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  1. Sweet, what size drill you use on your pin vise?
  2. heres a little progress of how the interior is coming along.
  3. Tarkmucker, I used Model color's Amar Desert yellow and medium brown
  4. This is kind of a early post sisnce Im still working on my charger, but I wanted to get as much advice/tips and reference material from you guys (if possible) waaaaaay before I start it, also where in the worls is this thing's paint guide?!
  5. A little more work done today, almost done with the interior weathering. By the way, is all alcad paint airbrush ready?
  6. Awesome! I want to try this too! I'll be learning as well.
  7. After a whole lot of struggling the interior was finally painted! I also started on a little weathering and highlighting of some of the parts. Sorry dor the shi#*% pic, I'll post better ones when I return from work!
  8. Two words, bad assssss! Nicely build man
  9. Thanks guys, really appreciate it! Thanks for the tip cj1971, I was actually trying to find a way to fix that awkward looking exhaust! The color scheme will be a red exterior on white interior, but ofcourse, they will be very very used and abused!c: Im thinking rust on most wheel openings on the fenders, maybe a bit of rust on the left quarter panel and a different color trunk door and the right door will be painted white with signs of rust, the hood will be the same red as most of the parts, Im thinking maybe mixing the right red with a but ofwhite to make it seem as if the color has faded a bit! Do you guys think Tamiya Chrome silver is a good color to paint the chrome parts? Im thinking that its a bit too dark!?
  10. Actualy, the paint I used was a lot lighter prior to drying! but I like how that color looks with all the other weathered parts around it! I got a new lens for my sweet old momma so i got a little picture friendly, anyways, heres some more progress, finally getting ready to paint the enterior! thanks for sticking along, more progress to come soon!
  11. heres a picture with some other parts, the Revell patent writing on the gas tank is bothering me a lot so i'll probably go back and take that off
  12. got some of the weathering down after work today, let me know how you think its coming along!
  13. After a day or five....... Of figuring out my airbrush and compressor, It finally works! Here is some small progress from tonight, Im gonna weather the parts than post some pictures
  14. The more I use the airbrush, mix paints, and spray numerous amounts of test bottle of cheap paint, I realize how important paint consistency is! To me probably more important than psi, since at the same psi I was able to shoot acrylics, cheap acrylics that are about as thick as they get, and enamel! But I was glad to see that I was able to shoot a bottle of testors Acrylic Flat Black straight from the bottle! These are the results! Now I can continue with the '68 charger! Thanks to all of you who helped!
  15. I'm using a Paasche VL so double, regatding the paint I'm using that cheap apple barrel acrylic until I get the hang of the airbrush, and I'm mixing it 70% water 30% paint, and I'm sure I have the needles and heads correct but I'm guessing on which tip goes with what combination
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