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  1. Agree 100% on that, Wayne. This is the best Black/White/Green NYPD RMP decal set available. Their other sets are of the same high quality.
  2. None of those would be even remotely correct for a 1970s-vintage NYC cab. This is the decal required:
  3. The "DIAL 440-1234" decal is used to depict cars prior to April 1968. After that "Emergency Dial 911" was in effect. You'll also need to get the proper beacon/siren. The junk in the kit is nothing like what was used by NYPD back in the '60s-1972. Custom Squads sells the correct Federal Beacon Ray Model 175H rotating beacon with the correct clear dome and Federal Pulsator roof-mounted siren. You can find them on Page 3 of the catalog, listed as "CS-SR/BR3—$6.50 (NYC Vintage)Siren/Rotator Pkg."
  4. This set can be used on any RMPs from 1930s to 1972: NYPD Vintage Cars Set 1:24 Water Slide Decals Made for White, Green & Black Cars Re taxi door decals, you'll either have to make them yourself or get them custom printed. Nobody makes an accurate rendition.
  5. I've been using Flitz since 1986.
  6. No pictures because Canon software stopped working after last Windows 10 update and I can't d/l images from the camera/card. I obtained the following kits in a bundled purchase: AMT 6566 1966 Buick Skylark GS. Complete and unbuilt AMT 6525 1965 Buick Wildcat Annual AMT 6623 1963 Pontiac Bonneville HT Annual Johan 2560 1960 Olds Scenicoupe Johan C-1266 1966 Plymouth Fury HT Johan C-1967 1967 Plymouth Fury HT After I received them on Wednesday, I thought it over and decided that I really don't need them. Buyer's remorse, I guess. So, I'm considering my options to dispose of them.
  7. I use grinding bits to restore the tips and flatten the bottoms and diamond sharpening stones to restore the cutting surfaces.
  8. USA Gundam Store is a stateside retailer. However, they're out of st stock at the moment. Pretty expensive for something that broke, though. I have a Xuron sprue cutter which I bought in 1996 for nine bucks. Over the years, it's taken a lickin' but it keeps on tickin'.
  9. Read the quote from Dave Van and my reply to understand the context. 🙄
  10. How much more can you honestly expect from a television test pattern?
  11. Man, did everyone in your house go to sleep early? I was nine years old and watching that on the bar television in the front of the reception hall we were at that Sunday.
  12. Erector Set was originally patented by Alfred Carlton Gilbert and first sold by his company, Mysto Manufacturing Company, in 1913. In 1916, the company was reorganized as the A.C. Gilbert Company in 1916. The brand continued its independent existence under various corporate ownerships until 2000, when Meccano bought the Erector brand and consolidated its worldwide marketing with its own brand.
  13. Make fiberglass molds of the wheel openings and use them on the modified stocker bodies. Bill Engwer posted a few straightforward, easy to follow how-tos on doing it.
  14. It finally arrived this morning. It's a copy of the Johan 1967 Fury. The casting quality is excellent; smooth, thin styrene-like with no casting blemishes. The front grille is especially well done. Everything looks exactly like injection molded parts. It beats paying megabucks for an original.
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