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  1. The Prisoner Lotus 7

    Patrick Macnee was in "The Avengers" Astoria, NY-born Patrick McGoohan starred in "The Prisoner". Great looking Lotus 7, Phil.
  2. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    When you think about it, there wasn't much to smile about. They couldn't watch The Honeymooners, Sid Caesar and Uncle Miltie until the late '40s - early '50s.
  3. What did you see on the road today?

    Saw this in Greenpernt while hanging out with my son earlier today, a 1972 Austin Vanden Plas Princess 1300:
  4. New Tech/Old Tech: Porsche 356 Zagato Speedster

    Absolutely beautiful car!
  5. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    58 in today's world is different than it was 40, 50, 60 years ago. People are healthier, eat better(that's subjective ). Look at old photos of people in their late teens, 20s, and so on. They looked old before they actually were old. They also acted old. I can't criticize those from the Greatest Generation, though. They had their hands full saving the world, which does take a toll on one.
  6. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    Right-click on the image. Select "copy image". In the reply box, right-click, click "paste" and the image will be in your comment.
  7. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    I don't ever want to act like the old farts from my yoot. They were grumpy SOB's when they were in their early forties, as if they forgot what it was like to be younger.
  8. Aztec transparent paint

    i can't accommodate you because I don't use them.
  9. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    Deal with what? I turned 59 in February and I actually feel the same as I did when I was 49, 39, 29, 19. Age is, for the most part, a state of mind. If you feel old, you'll be old. I'm also still in pretty good physical shape and I do check out hot young chicks at every opportunity. Plus, being that I'm a natural-born schmoozer, I can flirt up a storm with them. I wear my hair super long, with a 18 inch ponytail (I haven't cut my hair since my son graduated 8th grade three years ago) and have a goatee which I've had since 1991. I'm a rock n' roller who still loves Punk, Hardcore, garage and other headbanging music. I plan on hanging around for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, too.
  10. Aztec transparent paint

    It's Aztek with a "k".
  11. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Irwin Corp. was a major player in the toy industry. Its HQ was located at 200 Fifth Ave. ( also known as The Toy Center) in Manhattan.
  12. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    Better than expected update from AP: Some will call it a miracle. According to Notre Dame’s heritage director, only one piece of architecture inside the sacred building has been damaged. Laurent Prades told The Associated Press that the high altar, which was installed in 1989, was hit and harmed by the cathedral’s spire when it came crashing down in the flames. “We have been able to salvage all the rest,” said Prades, who witnessed the recovery first hand overnight. “All the 18th-century steles, the pietas, frescoes, chapels and the big organ are fine,” he said. Among the most famous elements inside the cathedral, Prades added that the three large stained-glass rose windows have not been destroyed, though they may have been damaged by the heat and will be assessed by an expert.
  13. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    Not so. The entire city of Dresden was essentially rebuilt to pre-WWII bombing state. Same with Nurnberg, Munich Bremen, Hannover and The Old Town in Warsaw. Monte Cassino was reconstructed after being turned into rubble. There are numerous other examples.
  14. Absolutely tragic....... Spire of Paris's 850-year-old Notre Dame cathedral COLLAPSES as fire ravages historic building
  15. Car Model History in My Hands!

    Super excellent pick ups, Rich. What are the chances of snagging two models actually featured in mag articles from 50+ years ago? For you, even money.