You were correct, but I am pretty sure that I have seen that mod somewhere.
    I suppose next time I'll just leave the usual "looks good" and carry on without trying to help.
    Carry on...
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    The original fuel blocks were nothing more than thick wall factory castings. Wasn't until the KB stage blocks came out that they went to double cross bolts. Also, for some reason I want to say I have actually seen hollow cross bolts for extra oiling to the crank. (Sox and Martin book maybe?)Those are not pick ups. The pick up is actually the very rear corner of the pan. (back then anyway.) the pump uses the stock passages after that. Just bypasses the small diameter pickup hole.
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