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  1. The Benefits of Beer

    Doctors and lawyers are cut from the same cloth. Do you really trust someone who, since receiving his degree, is still only practicing after 30 years? Signed Joe Zrodlowski, Esq.
  2. Lunar eclipse coming on 1/31

    I'm SOL. Being completely surrounded by high-rises can do that.
  3. camouflage

    Unless your building a a late '70s-late '80s Dodge /GMCs which were used by the U.S.Army and were painted with the then-standard MERDC pattern, just freehand the pattern. If you're building something more contemporary, google "camouflaged technical pickups" and check out the images. All of the camo is non-standard, field-applied stuff. This Waffen SS-style Plane Tree Pattern camo is interesting:
  4. R.I.P Mark E. Smith

    Mark E Smith, founder and lead singer with the Fall, dies aged 60. Great musician and just the guy you'd want covering your back in a bar fight.
  5. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Invest in a woodchipper.
  6. "Optical" or "Laser" Mouse tip...

    Good tip, Bill. People tend to overlook the obvious problems. I use a Logitech Optical Trackball and I need to clean the ball and sensor screen regularly; otherwise, the pointer goes where and when it feels like.
  7. Stupid Is the New Smart

    No need for a find-my-phone app. Apply the K.I.S. S. principle How to prevent one from losing his iCrap devise : Use a dummy cord It's called a dummy cord for obvious reasons. You appear less stupid than you really are because you won't lose your friggin' phone at the artisanal kaleteria or while attending your weekly flugelhorn repair course.
  8. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Swell! I'll take a dozen!
  9. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Yup, a whoopie cushion.
  10. Stupid Is the New Smart

  11. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Isn't that a fancy term for whoopie cushion?
  12. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Can it core a apple?
  13. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Which only means it's more prone to breaking down. The K.I.S.S. principle is a tried and true method used for years. Why does a computer-controlled car require more maintenance than a primitive lead sled from the past? More krap which can fail at the drop of a hat. The more complex a piece of equipment is, the greater the chance that there will be a failure.
  14. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Since my culinary tastes vary, I don't eat the same food every single week; therefore, a "smart" fridge can't anticipate my grocery shopping patterns. I can also determine, by looking inside the fridge, if I need to pick up another gallon of milk or a couple bottles of soda. I can remember things like that. Likewise, appliances have timers which, as in the case of washers/dryers/dishwashers, have preset settings for wash and dry cycles. If I'm going to be out of the house for an undetermined period of time, I know that my laundry and dishes will have been cleaned/dried before I return. If I stick something in the oven which requires 2 1/2 hours to cook, I set the oven timer for the bake/cook duration, hit "Start" and it will automatically turn off at the end of that time. In none of these circumstances do I require a phone app to inform me of such mundane activities. Only tech-dependent losers worry about useless minutiae like that.
  15. Stupid Is the New Smart

    I can tell you, from personal observations at the supermarket downstairs from me, that isn't true. I've made jokes about pogo stick physiqued fauxhemians living on Fruit Loops and ramen. They do. After blowing the monthly stipend their parents deposit on the first of every month by the fifteenth on overpriced Whole Foods fare, $26 lobster rolls and $20 shots of boutique vodka, they're broke. They head to the supermarket and load up on sugary cereals like the aforementioned Fruit Loops, Trix, Pop Tarts and ramen noodles @ 3 packs/$1.00. For the next two weeks, you won't find any of these specific items on the shelves. To further augment their dietary requirements, they will scavenge nightly through the supermarket trash bags in search of recently expired food, making raccoons look like rank amateurs. How is it any easier to perform any of those tasks with an app? One still needs to physically load clothes into a washer. Same with dishes into a dishwasher, food into a microwave, coffee grounds and water into a coffee maker (coffee makers have brew timers and can be set to brew at a specific time without an app) and so on. Why would one want to control a refrigerator? It does two things well without any help from you - keep food cold and freezing it. Do you actually wait until you've left your house before flushing the toilet via smart app? If there is a major blackout, which has occurred in and around NY three times in my lifetime, those apps ain't worth shite when your phone isn't working because the cell towers are dead. Try getting into your apartment or house with the fancy keyless entry system when the juice is gone. I appreciate technology as much as the next guy. However, I will not become a slave to it and allow it to control every aspect of my life.