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  1. or, use flat or gloss red paint and overspray with
  2. If you're Kevin Hart, it makes it easier for the cops to read it.
  3. The bargain kitchen foil is perfect because it's thinner than the name brand variety. BTW, you could get pulled over for improperly displaying a plate like that.
  4. Armor All used on vinyl covered front bench seats can cause problems when navigating a curve at speeds over 35 mph. Don't ask how I know that.
  5. '59-'61 Lark frame '61 Lark convertible frame Avanti frame
  6. The closest you can get is the chassis from the AMT '63 Avanti. Both the Lark and Avanti have 109" wheelbases and the frames are pretty much identical.
  7. Danny Aiello, of ‘Do the Right Thing’ fame, dead at 86
  8. Not true. From the USPS website: What it boils down to is many postal workers, like a fairly sizable number of gubmint employees, don't care about the public service aspect of their positions. They're there for the paycheck and benefits. From Forbes: Finally, Shapiro points out that the USPS pays its workers salaries and benefits far above the rates paid to similar workers in the private sector. Labor accounted for 78% of the organization’s costs in 2014, “with about 89% of those costs involving employees represented by collective bargaining.” These higher labor costs, plus the absence of a need to innovate due to government-granted monopolies, has freed the USPS from $20 billion in labor and productivity costs per year, Shapiro estimates. “While we do not technically count this as a subsidy,” he writes, it represents an economic burden on others arising directly from USPS’s monopoly position.” Postage, for instance, would likely be cheaper for everyone if the organization were subject to the same competitive pressures as private firms. Ever notice that there never seems to be anyone working the service windows when you go to the P.O.? I've had the pleasure of standing in line at the Main Post Office in Downtown Brooklyn for nearly 90 minutes because, out of 22 service windows, only one or two are open at any given time. There are at least two dozen employees milling around behind the windows on perpetual coffee breaks, though.
  9. It's also washer & dryer safe. Good to know if you're going to launder your models.
  10. NICE, Mike. That's on my list. You should be able to scribe/separate the panels without any problems so they can be removable. There was also this thread in Armorama Maus 1:35 with interior Florin scratchbuilt the interior. It might be a good reference when you start the Trumpeter kit.
  11. My nephew bought a Bondo Special '63 Biscayne 4DR in 1995 for 75 bucks. No heater and blankets for seat covers. He was a drummer in a band and used the car to travel up and down the East Coast to play at gigs. He put at least 70,000 miles on it. Never had a mechanical issue in the two years he owned it; except, after he stopped playing, the I6 started groaning and grinding. The first thing I checked was the oil level and the stick was bone dry with burnt oil residue on the tip. I asked him when was the last time he checked and added oil. "Add oil? I thought the car came with it already."
  12. That's a recurring problem with Scalemates timelines. Similar, but unrelated, kits are listed together. Unless one is familiar with the production history of a particular kit, it's easy to be misled into believing that all of the versions are identical and from the same molds. Why the Tamiya 300 SL is included in the Frog/AMT timeline is perplexing, at the very least.
  13. The Matchbox release is the same as the AMT kit; so, it can't be a really bad copy because it was produced from the AMT molds. Ditto with the Frog/AMT version. All are 1/25, not 1/24 scale. Compare the parts from the Frog/AMT kit and the AMT Trophy Series kit
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