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  1. Thanks for clearing up the mystery, Steve. Those parts are actually cleaner than the pics would indicate. They're the few flash-free items on those trees. I didn't feel like pulling out my Canon; so, I used my son's phone to photograph them.
  2. I've got five Johan '62 Plymouth Furys and Dodge Darts: two Dodge Dart convertibles, one Fury convertible and one each Fury and Dart Hardtops. Both hardtops and one Dart convertible are unbuilt. The chrome trees for the unbuilt kits all have a pair of parts which I can't identify: A closer look: Even closer: They look like hood ornaments. The area around the centers is open (no plastic). They aren't identified on any of the instruction sheets, either. I've been searching through images of actual cars for any sign of these but haven't seen them. Does anyone know what they are?
  3. Mega Millions.....

    Get an industrial-grade wood chipper. Hiring a divorce attorney will eat through that jackpot in no time flat.
  4. What Do I Do?

    Well, cancel that potato, peppers and egg hero order. I'll try another thread.
  5. What Do I Do?

    I got all six numbers in the Mega Millions drawing last night. I'll trade you the ticket for what's in the box.
  6. Eye Test - Find the "8"

    Hey, you can't prove I said that.
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    A pint can of Sci-Grip Weld-On 4 Acrylic Solvent. 18 bucks. Cheaper by volume than the one and two ounce bottled stuff. Johan Fire Rescue Ambulance Got this more for the lower control arms than anything else I'll make copies for other '63-'66 Johan Caddys which I plan to replace the kit chassis with modded Revellogram '59/'60 versions. I had to scratch a set from photos and it was a royal pain.
  8. Celebrity Crushes?

    And beauty pageant contestant. That's how she paid her college tuition.
  9. Celebrity Crushes?

    Morgan Ortagus.........YOW!
  10. Oh, you've been to Brooklyn, huh?
  11. Tired of your normal build subjects?

    Manufacturers Hanover had a series of "Anycar" car loan ads in the 1970s. The first two Anycars were designed by Gene Winfield. The third was a George Barris creation:
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I'm waiting to hear back about another 300 I was interested in, Carl. If it works out, I'll let you know and we could do some horse trading.
  13. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    PM me, Steve. Maybe we can work something out.
  14. That hobby shop might actually still be in the old millennium. Those inter-dimensional portals can be be quite annoying, popping up where you least expect them. Heck, one time I started drinking in a club in Garmsch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria and the next thing I remember was waking up in Innsbruck, Austria.