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  1. Hi, I am looking for some replacement tires that will fit the new Revell 78 GMC big game hunting truck . the kit tires are very soft and I’m having a hard time keeping them mounted to the kit wheels .
  2. I'm looking for a Monogram 85 Camaro Z28 Any issue is fine I think the last issue was out a few years ago and it shows the car in dark red on the box
  3. Hi I am looking for any Ford Focus kits any scale , thanks
  4. any body know when the Escort will be out ? I will get about 10 of them .
  5. Are the Revell and Esci Escort the same kit ?
  6. Hi im looking for any Ford Focus kits , Revel SVT, Revel WRC, Tamiya WRC, Hasegaea WRC, Heller etc Thanks
  7. Cant blame this one on the Chinese , this kit is made in USA, just the tires one from China ,it's also the first kit to have the " West Chicago " sticker , at least the first I've seen . So it could be a brand new factory , they may not know when to pull them out ? the plastic feels the same as the rest of the America kits theve made the last few years , the 77 Chevy van , 77 GMC wrecker , and the 80 Ford Bronco , the Chinese plastic is a lot softer and more " milky " looking , I bought mine from HL and the body is straight but my roof has a little dip in it .
  8. Superpeterbilt is possibly the best person on this forum
  9. A 1995-2000 Chevy S-10 4.3 Vortec 2 door 2WD Short bed Any shade of Blue
  10. Is there a replacement tire that will fit the curant Revell truck /jeep kits . I hate the blank sidewalls that they put in the kits now .
  11. I'm looking for a replacement tire for the 1/32 monogram /Revell kits. I hate the hollow back ones that come in the kits .
  12. So you are saying that Revell and Round 2 are flat out lying ?i have not been to these factories or interviewed employes that work there but I turst what they print on the box , mostly because you can tell by the look of the plastic . Revell kits made here are of a stiffer plastic and more pure white . The china ones are softer plastic and more milky white .
  13. I buy the kits Revell makes in America. I also bought the new MPC/Round2 FordVan 1/20 kit .
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