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  1. Live Congressional hearing on UAP's (Lame acronym. What's wrong with UFO?) on television right now.
  2. Vehicle registration plates of California
  3. It's still better than using a penny farthing as a BMX substitute.
  4. That's the advantage of having floating clavicles, which allows them to pass their body through any space into which they can fit their heads. Ever watch how cats slowly stick their heads into a slightly opened door to see if it'll fit? The only downside is that it's impossible for them to get sport coats which fit properly.
  5. Cat logic dictates that their comfort level increases in direct proportion to the size of the box they cram their jello-like, shape-shifting carcasses into. Smaller and more cramped is the pinnacle of swell. Look at Spot's face. That there is the smug look of a 100% satisfied customer if I ever saw one.
  6. Really great looking BUFF, Hugh. The SEA camo is excellent. This is still one of, if not the, best BUFF models available, even after 54 years. Is your B-36 the 1/48 one from HpH Models? I have their 1/48 B-52H and the Sanger vacuform B-52 which will be built as a "C" model. Tigger Models from the U.K. also has a vac 1/48 BUFF available.
  7. A set of them there Goodyear illuminated tires would be icing on the cake.
  8. To be honest, what else can be said? You can expect just so many "Gee, that's a lot of money for a car" comments without becoming repetitive.
  9. That's almost enough to buy a pound of 80/20 ground beef.
  10. Oy vey! Why even bring up that ScaleFinishes has Danube Blue when It has been confirmed that Nocturne Blue is available. I said as much in my post:
  11. I included the paint code in my post. The GM/Cadillac color code for Nocturne Blue is 26. A custom paint from MCW will cost $18.00, twice as much as the paint from ScaleFinishes,com, more than the 1 oz. bottle and almost as much as the 2 oz. bottle from Paintscratch.com.
  12. Scale Finishes has GM Code 26 Nocturne Blue, 2 oz. @ $9.99. Paintscratch.com also has Nocturne Blue Poly available (1 oz bottle @ $16.95 and 2 oz. @ $26.95). Re exterior/interior options, THE CADILLAC COLOR, UPHOLSTERY & ACCESSORY DATABASE 1940-1979 is an indispensable resource. Download and save it. According to the database, the following trim codes with white leather upholstery were available for deVilles and deVille convertibles for the 1966 MY which would match well with Nocturne Blue: 352* White Leather w/ Black carpet dV,dV Conv 353 White Leather w/ Med.Blue carpet dV,dV Conv
  13. I miss the Hellmann's rattle can mayonnaise. Perfect for tunyfish sanguishes.
  14. It's possible that George and Chuck Barris are the same person.
  15. If you use the spray can, there's more product waste from overspray when applying it to bumpers, grilles, etc. So, you're not really saving any money.
  16. You get what you pay for. You pay thirty bucks for ink. I pay for permanent, durable automotive quality chrome paint. FYI, Alsa sells a 6 oz. can for $169. No clear coat required.
  17. It's amazing what some sellers try to palm off. Even moreso, that there are buyers who will bite. Take this dude cruzone, for instance, who lists stuff like this Johan 1960s Marlin American Motors model Car Kit 1/25 scale C-1900 vintage Sure, he adds this in the seller notes “The kit is missing many parts, including body frame suspension ,engine tires, etc. Instructions included. The box is in decent shape. There is some edge wear.” This is what you get if you're stupid enough to bid for or buy it. He lists a number of similar part tree specials like this.
  18. Wick, just brush the ELO on the body/parts. Never soak them. The paint will start crinkling and loosen in about 10-15 minutes. Use a nylon brush to scrub the surface. Most, if not all, of the paint should come off. If any remains, reapply with a brush and repeat the procedure. Wash off the residue with dishwashing liquid and warm-hot water and the body will be completely stripped of paint.
  19. Did anyone actually expect results different than with Molotow? It's an ink, essentially the same product as Molotow. Any type of clear gloss coat will reduce or eliminate the reflective finish. Alsa Easy Chrome is a superior product because it is a paint. It's extremely durable, doesn't dull or rub off from handling and retains its mirror-like finish when a clear urethane gloss coat is applied.
  20. Atlantis would, in all likelihood, have all three in addition to the '57 Nomad.
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