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  1. That will be a temporary remedy. Go back to what Bill said about resin quality. That frame will exhibit warping and deformation in other locations in the future.
  2. Scale Hobbyist 118 Northeastern Blvd Nashua, NH 03062
  3. Depending, as you have pointed out, on the quality of the resin, 91% rubbing alcohol can have an effect on said resin. I needed to strip acrylic paint from MIG Productions Scale Thickness Hull Plates. I brushed on 91% IPA, waited until the paint started lifting and noticed that the resin became a rubbery mess and stayed that way. A lesson that cost me $100. Test first.
  4. Vallejo 70520/26651/26518/69702 Matt Varnishes produce a dead flat finish when airbrushed.
  5. If it's neat, it's because: A. The other half couldn't stand looking it and decided to surprise you B. The other half exacting revenge for some as of yet unknown transgression on your part C. It was the result of mass looting by pets exacting revenge for some as of yet unknown transgression on your part D. Ennui E. You are about to start on that new kit you've been waiting for and need room to make a total wreck of the workspace once you dump the contents out
  6. Cats can be a literal pet peeve when it comes to model building; mine is when he decides to hijack an entire PE fret and mutilate it beyond recognition. So, technically, this thread is still on track.
  7. That's not Fmeep. It must be a relative. I snagged the photo from an entertaining article about cats: Compelling new evidence that your cat might eat your corpse
  8. Roaming, no. More like lying in ambush. We're just training aids.
  9. Fmeep is uniquely un-catlike. He eats onions, sriracha sauce, blue Stilton cheese, garlic dill pickles, chocolate and actually enjoys baths. We stopped letting him play Monopoly with us because he cheats.
  10. You answered your own question. I made my observation based on what I saw in the first two links you posted.
  11. Two different companies. Items produced by one are not identical to the other.
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