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  1. Revell "Contacta" cement ?

    RoG paints and model glues aren't distributed in the U.S. If you check out the sellers on Amazon, they are all European vendors. Besides, do you really want to spend $12 USD plus shipping for less than an ounce of model glue? Testors 8872C Liquid Cement is just as good and only costs around four bucks. Plus, you can find it in any decent art supply store.
  2. Ebay prices dropping!!!!

    Note that the seller is from WEEDSport, New York. 'Nuff said.
  3. Thanks for all the well wishes, guys. Now, I don't need to invest in a wood chipper.
  4. Considering the hell we had to deal with, living in a refrigerator packing crate on the corner of Nassau Avenue and Russell Street would have been a quality of life improvement. We were hoping to get a place in Bensonhurst; but, that didn't pan out. The main consideration was that my kid has a fairly quick subway and/or limited stop bus commute to and from school (approx. 50 minutes) and his weekend job (approx. 30 minutes). Living just a five minute walk south to the beach, the Rockaway/ Brooklyn/Long Island City Ferry Terminal just two blocks north and the fact we have a yard are added bonuses.
  5. Finally got out of a toxic situation. My son, our cat and I are getting out of a bad deal and moving to a new 2BR pad in Rockaway Park, in Queens, NY. in 2-3 weeks. We'll be only a block away from the beach and still close enough to go back to my old nabe of Greenpernt and see old friends. It was long overdue; but, I was able to finally pull it off. It ain't, as Ralph Kramden says, Park Avenue; but, it's plenty swell enough for us. Now, we can take Fmeep to the boardwalk for his daily constitutionals. Chicks love cats.
  6. Holden Monaro

    That might be; but, at least it's available. You won't find it at BNA Model World.
  7. Holden Monaro

    Get it from TPB.
  8. Dirtmodeler

    The dude doesn't even respond from queries made on his website. Too bad. He offered a lot of great stuff, like the PE brake calipers.
  9. What's the latest Revell North America News

    Atlantis supposedly bought the older "vintage/classic" tooling, which includes the early range of car kits. Salvino's grabbed the NASCAR stuff, from what I understand. All of the recent (mid-late '90s - present) are owned by RoG. Contacting Atlantis, and asking, might answer these questions.
  10. What's the latest Revell North America News

    New Revell USA website. Looks like
  11. '60 Chevy question.

    What do you mean the taillight panel wouldn't be like the resin? Comparing the Star Model taillight panel with that of the Belair Sport Coupe in this brochure picture other than the distance between light bezels, there's no difference. If that isn't the issue, explain your point in a more concise manner.
  12. '60 Chevy question.

    Solution: Remove the B-pillars and turn it into a Belair Sport Coupe. Besides, I didn't read anything in Geno's posts that indicated he specifically mentioned a sedan. Tail lights too close together. Move the inner bezels toward the center of the panel and obtain the correct spacing. Measure and cut off enough panel toward the center, measured from the inner edge of the bezels, equaling the correct distance from the outer bezels, flip the cut parts around and done. I'm a genius, figuring this out on the fly as I looked at the Star tail panel details. So, let's not go off on tangents about this, that and the other. Geno wanted to know about a tail panel for a '60 Belair. Biscayne/Belair 2 Door Sedans, same thing. Then get the '60 Biscayne Sedan from MCW. Correct roof line for a sedan, B-pillars, tail panel w/correctly spaced lamps: See, the Star Models body is only 28 bucks, plus around 7-9 bucks for shipping. The MCW sedan kit is $55, including shipping. If one plans on using the Revelloogram guts to stuff under the body, the Star body is a better option than spending the additional 20 or so dollars for extra parts one won't/doesn't need. The correct distance between the tail light bezels also doesn't, in my opinion, justify the extra cost.
  13. '60 Chevy question.

    Ready-made, just stick a a Revellogram chassis under it: '60 Chevy 2Dr Sed.
  14. Message to FCA: Don't Mess With My Challenger!

    Penny wise and pound foolish. After the Great Blizzard of 1888, March 11-14 (when two to five feet of snow fell on NYC and drifts as high as 30 feet occurred), the city required that electric, telephone and telegraph infrastructure be placed underground because the weight of the heavy, wet snow caused the lines, which were strung on utility poles, to be snapped and destroyed. The blizzard also hastened the construction of the subway because the elevated system was completely immobilized. For a city as large as NYC, there are very few charging station locations. Solution: knock the kick plate out of a lamp pole and charge courtesy of the city. That's how we plugged in TV's and stereos at the park to entertain ourselves while having keg parties.
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    It's there: 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser 4D Wagon just out of stock, like everything else one might be interested in buying.