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  1. The hexagonal shape is a sprue bush, which is rotated to allow or restrict flow of the injected styrene to different parts of the mold insert.
  2. Beyond Bright has a CRI of 82. 80 and above is considered good.
  3. I bought this Magnifier LED Lamp 5X Magnifying Glass Desk Table Light Reading Lamp With Clamp for 31 bucks, including tax & shipping. It's much better than the $120 Tensor lamp w/magnifier and 25 lb. base, which uses a 15w full spectrum spiral CFL bulb (which haven't been available since 2016) that I overpaid for at Pearl Paint just before it went out of business two years prior. As a bonus, it's also suitable when performing head transplants.
  4. There's RAL 8013 Rotbraun from AK Interactive. It has a brownish hue like Portola Red.
  5. I use Vallejo paints regularly; however, I haven't had a need for that particular color. If you google "Portola Red", you'll notice that the Vallejo color is a close match to the different available versions of Portola Red.
  6. It's probably "Manufactured for Bare-Metal Foil. Inc by Microscale Industries".
  7. Nothing in that reply addresses the apparently inferior adhesive being used.
  8. It doesn't matter how much "old stuff" one bought to squirrel away because the "new stuff" isn't the same. Adhesives deteriorate over time. So, your "old stuff" will be as useless as the "new stuff" a lot sooner than you'd like.
  9. Nope. The Revell kit is a rebox of a Venice Beach=produced Revell kit which was originally released in 1971. It's nowhere as detailed as the Heller kit, which was also released by Airfix. Why should it matter if the Heller instructions are in French? No different than older Tamiya kit instructions written in only Japanese. Follow the drawings or photos to see what gets attached where.
  10. As Ray said, spray a light coat of some clear, like Krylon Clear, and cut close to the decal image. Use Solvaset to soften the decal to allow it to conform to the surface you're placing it on.
  11. Internet Hobbies, and its various offshoots, has been ripping off customers since 2000.
  12. As posted by Roy Chow at Missing Lynx, owners Dale and Diane Bruner are subject of a lawsuit filed by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. The complaint alleges that the defendants consistently failed to deliver products and failed to refund consumers’ money, violating the Commonwealth’s Consumer Protection Law. Included n the lawsuit are the numerous front operations they operated such as Hobby Wheels, Hobby Rails, Hobby Book Depot, Red Star Hobbies, Military Model Depot, Model Airplane Depot, Model Railroad Depot, Model Ship Depot, Gundam World Online, www.takom-military.com, Model Kit Closeouts, and Model Train Closeouts. It took long enough for these skells to be charged for the scam they ran for years. Attorney General Shapiro Files Complaint Against Online Hobby Shop, Warns of Holiday Shopping Scams
  13. DON'T EVER post personal information, such as your address or email address, in a public forum or on social media pages. That is a major security risk. Contact the person via personal messenger, which is available from this site, to provide that information.
  14. If no one was aware, Rustoleum/Zinsser produces Zinsser 408 Bulls Eye Clear Shellac Spray. The surface doesn't require priming before application.
  15. Excellent, Trevor. There's always an interest for informative tutorials.
  16. Jim, I have an Acer laptop which only has two USB ports and no optical drive, which I found odd. My stupid mistake when I bought it. I confused it with another laptop I saw. It was an open box special with no exchange or return. I'm looking to get a new Canon T5i and I could d/l from the old SD card using it.
  17. For future reference, you can order Revell Email (enamel) and Aqua Color (acrylic) paints from Hobbylinc which is located in Georgia.
  18. Considering that the OP is asking about the potential value of the models, I doubt he has any interest in any trades.
  19. If you use the scribers, no cutting involved. Wait until you get then and don't be hasty to remove the parts using other methods which might cause damage. UMM-USA carries them. They're out of stock at the moment. You can contact the owner, John Vojtech, via the "Contact Us" page and ask him when will the items be restocked. Mr. Vojtech is a very personable and knowledgeable toolmaker/master modeler.
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