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  1. You can make some real swell hose clamps by cutting a thin strip of aluminum foil and pressing it around the knurled outer edge of an igniter wheel taken off a cheap lighter, then gluing the strip around the hose. If you want ready made, there's this set from Model Car Garage or, this one from Detail Master.
  2. Thanks for the information, Art. The search continues......
  3. Would a modified roof from the '65 Galaxie 500 XL work?
  4. Original box art Why couldn't an optional hardtop have been included? I need one to construct a replica of a Zigmobile, owned by a guy in my neighborhood.
  5. It's snowing down in Dixie...

    Liberty NY......back in the late '70s, my friends and I used to head up to Grossinger's during the winter. No skiing, just lots of elbow bending and picking up ski bunnies. We were more successful with the former.
  6. And there goes another...Pat DiNizio

    Used to see the band at CBGB's, Cat Club and other great and long gone venues.
  7. Terrible Box Art

    He racked up all of the awards in the pimpmobile category.
  8. No problem, Peter. 1956 Passenger Assembly Manual
  9. PLEEEEEEEZ! Just go back to Flyoverlandia!

    Evidence of convergent evolution?
  10. Which Dremel?

    I found that out the hard way. I used a steel brush to clean out the junk buildup after filing some soft metal with a cheap Chinese-made file. The junk was gone. So were the teeth on the file.
  11. Which Dremel?

    That's what them zany Collyer Brothers might have been thinking. The stuffed over 100 tons of materials and components into a three story brownstone. One of the more interesting items found was a Model T frame. How'd they get it through the door and hallway?!? Brownstone hallways are notoriously narrow once you get past the foyer, the staircase takes up over one half the width of the first floor hall. It couldn't have been brought in through the door under the stoop because there's no space to maneuver it. Absolute geniuses!!!!!!!
  12. Which Dremel?

    Sure, you can modify the design to fit your requirements. Here's the hitch to using a shop vac. Not everyone lives in a house with a garage or basement to deck out as hobby workspace.This was designed with apartment dwellers as primary users in mind because space is at a premium and a shop vac isn't something normally found in an apartment unless one is emulating the Collyer Brothers and hoards useless junk. Other types of exhaust systems which require an exhaust fan and running a hose through a window adapter are, likewise, impractical because, if one lives in a recently constructed building around these parts, you're more than likely to have large, horizontally sliding windows which are 48' tall. That leaves a pretty friggin' big vertical gap to fill with a mounting plate for the hose and building management would have a s**tfit seeing something like that. Almost everyone living in an apartment owns a vacuum cleaner. So, it's easy enough to stick the nozzle attachment inside the box and clean up the resin dust and pieces
  13. Which Dremel?

    That it is, Steve. Over at Armorama, one of the guys was looking into a tool for cutting off those large plugs usually found on resin AM parts for armor kits. There were people telling him that a handsaw, or sandpaper and water are preferable because there'll be less resin dust created. Not really. Using a handsaw creates the same amount of particles and it's more time consuming. Solution: Construct a cutting box 12Lx12Hx24W with a hinged lid on top out of 1/16" plexiglass. Cut two holes on the front panel large enough to stick your hands through. This will allow you to manipulate the tool and part inside the box. Whatever dust created by cutting/grinding will remain in the box. After you're done, clean out the box using a vacuum cleaner. You can get a 1/16" 36"x48" plexiglass sheet at a plastic distributor for 30-40 bucks.
  14. Which Dremel?

    Yeah, I have a nonamo brand variable speed w/flexshaft attachment and 100 accessories I picked up about ten years ago from Internet Hobbies for 39 bucks. It does the job; but, between the limited flex of the flexshaft and the power cord getting in the way, cordless is soooooooooooo much more convenient.
  15. It's going to be a PITA; but, scribing around the exhaust details, combined with judicious use of a grinding wheel, works. That's what I did.