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  1. That's your fault. The site's search engine is less than useless. You'll end up having to wade through multitudes of irrelevant posts and still not find what you're looking for. Check this thread out on how to find stuff without resorting to the "search" function here. Your chances of finding a specific topic/thread increase exponentially using this method.
  2. No, you weren't imagining it, Rich.
  3. Store bought is good; but, nuthin' beats homemade cake.
  4. My landlord, who is a contractor, was gouged $31 for a pint of 91IPA courtesy of ebay. He reported the seller.
  5. I've been mulling over the comments about using IPA for stripping paint. Let me remind you guys that IPA is in dangerously short supply, or non-existent, in many locations. I can't get IPA within 100 miles of me in NYC. Like me, there are numerous people who have a legitimate medical need for IPA, but, due to inconsiderate panic buyers and profiteers hoarding all existing stocks, there is none to be found. Consider this: that last bottle of IPA you snagged at the pharmacy to strip your model could have better served a person who really needed it. You just might save somebody's life by not using IPA for what qualifies as, at this particular time, an extremely frivolous and wasteful purpose.
  6. Ad in Popular Mechanics, July 1954, indicating the Traction Master Company was in business since at least the early-mid 1950s. So, a Day 2 '55 Chevy could have had these traction bars installed. Ad in Speed Age (1954)
  7. Yeah, well the way things are presently, finding 91IPA, or even 70, is hit or miss in a lot of places. Nobody's stocking up on ELO as a disinfectant. Yet.
  8. Get the ELO. It strips every paint known to man, you don't need to submerge the parts for hours, days or weeks and it isn't being hoarded.
  9. What you suggest will definitely protect the rims; however, it won't stop the plasticizer leaching from the tires. They're going to decompose regardless. It's the same thing that happens to rubber bands. As they age, they start turning into gooey, sticky messes.
  10. Just as there is no cure for acetate promos from warping, there are no "time proven" methods to stop what amounts to a chemical breakdown/decomposition of the plasticizer in the vinyl. Chuck'em and get new tires.
  11. Love Yoo Hoo. Just the thing to go with a dirty water dog off the wagon. Believe it or not, TJ, Yoo Hoo, HQ'ed in Carlstadt, NJ, bought out Chocolate Cow in the early '80s because it was a direct competitor.
  12. I dare this guy to lick anything pulled out of either Newton Creek or the Gowanus Canal. Both are Superfund sites and you can contract STDs by just coming in incidental contact with Gowanus Canal water.
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