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  1. What Bill said. Different styrene mixtures react differently to different types of paints. Spoons might give you a nice look after applying paint; however, it's made from something completely, here's that word again, different than was used in the manufacture of a particular kit. Using runners (the sprue is actually that circular mass in the center of the parts tree) will provide you with the best info as to styrene-paint/solvent compatibility.
  2. At least the five year old will call 'em as he sees 'em and not worry about toeing the line.
  3. Uh, no. I do like some show/dream cars. This ain't one of them. It's just plain ugly. It looks like it would fit right in in "Killer Clowns From Outer Space".
  4. Maybe not the first autonomous car; but, definitely the first in a long line of pimpmobiles.
  5. Dave, Ballzano's Hobby Warehouse has the kit for $24.75 plus shipping if you can't find it at HL.
  6. That is an excellent resource site, Richard. I've had that bookmarked for years. The amount and quality of information is second to none. The V-16 section is simply amazing.
  7. None original early '60s Parts Paks, were big sellers. Because very few bought them back then, they are scarce and now command premium moola on ebay and elsewhere. The 1998 reissues (engines) weren't either. If there was an actual interest in them, the plating would have been a non-factor in deciding to purchase one. Sure, they were cool, loaded with all kinds of period parts; but, nobody bought them. It seems like everyone reminiscing about how swell they were, but passed on purchasing them when they had the opportunity, has a bit non-buyer's remorse. I'm not knocking anyone for feeling that way because I'm also a card-carrying member of the "If you're slow, you blow" club.
  8. UMaine unveils the largest object in the world made by a 3D printer — a boat
  9. What Rob said. Announcing that you're leaving is a narcissistic ploy used to elicit cries of "Please stay, we'll miss you". More often than not, you're addressing empty seats.
  10. Looks like Revell made its decision by not reissuing them. I'd say they knew what sells, how much and production costs.
  11. Tell that to the payroll department of Round2, etc. This reads like a Regular Guy thread.
  12. I addressed the dimensional issues in this thread
  13. Which begs the question, "Sez who?" Does anyone bother asking these shop owners where they obtained their information? Was it a direct source such as the cousin of the guy who knows the landscaper's girlfriend who talked to the sister of the brother-in-law of a gut truck driver who sold a green bologna sandwich to the kid loading trash into dumptsers at the Rustoleum plant? Jonathan Stephens and I both posted information as to which Testors products will be discontinued; and, automotive paints weren't on the list. Aztek airbrushes, accessories and the Aztek paint line, some Model Master military color lines. That's it. Revell itself didn't get its ticket punched. It was doing well. Hobbico, the parent company bit the dust as a result of financial incompetence. Revell was collateral damage as a result. That's fact.
  14. Kurt, call the Long Island City factory at (646) 470-3576 and see if you get a response from Customer Service.
  15. Just wondering, do you have the six sheets of plans? If yes, I would consider using the part layout sheet as a template to make new frames, deck, bulkheads, etc. This is the layout sheet for the HMS Bounty as an example.
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